[OBSOLETE] Virtual HTTP Switch/Button Creator

Thanks, I found that out today. Arming is one command, if you open an exit door it triggers motions in zone 5, if you don’t open the exit door, it arms in stay.

Actually pretty cool

The one thing I haven’t been able to figure out is how to do a force arm stay via url. Right now I get the sound count down, and I want to eliminate that by simulating the force stay like the key pad panel has

Thanks for this, it’s great. I’m using it to create SmartThings switches to control LightwaveRF lights by calling a local LWRF command server I’ve written running on a local RPi. However it only ever appears to call the triggeron url, am I missing a trick? How do I get it it to call triggeroff? Thanks :slight_smile:

This is a pretty awesome! Thanks for coming up with this! I was having to use the maker IFTTT channel to make http calls, but now I can skip that. Using IFTTT’s maker channel had a lot of delays :frowning:

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You should also define the off url

Thanks - I have defined the off url. If I swap them then the off command works fine, so I know my urls are fine (and I use them all over the place in my network). If I look in the SmartThings app the history of the device only ever shows calling the “triggeron” command, as if it isn’t changing state internally to “on”. I’m using GET as per previous comments in this thread.

Are you using the http switch? Can you show me your configuration screen:

This app & handler looks like it will do exactly what I want; to arm and disarm motion capture on my security cameras, but I’m having an issue.

When I push the button it sends the “On” command and the cameras arm.

Pressing the button again sends the “On” command again, not “Off”. It’s not toggling as I expected.

I’m sure I’m missing something simple, any thoughts?

Mike W

Button is for IR devices, pls use the http switch

I am thinking of getting one of the light switches from GE/Jasco that allows for a double click. Would this handler be able to work with the light switches?

Works great!

I misunderstood and thought the button version replaced the switch version, and not that both the switch version and button version exist.


Mike W

Looks like I made the same mistake, I was using the button instead of the switch. Now I’ve replaced the button with switch but must have made a mistake… it still doesn’t change state. I’ll try deleting all of the stuff I’ve created and starting again.

Just wanted to post that this work great for me - I tried the URI switch with out any success but with the same URL info this did :slight_smile:

The Ip address it required confused me a bit- as I had no idea what IP it was referring too (I just entered the Local IP of my NVR and its port number)

I used this as a work around for the Synology diskstation (surveillance station 8.1) .
Surveilence Station has a Home mode that can apply different settings for CCTV recording if at home, problem is the Geofence option in the app only works if running in foreground.

So I set up an action rule to trigger Home On and Home Off using external URL triggers
They have the format


I’ve now set the http switch to turn off when everyone leaves and on when someone returns

thanks :):grinning:

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Updated code for http button released, so it react like momentary switch. It’s for sending single http request.

Is there any way that this could be modified for a three-button remote?

For Example:

http:// Roomba_Wifi_Remote_IP /roomba.cgi?button=CLEAN
 http:// Roomba_Wifi_Remote_IP /roomba.cgi?button=SPOT
 http:// Roomba_Wifi_Remote_IP/roomba.cgi?button=DOCK

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Take a look on existing code, I believe you can simply clone some section and rename it so you can have more button. If you have done programming before, that will be easy.

Hi Karl have the same issue with Survailance Station can you explain how you got it to work?


Does this work for HTTPS addresses? I can’t make it work, and I’m thinking its this?

Firstly, this is great! thank you for your work, I am using the http switch to open and close my blinds which works great.
The only thing that has stumped me is that I have set automation to open the blinds at sunrise using the smart lighting app - I have added a rule that if the blinds are already open in smart things then not to run the automation, if I select the http switch for that rule the automation doesn’t run whether the switch is on or off in smart things. I also setup routines so that a virtual switch would mimic the http switch and vice versa - the http switch mimics the virtual switch, but the virtual switch does not mimic the http one - again when the http switch determines if an action is performed the automation is ignored. Hope that makes sense and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :smiley:

how can i make this work for a momentary button to run a url