[OBSOLETE] Wink Relay - Custom SmartThings Integration

Was one of them updated through Wink and the other wasn’t? I think the screen resolution might have been changed after as part of one of the Wink updates. There was a side-discussion going on about what’s included in the updates from Wink - it’s been a long time since I did the update, so I honestly don’t remember:

You could probably check by opening a browser on each device and going to something like https://whatismyresolution.com/

What do you want to change them to say?

I thought I took all the updates before I disabled the app but that would make sense. The website says 800x480 Vs 533x320. Could be they changed screens - I bought them a year apart.

Home Off or something like that. My best design would be the physical buttons still just control the 2 lights but the button on the screen turns off all the lights in the house.

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Any idea on what the issue is in rooting my relay? I had this connected to a wink2 hub, when I do a factor reset it still has my wifi and user name but is not logged in. I try to do the covering the light sensor and holding the bottom button but it never will switch over to the android screen… I switched all of my stuff over to a smart things hub today and everything is all good except for this relay…

After the update you cannot use the trick to go back into the 4.3 home screen. You need to install a soft back button first before you do this and open the app to make sure it boots on launch. I have also had to use ADB to push a home button command to do this to get there.

adb shell input keyevent 3

You might try starting with a factory reset before following the steps in the Things That Are Smart wiki.

:arrow_up: How to Factory Reset Wink Relay

There’s some tips in the following post in /r/winkhub from someone who just recently did the conversion:

Nice! Thanks for the tip! Some people mentioned that the latest Assistive Touch doesn’t work, so they’ve had to install an older version from APK Pure. I pulled the version that was on my Wink Relay and put it on: http://wink.boshdirect.com in the footer.

The update now works in the updated Smart Things App. Nice work! I still am not sure how to control the switches separately using Alexa. I am unsure if there is something else I am missing here or if it is even possible.

Also updated to the latest version of the app. Looking great and also excellent work.
Only issue I am having with the latest 1.0 version is the proximity sensor update takes a long time to work. No huge deal here but thought I would let you know if that is coming in the next iteration.

Again, amazing work. I am still in amazement that this app wasn’t in development for two years and you hopped right back to it when wink users were in trouble. Bravo sir.

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The button presses are instant / reactive events, but the sensors poll every 0.5 seconds. I didn’t want to go much faster than that as I found that the Wink Relays are quite finicky.

In fact, when I added in the proximity based backlight trigger, I had to rework some of the logic to share the trigger and backlight timeout with the touch input… and when I did, I found that the Wink Relay was crashing much more frequently, so I had to add some throttling that only triggers the screen-on at most every 1 second. Otherwise the device would get overwhelmed and crash.

(This is ‘leading edge’ which means it triggers as soon as it receives the first value over the threshold, but as noted above that would be at least 0.5 seconds between each poll)

Perhaps at some point I can revisit the approach used for the sensors and see if there’s anything else that can be done there. At this point, I figured 0.5 seconds was ‘good enough’… and I still feel like there’s a fundamental issue with the proximity detection and the values. As Tony mentioned in the Hubitat community, his proximity values seem to drift quite a bit and his suspicion is that there might be other factors Wink used since the wake on motion seemed to work well when it was running the OEM Wink App.

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Not surprised about that crashing when doing a poll above every .5s. I wouldn’t be surprised if the N64 had a better clock than this thing lol. I could see those values drifting dependent on time of day or light in a room as well. I would love to get my hands on the edison.zip file one of these days and take a look at how they pulled it off. That might be a project for me after I get off work lol.

Also if anyone is interested in some scripts to do most of the software installs for you let me know. It cut down the cracking time from an hour plus each to about 30 minutes with little user intervention.

Thank you!!! I found them in there! I thought they would be with switches…duh!

That adds the sugar to this already sweet deal!

Appreciate the help!

One more thing, if the button for the Scene is set to “do nothing event only” the physical button wont work.

Thanks again @joshua_lyon!!!

Ended up figuring out a workaround to get the top and bottom switches to work independently and also have them enabled in Alexa.

I created a Virtual or “Simulated Switch” in the smart things IDE. FAQ: Creating a virtual Device

This switch is going to allow this to communicate with Alexa.
Using the new app I pressed the (+) button on the top right and created a Smart Lighting automation. I then followed the steps on screen to mirror the new virtual switches I created.

Note: Just did this and they are working great. One thing I noticed is if I turn on a light by the switch the new virtual switch did not update in the app. I fixed this by making sure I had both Wink Relay (switch x) and Virtual switch in both directions for mirroring. For example:

  • Smart lighting 1 - Wink Relay Switch 1 - Virtual Switch 1
  • Smart lighting 2 - Virtual Switch 1 - Wink Relay switch 1

This should fix any weirdness that is going on. It is kind of a hacky solution but it works until I can find something better.


Thanks so much!

you run adb commands directly from your laptop to the relay?

I am just getting connection denied when trying to connect to my relay on port 5555… also unable to get into the android home screen

Sucks but i’ve been there too and I had to reset and start over. Make sure ADB is enabled before you do any updates from the wink network.

To troubleshoot ADB, make sure you ping the IP address before trying to connect to make sure it is online. Also if it doesn’t work make sure you uncheck and recheck the USB debugging option, reboot and try again.

I never rooted this before and did not have ADB running… I guess I cannot root it now although I find that not likely since they would still want a way to allow developers to login.

Did you try the steps recommended above:

yeah I tried those steps and after it “factory resets” my network is still connected to, so something is screwed up there where it is not clearing some data…

Log out of the wink relay 1st party app then wipe cache. Then factory reset.