[OBSOLETE] Wink Relay - Custom SmartThings Integration

I’ve gotten so far! Then I got stuck after adding root king. The relay kept overtaking and I can only see the screen with the assistive touch when I reboot.

Also how do I add the STrelayapp to the relay?

I’m not super techie and I’m stuck here.

Try holding reset button on bottom of relay (tiny, behind the clear plastic edge) and the top switch button together until a menu pops up. Wipe cache, then factory reset. Then redo the sequence using Multi-Touch home button instead of Assistive Touch, but stop right before rooting. Open your COMPUTER, and open https://d-02.winudf.com/b/apk/Y29tLmtpbmdyb290Lmtpbmd1c2VyXzE1MV8xYzYwOTVm?_fn=S2luZ1Jvb3RfdjQuOS42X2Fwa3B1cmUuY29tLmFwaw&_p=Y29tLmtpbmdyb290Lmtpbmd1c2Vy&am=Tb1sp7irM9VkASGYFdpGeg&at=1589680439&k=1278ec76ca421d7cffe9766d1b170bc95ec1eabd. Download the file, and e-mail it to yourself. Now download STWinkRelay.apk from the original post in this discussion. Attach this and the KingRoot APK to an e-mail to yourself. Open your e-mail client and log in on your wink relay. Open the e-mail and download the files. In the notification where it says downloaded file, click one of the notifications, and install the app. Install the other app in a similar way. Open kingroot, say root. Then open STWinkRelay, say “Give Root Permission,” and it should work. Then continue the process.

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I have added the tips from that Reddit post to the Things That Are Smart wiki page for the Wink Relay. Hopefully the changes can help people convert their Wink systems over to another platform.


Do I download the Apk to my computer as well or to wink? And if wink how? Would I open the email link on a computer or the wink? I’m sorry for all of the questions as this is all new to me.

I wrote an app some time ago that might make this easier. It allows you to connect to android devices and install/update/uninstall apk from them (amongst other things). You just browse to the apk, select the devcies to install to and away it goes. It also interacts with scrcpy to remote control the device. There are a couple of small bugs (fixed in a newer version) but nothing I woulde expect to show up in normal use. I use it to manage 50+ firesticks and rarely encounter any issues (you can also save config files if you regaurly connect to more than 1 device). Works with Windows (only Windows 10 tested) and no need to install adb if you use the version included with scrcpy. Also works with USB devices and sets them up for IP mode (you have to know the IP of the device but a newer version also gets this automatically). Let me know if anyone interested and I will post url.

I dont have a Smartthings hub yet but I plan to switch. I did everything to my wink relay and it appears to be running and working fine (apk, touch assist, this great app!). My question is, ultimately when I install the Smartthings hub 1. does this only work with a specific app (because I am going to need my app to control my lutrons, my bose, my ring and various other things) and 2. Does this work with ios which i use because i see everyone referencing android.


scrcpy won’t work on this old of a version of Android. It’s still running Android 4.3

Works with both the SmartThings Classic and Samsung SmartThings app. It’s not OS dependent for the mobile app. The Wink Relay itself runs Android.

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You would download both APKs to your computer. send the email to yourself, go to your wink relay, open the e-mail, and download both files to your wink relay

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Exact same situation here!

Thank you!

I’ve gotten to the end but now SmartThings App isn’t finding my Relay. I already added everything into IDE

Ficken Awesome! Clicked on Upgrade for the heck of it, what a delight to see new work on this app. Have 3 units updated now-and one groundhog unit. It had been rooted a long time back but was just running stock wink. I wonder if its some background process was able to lock up memory somehow because kingroot had been installed.
Anyway thanks for the update. It has the finished look that is nice enough to leave as top app on the GUI… [Now if I could only edit the top/bottom text above the two buttons… :wink: ]

What do you want it to say?

@Chris_Carlesco had a similar request, but it sounds like he would prefer the on screen buttons to be completely digital (not connected to the relays) so he could run other routines/scenes in his home.

It would be cool to be able to edit the text to say anything I want.
In one room I have Light and Fan, in another it is Table and Fireplace.
Maybe editable lines on the button mapping page?


You have to go to the plus button (new app, not classic), hit SmartApps, scroll down until you see Wink Relay, hit that, and have that app discover your relay

I did that. It still hasn’t discovered

This was my screen before I disabled OEM app. Is this right?

yes. that is correct.

Amazing software for this old Wink Relay. I think I am almost where I want this to be, but I have a strange problem below.
Hope somebody has some suggestions for this.

I have two Wink Relays. I rooted both of them (one with Kingroot from King of Root, the other with Kingroot from Kingroot Studios, not sure which one is the correct one or if it makes a difference).

I installed STWinkRelay_1-1-0a.apk on both of them. For some reason they behave differently.
Both show the same information in about tablet in settings:

  • Model # EDISON_DVT
  • Kernel version 3.0.35
  • Build number: 1.0.602

Relay 1 (rooted with King of Root):

  • regardless if I configure the STWinkRelay app to wake on touch or touch and motion, I can only wake the relay screen through touch (I have not tried to configure to motion only, since motion does not seem to work)
  • The relay screen times out after 15 seconds as configured
  • When I display "proximity reading in the app, it never changes, only shows 0

I was trying to get back to the native Wink app, to see how that app was configured (touch or motion), but can’t find any way to launch it after I had installed STWinkRelay and clicked on “disable OEM App”.

Relay 2 (originally rooted with King of Root, then did another factory reset and rooted with Kingroot Studios, same behavior in both situations)

Touch input for this relay is VERY sluggish, Relay 1 touch input is perfect and quick.

  • Regardless how I configure STWinkRelay, the display never turns off
  • I have not changed anything in the display settings or the developer options for the tablet
  • Developer Options / stay awake is unchecked for both of them

I am pretty sure I followed the exact same steps for both relays, I have spent the last few hours trying to figure out a settings, doing another factory reset on Relay 1, etc.
Any suggestions on how to fix this? Has anybody else come across these problems?



I have been following this since you created this apk and this new version is great. It also lead me to discovering and subscribing to Sharptools. Anyways, I just got it up and running and had a few questions.

(I didn’t update wink for the install and I used Kingroot from APKPure for reference)

  1. Setting it up with smarthings classic and their new app
    -Do I go to the app in classic and sit on the screen till it discovers the device? It says it can take 5 minutes or more. Every 5 seconds it looks like it is refreshing.
    -After it is added here does it show up in their new app?

  2. Is it possible to add more buttons to the main app screen? I need to control my cabinet under lights and right now the only way for me to turn them on it through their app or alexa app. It would be nice to have a map-able button on here.

  3. Can your app load up when the wink boots up? It seems I have to manually select it.


Yes, the discovery process sends out a broadcast asking anything that identifies itself as a STWinkRelay to say hello. Every 5 seconds, the page refreshes with the devices that have responded in with a ‘hello’.

If the device isn’t recognized within the first 30 seconds that usually means something’s wrong. eg. the STWinkRelay services aren’t started, your router or other network device is causing an issue, the Wink Relay is on a different network than your hub (whoops, guest networks!).

Now that SmartThings added support for custom SmartApps in the new app, you can technically use either app to do the discovery and the devices will show up in both apps.

Not at the moment, but I’ve received a few requests around button renaming and it sounds like some of them are in search of ‘virtual buttons’ on the Wink Relay, so it’s something I might circle back on at some point.

The services within the STWinkRelay app should load automatically, but I don’t think I have it configured to actually launch the app interface upon boot. I’ve made note of the request.