[OBSOLETE] Wink Relay - Custom SmartThings Integration

The new version is so good and has so many new features! Thanks
I am getting a smartthings hub for a z-wave security system I found in my basement and a water leak sensor, so this is great.

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Is their possibly any way to name the switches seperately in alexa? I see that others are complaining of this not being possible. It would increase the functionality very musch if this is possible, as I use alexa for all of my routines and all of my devices are connected to alexa

Just a question to any users who have the relay working, can you use the relay’s humidity sensor to trigger smartthings or alexa routines? My hub isn’t arriving till june

Installed Successfully. Too bad the Top and Bottom Buttons dont map over the ST app as separated controllers.

I will let you know if I see any issues.


They do in the Classic app.

Can I name them other things than top and bottom?

You can change the name of any device in Alexa to whatever name you want.

Do I need to rediscover the relay? I am using the Classic app

I just pushed an updated Wink Relay (parent) device handler which should get the child components to show up in the new Samsung SmartThings app. Try updating that DTH then redo the discovery if needed.


You can use APKpure app store to get apps. It works better than google play even on phones

This is my problem, too

wow … you are a genius!!

You should be able to use the smart lighting app to turn off all lights when the second button is pressed (wink relay switch 2) (regardless if there is a physical load there or not), or activate a scene file which turns off all the lights (the later is probably easier if you have more than one reason to kill all lights)

This app update is amazing! Super grateful of your work. Is there a way to change the switch labels on the screen? Also I noticed something strange when I installed it on my second relay - the font size was smaller.

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Was one of them updated through Wink and the other wasn’t? I think the screen resolution might have been changed after as part of one of the Wink updates. There was a side-discussion going on about what’s included in the updates from Wink - it’s been a long time since I did the update, so I honestly don’t remember:

You could probably check by opening a browser on each device and going to something like https://whatismyresolution.com/

What do you want to change them to say?

I thought I took all the updates before I disabled the app but that would make sense. The website says 800x480 Vs 533x320. Could be they changed screens - I bought them a year apart.

Home Off or something like that. My best design would be the physical buttons still just control the 2 lights but the button on the screen turns off all the lights in the house.

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Any idea on what the issue is in rooting my relay? I had this connected to a wink2 hub, when I do a factor reset it still has my wifi and user name but is not logged in. I try to do the covering the light sensor and holding the bottom button but it never will switch over to the android screen… I switched all of my stuff over to a smart things hub today and everything is all good except for this relay…

After the update you cannot use the trick to go back into the 4.3 home screen. You need to install a soft back button first before you do this and open the app to make sure it boots on launch. I have also had to use ADB to push a home button command to do this to get there.

adb shell input keyevent 3

You might try starting with a factory reset before following the steps in the Things That Are Smart wiki.

:arrow_up: How to Factory Reset Wink Relay

There’s some tips in the following post in /r/winkhub from someone who just recently did the conversion:

Nice! Thanks for the tip! Some people mentioned that the latest Assistive Touch doesn’t work, so they’ve had to install an older version from APK Pure. I pulled the version that was on my Wink Relay and put it on: http://wink.boshdirect.com in the footer.