[OBSOLETE] Xiaomi Sensors and Button (beta)

I don’t think there is on circulating. Everyone is using the standard temp/humdity and the catchall pairing process.

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That’ll take way too long. I don’t have that kind of time on my hands tbh.

I thought I saw something in the original thread, but must be mistaken.

If mine wasn’t floating in the tub as a failsafe to tell me if the kids have been messing around with the buttons again you could have mine :slight_smile:

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I can confirm 100% working after pairing via the IDE. The Network I’d found in the Event View from the hub showed the address and all I had to do is plug it into the New Device Network Id line.

I paired a Xiaomi Mi Smart Button and a Xiaomi Mi Smart Temperature/Humidity Sensor. The temperature sensor is highly sensitive to temperature changes (first observation).
The button works withe the generic button controller app.


Mixed results so far with two buttons. One has stayed fully functioning for a couple of days, one has stopped reacting to push/hold. Will reset and try again. Couple of questions:

The one that has stopped sending push/hold commands is still reporting check-ins and battery status every hour. So it’s still ‘there’ but just not responding to push/hold.
Is this normal?

Secondly, as per my previous post, both buttons (even the one that is works fine) are showing as permanently pushed in the status tiles in the app (i.e, the tiles are permanently blue)
Why might this be?

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No, that’s not normal. The checkins are just indications that the device is reaching the hub. Not a confirmation that all is okay.

Again not normal I’ve not seen this. The code is pretty straight forward in the handler. The virtual button is switched off as soon as it is switched on. Maybe you are experiencing latency issues? I don’t know, it’s pretty standard practice with momentary buttons to do this.
What happens when you press the virtual button? Do you get an event saying it’s switched on then off?

I have finally received a temp and humidity sensor. As before these devices do not respond to standard requests and there’s no documentation. After knocking up a draft DH I’ve found that the device is coming back with very different info to the other Xiaomi sensors.
I’m going to monitor these and dump them into a file to see if I can spot a trend and decipher what’s happening.

Will therefore take longer than previously thought…


Ok done. Temp and Humidity sensor DH released. Seems to work fine for me, everyone is welcome to try it if they want.


Nice work, another cost saving contribution! Cheers @a4refillpad!


Update re buttons:

  1. The issue in my previous post re permanently blue tile: it’s only blue when the device is first paired. If I click the tile, it then goes to white. The tile colour does not however update when I press the physical button (this isn’t a problem at all though)

  2. I am now pairing my buttons via the ‘catchall’ process. It’s a lot easier and reliable than the ‘multiple clicking’ method

  3. my buttons seem to be more stably connected now, but see below (2 days and counting, as opposed to hours initially). This may be because I have turned my Osram bulbs off for now.

  4. of the four buttons connected, one is consistently dropping off.

I had a problem with one of my motion sensors this weekend. It was connected to Smartthings, but wasn’t identifying motion. I reset it and re-paired it. Now seems to work fine again.

Anyone else had this problem?

hi is there a link to the Dh you created for the xiaomi temp and humid sensor?

@EiCid, see the very first post in this thread. There is a link that goes to @a4refillpad Git hub where you can access the DH


cheers Darren i got there in end. thanks for the replt tho.

I received delivery of my contact sensor and button last week. The button paired up within a minute on first try. The contact sensor paired the first time within a minute but overnight it lost connection for some reason even though it showed battery level. It required a longer time to pair it back up the second time after several removals and pairing attempts to make it stick. Happy with all my xiaomi devices staying connected: motion(~1month), contact(~1.5 days) and button(3 days). Might have to order the temp/humidity sensor with the released DH.

Thanks for your work on the Temp sensor.

Should it be configurable for either degrees F or C? Mine is reading out in C and I don’t see where this is configurable?

Could that be the global setting of your hub?

You select C or F in the settings on your hub page in the app

Should be in the DH settings. At least that’s where it is on all my others. If the author didn’t add it, it’s not hard to code in.

Hi just a newbie question. Do i need a xiaomi getaway to be able to config dooor and movement sensors to ST?

No. They can be connected directly with smartthings and there are community device handlers available for them (see the various other threads, search for xiaomi)

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