[OBSOLETE] Thermostat Mode Director

I have the CT-100

Try this, it works for me, it might work for what you need too

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I’m new to ST and was able to publish the 5-2 day app for my thermostat. I followed all the instructions and yet I don’t see it under ‘my apps’. I logged out and back into ST on my smartphone. I did notice that it says it will publish this to ‘green living’ which is also not something that shows up as a category for me. So, not sure where this newly published app is and from the support pages the best they say is log out and back in. Anyone have an idea?

Never mind…I sorted it out. I seem to be getting the hang

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Let me know if you get stuck again…

Does anybody know if Thermostat mode director works with stelpro KI?

Question: I see the option to only have this app run when the hub is in certain modes (such as “Home”). What happens when you choose to have the app not run in, let’s say “Away” mode? Does the temp default back to the temp/mode on the thermostat?

Hi there - I just setup this app as it seems perfect for me, but it doesn’t seem to change the mode when I get an alert that it should have changed. Sorry if I missed in previous comments as it’s a long thread but how do I specify which thermostat to change on the director settings? I have a CT100 thermostat.

Thanks in advance!

I’m trying hard to understand how this app works but I’m failing.

I seem to have two problems. The first is that I have mode director set so that when any of two doors are open the HVAC shuts off after a five minute delay. But it never seems to turn back on. Am I supposed to turn it back on myself? Or is it supposed to come back on when both doors are closed? If it’s the second, how long should that take? Five minutes?

Second problem is that I keep getting a message that the temperature is neutral and so my HVAC is been shut off. I have the thermostat setting looking to the weather app for outside temperature. I want the HVAC to shut off when the temperature is between 50 and 70. The outside temperature now is 73 in the inside temperature is 82. This means that the HVAC should be on. I don’t know what neutral means, especially as it’s very hot inside and not especially hot (but humid) outside.

Which version do you use? The original, where you can only change modes, or the enhanced one, where you can set temperatures too, have an away mode, etc…

The in that was under SmartApps in the ST app. There are places to set temps but I’m not sure about setting Away mode

That’s the original by Tim @slagle. I don’t remember how long after the windows/doors are closed the HVAC should turn on, but it should on its own. As for neutral, is the temp between the set low and set high. Based on above stated temperatures, your HVAC should be on. Not sure why it was not on.

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I had to troubleshoot my own version of this app and looked at the original code. The app is designed when the door closes it evaluates your high/low temperature and if applicable would turn your thermostat accordingly.Because your neutral is set to off, you wouldn’t see a change until either high or low setting kicks in.

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Perhaps I’ve overlooked in my search, but I’m looking for app that will just simply turn on/off thermostat based on window or door sensor opening/closing. I don’t want all the other overhead/features that this app brings as my thermostat is already programmed as I want it.

Simply looking for this:

Window Open -> Thermostat Off
Window Closed -> Thermostat on

Any suggestions?

CoRE is your best option for that. One install in ide opens a world of possibilities. #core


If you have a nest, the builtin automations in nest manager do this.

@E_Sch - I have a Trane thermostat (XR524).

@SBDOBRESCU - I’ll look into your suggestion.



Look at this simple smartapp:

It can work with any thermostat.


Thanks @yvesracine, looks like it’s what I’m looking for.

Not sure if I am using this app correctly. Can the app be used without setting windows or doors, or the boost mode? I am using an outside temperature sensor to direct the mode of my thermostat. When the temperature changes I receive a message that the director will change the thermostat mode, but when I look at my thermostat there is no change. It seems like the director doesn’t have a connection to my thermostat. I would expect that there would be a place in the app that I can select the thermostat I would like it to change the mode of, but I don’t see this option.

Thanks for your help!