[OBSOLETE] Universal Virtual Device Type and Translator

@SBDOBRESCU, the repo sync on my side may have been screwed up. in any event version info added, will show in the device preferences and device detail in the IDE. current version is 1.0.1

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Using it directly as virtual presence, motion to switch.

Yeah, I noticed it said there was a conflict between local file and github directory.

totally confused buddy!, pm me a screen shot of your preferences?

I added my contact -> smoke and contact -> co to the above repo. I built them for the monoprice contacts, but they may work since it was based off the ST stock zwave sensor, and I didn’t make any zwave command changes.

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Thank you! I will test and report back…

I noticed that with many installations from github recently. It is usually a return character at the last line of code. No impact on functionality.

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@Mike_Maxwell This is beautiful – Thanks for sharing! I’m thinking using the switch->presence as a way for visitors to activate/deactive SHM by a simple Alexa voice command. Out of curiosity, what other use cases are people coming up with?

Thank you! The DTH works great for the Schlage sensor. I just need to flip open/close for my relay setup. Problem solved!


really neat.

What scenarios are folks using this for?

@JH1 Excellent question – I’m wondering the same thing!

Currently using it for Vlvirtual garage door opener and virtual presence. And working on virtual life 360 replacement or addition to the connect.

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What does your virtual presence and garage door setup look like?

I had been using a few virtual switches, which these remind me of a lot - only a lot more flexible I/O options, with RM rules to cascade various things in my automation. Curious if that is essentially how these are being used, and also curious about other use cases.

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I haven’t tried it yet, but I have contact sensors in my doors. When I ask Alexa for the status of them she sees them as contact sensors, not doors…

So I’m thinking of changing them over to this and seeing how she responds.

I know this is aesthetic, but I’m really trying to find a good use for this.

This is awesome programming and I want to put it to use. Gotta respect the developers that way!


I have two modes “nanny” (resets to home at midnight) and “guest” (never resets) that I activate when people without presence sensors are in the house so certain automations and alarms don’t activate. So far I unused actions to activate them. Now I have a virtual guest and a virtual nanny that I can activate via Siri/homebridge or Echo


I will find a use for this somehow, not today… my eyes still have the glazed look 8)

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Admittedly, this virtual device type does take some time to wrap your mind around, it’s not for the casual user…

Oh hey, I’m wondering if this could be used to trigger motion from the Samsung SmartCam HD Pro that currently lacks that capability (but has been promised for nearly a year). Unfortunately I won’t be back in my house for a month or two to try it, but if anyone does, let me know.

How do you currently record the motion (get notified about it)? If you can use IFTTT, this is the only baby you need. I now have both Arlo and Nest motion sensors integrated with ST that can be used accordingly.

Oh and let’s not forget!! The IFTTT/ST integration motion detection is a LOT faster than Wink Nest cam integration AND you can pick which camera to report on (those with Wink and Nest cams will understand what I am talking about) :slight_smile:

The SmartCam has a motion sensor built in, but SmartThings doesn’t recognize it. Current set up is to have a separate ST v2 motion sensor sitting out on the column of my porch which will trigger the motion to record a clip in SHM. I was hoping to have this app recognize the motion from the camera directly. Maybe. Or whatever. I was just getting hopeful.