[OBSOLETE] Trend Setter

Who knows… I’ll give it another go again soon - haven’t had much time to try it again haha… I think I was tired when I posted this.


I have some feature requests!:smile:

  • Could you add a colour temperature (for whites) to the coloured bulb group?
  • Could you add a manual refresh button for coloured light groups?

Many thanks!

I avoided doing the colour temperature because not all bulbs support it and I’ve read trying to get an accurate representation of the colour temperature using RGB is difficult.

As for the refresh button, would you want it to trigger the refresh function on the bulbs in the group or do you just want it to get the most recent values from the bulbs in the group?

Refresh: just to update the values … Or maybe both… Maybe it should refresh all the bulbs, wait a second and then refresh its values

Temp: would it be possible to do a check on all bulbs in the group - if they all accept the command for set color temperature then it would be a great addition, especially considering that in most cases this would be the most likely colour change. An added bonus would be to also detect the range that the bulbs can do. For e.g. Hues can go to 6500k but LIFX can accept up to 9000K

Thanks! this works much better than the virtual dimmer/dimwithme setup i had going. Seems with the prior setup, my lights wouldnt turn on until i adjusted the brightness slider. Yours works perfectly. I press on and they turn on. No adjustment needed

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@Kriskit This is awesome! Mad kudos for creating it. :clap:

I’ve got several rooms with multiple z-wave switches/dimmers. Controlling them all in sync was such a pain. Plus, it’s perfect for the featured device in a room.

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Thank you for making this app, it definitely deserves to be developed more. It’s the only thing that has worked for me so far!

It would be very useful also if the individual lights could be shown in the group and changed independently as needed.

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@Kriskit - I am trying to install your app and I think I totally screwed the pooch. I was in the middle of creating a group and accidentally hit the back button or something. Any way I Went back in and now just get “an unexpected error has occurred” If I go to my home > smartapps the app isn’t listed there however in myapps under marketplace it is listed. If I try to remove the app it takes me to the app listing screen but your app is still listed. If I try to remove it from IDE it tells me it cant because its installed by a user currently. What do I need to do to remove the app and start over fresh?

So I went into the IDE and readded this smartapp as a new app. The app is now listed twice in my app and if I go into IDE and try to remove the old one it still errors saying a user has it installed currently.

I can now both versions listed in MY APPS on the phone. Very odd. I guess what ever I broke in the first one was automatically fixed when I added it back.

Oddly enough I still only have one TrendSetter listed in My Apps under my home. I am still unable to remove it from the IDE.

I am still unable to remove LOCK IT WHEN I LEAVE and UNLOCK WHEN I ARRIVE. It is no listed in My Apps under My Home, just under My apps in marketplace. When I try to remove it in IDE it errors out.

Is there a way for me to create buttons on the desktop from these groups in trend setter? I would like to be able to have my wife have buttons for the different light groups on her phone desktop.


Sorry for not responding sooner, I’ve been rather busy lately.

I’ll see what I can do when I get some time.

The colour temperature stuff could be tricky, I think the best I can do is check if a device has a particular command available (setColorTemperature for instance), but not sure how I would make it work if there were bulbs in the group that didn’t support it. I could possibly make it so that if ALL bulbs support it then the functionality is available to simplify things. The idea of the groupings is to normalise the devices into a common interface.

Sadly this isn’t possible at the moment. I can make tiles appear based on the devices in the group but I can’t actually make those tiles do anything to a specific device when interacted with as I can’t pass a reference for the device to the method. Even if I could, you would only be able to perform one binary function like on/off.

@chowder007 - Did you have any luck getting things working?

If you’re meaning the phones home screen, then no, there’s no way at the moment, I don’t think SmartThings app even has any widgets available that can do anything with individual devices, only routines.

It looks as though the latest update may have completely broken this SmartApp. I had to contact support as all of a sudden I didn’t have authorization to make changes. Then I try to create a new group and it creates and orphans a device under things and doesn’t show as installed under Smart Apps.

I don’t know what the hell they’ve done at the moment :frowning:

I can create a group, but it doesn’t show the group in the list initially, I have to back out and go back into the SmartApp for it to display. I can also no longer remove that group.

Have to say I’m not happy with the regressions that SmartThings regularly seem to introduce. It’s like they do no QA testing. If I did this sort of thing where I work, I wouldn’t have a job anymore.

This is pretty broken now… thanks SmartThings!

EDIT: Through no determinable method as I was just messing about trying to get things to happen. I’ve managed to delete my superfluous group. Things are still pretty screwed up though.

Anyone still having issues?

It seems to be working ok for me now apart from the lists not updating when you add a group unless you back out and go back in.

I haven’t made any changes.

Decided to set this to released since nobody has given any suggestion that it’s not working.

I know I haven’t added the additional features suggested yet, will get to it at some point.

People are always welcome to do some changes themselves if they feel able :slight_smile:

I like the goal of your app and will give it a try :slight_smile:
I would like to be able to control as much as possible from SmartTiles dashboard.
Are you aware of any way to control the light groups/dimmer /AND COLOR directly from SmartTiles dashboard?

I’m afraid I don’t know much about SmartTiles as I don’t use it. Sorry I can’t be more help.

Great app :slight_smile:
Very nice interface and easy to access :slight_smile:
I seem to have a problem with my RGB bulbs. When using your app, and for example trying to change to a warm white, the bulbs gives a strange blue color instead.

Currently I use officially DH for my bulbs:
For the whites: ZLL White Color Temperature Bulb
For the colored: ZigBee RGBW Bulb

Do you recommended another DH for these Osram bulbs?

Hi again

I’m still strugling with setting the kelvin white temp for my Osram Lightify GU10 Colour.
I dont know if it’s your app, because if I cannot change the white temp for just one of the bulbs alone.

I have tried both the “ZLL RGBW Bulb” and “zigbee RGBW Bulb” device handlers, and none of them provides a good method to set the kelvin for the white color (warm to cold).

Any idea?