[OBSOLETE] Thermostat Mode Director

I remember there was a ‘trick’ in @slagle original app that even though the field input was not required during the set up, it was used in the app. I don’t remember which, but this is what you may be running into. Anyway, if you want to use the app without boost and to adjust setpoints in addition to modes, let me know and I will share my adapted version.


If you want to do this outdoor threshold’s change mode and more, just look at

It’s a fully zoned Heating/Cooling solution which works with any ST connected thermostat. You can use smart vents or not to create physical/virtual zones inside your home.

You can control also room thermostats (for fireplace, basement, etc.) as well based on your main thermostat’s settings.

If you have ask Alexa, it can send verbal messages to Alexa for any major event (customizable).

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@SBDOBRESCU, your adapted version sounds great. Thanks!

See how you like this:


@SBDOBRESCU this looks great. Thank you! It seems to be working, I’ll have to see what happens tonight when the temperature drops. I like that I can set the fanMode in Away mode; however, I was curious what the default fanMode is during Home mode?

Thanks again!

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I keep mine on auto, if you need to set the fan to different modes, it will be a quick addition. Let me know…

The app doesn’t control the fan in other modes than away, so it stays in whatever mode you put it in. There is no default.

@SBDOBRESCU, sounds good. When I switched modes from Home to Away it seemed to work (my thermostat has a two minute delay for the fan). It turned the thermostat to OFF as requested based on outside temperature, but when I changed the mode back to Home the thermostat did not turn back to COOL like I thought it would since it was above the outside temperature threshold to cool and the app notified me that it changed the thermostat temperature based on the outside temperature…

Not a big deal though, I just removed all the settings in the Away mode of the app and will just try and use the other features when the mode is anything but Away.

sorry for all the questions.

It is a big deal…lol because I am using it too and don’t want to come home and my tstats not to change. I had a bug that I discovered recently (where the tstats weren’t changing upon return but no notification was sent) and I thought I fixed it on the fly this morning before I updated the file to github. I was confident that I fixed it but it doesn’t seem like I did. I’ll get it fixed tomorrow.

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Had time today to play so here it is. Bug fixes and UI flow redesigned…All required fields are on the first tab, everything else is optional. Tested both the away mode and the disabled mode (when doors/windows are open). Let me know what do you think…



Can you add the ability to turn your Thermostats back on when the offending Windows/Doors close. (Only if Thermostat director shut it off).

@Scott_Barton the way this was implemented, is if the sensor closes, it evaluates the temperature setting and if it finds that an adjustment is needed only then it turns the thermostat ON. Else the thermostat will remain OFF until an adjustment is required. The same logic applies to the Away Mode.

If this doesn’t solve your problem, could you please elaborate on your specific use case?

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What I meant was if I open a door or widow for 5 minutes TMD shuts off my HVAC for me automatically. But when I shut all the doors/windows I have to remember to turn it back on. Would be nice if it just resumed to the settings it was before I opened the door. For example I have heat on now cause it’s cold at night (like 30-40*), but during the day it can get up in the 70’s. So during the day I want to open the windows, but I close them at night.

Maybe the trick is only shut the HVAC off if it is running and the doors/windows are open? If it is idle, don’t turn it off until it the HVAC turns on?

Right, so when you close them, it will re-evaluate the current temperatures and if you need heat, it will turn the heat on. If it’s hot will turn the ac on. I could certainly save the settings when you opened the door and restore it, but think about it. You opened the window because it was not cold and you closed them because it was getting cold. Your chances to run into a race condition are higher if you restore the state of when it was not cold. Your restore will turn your ac on and then the heat pump will kick in because the temperature dropped.

With that being said, I can put a toggle on the Disable Mode page to have the option to restore the settings when sensors closed. No issue there…

This is now possible, please grab a recent copy from the GitHub. I added an option to restore the settings prior to the door closure.


Just installed this from the Marketplace. I have 4 thermostats but the smartapp doesn’t ask me anywhere which thermostats to apply the logic to, other than in the “Thermostat and Doors” section which I don’t want to use since I don’t have any window sensors and don’t keep my doors open long. Does this apply to every thermostat in my setup then?

You need an instance for each stat. And you must use the tstat and doors section as some of those fields are required for the app to properly function.

Maybe I am a giant idiot, but is there any way to have the modes on a thermostat change when it hits a certain high and low temperature, but NOT set any mode when it’s between those temperatures? For instance, I would like to change the mode to heat if it gets below 60, and to cool if it gets above 80, but I don’t want to pick heat or cool or off or auto if it’s between the two - I want it to stay whatever it was on and not do anything, as I have other thermostat routines that handle that. Is this easy and I am too dense? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Not possible with the Marketplace app. Neutral settings are required.

Check this enhanced app…


This looked very interesting, but in the app settings don’t appear to include options to vary control depending on time of day…

I have settings on my Nest to:

  1. Warm (or cool, depending on the season) the house in the AM when we’re getting up/going to work
  2. Reduce the cooling/warming a little during the day when only the dogs are home
  3. Increase warm/cool in the late afternoon evening
  4. Decrease warm/cool at night while sleeping

Am I missing something? Does the Zwave Thermostat Director (ZwaveThermostatDir.groovy) provide that type of temporal controls?