[OBSOLETE] Thermostat Mode Director

silly question here - but when you set this up how do you tell it which thermostat to change? I can’t see that as a selection? The only thing you select is the temp sensor to monitor.
EDIT: missed it… sorry lack of sleep.

I installed and had an issue not sure what this is …forgive my ignorance…maybe there was some setup i missed?

586c97ec-a47a-4bd6-9d75-e819e975b0d4 9:05:27 PM: error java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method contains() on null object @ line 514

I’m getting the following error

27458e24-a4f7-4954-9801-a767f4886606 9:53:19 PM: error java.lang.NumberFormatException @ line 412

App is awesome. Thanks. Anyone else notice if the temp is above the threshold but you are away and come home it doesn’t turn on air con ?

Sounds like there is something else going on. This app just controls the best and cool modes. If it’s not cooling when you come home then then somewhere your setpoints aren’t being set correctly

Thanks. Not sure what to do tho? As my welcome home routine fires nicely. My welcome home routine doesn’t turn my air con obviously. I would have thought once my mode is changed to what the director app runs in , it would trigger the air con as the temp is above the threshold.

What should I check to get it going ?

I gotta say this app is making life much easier!

Are you using the original app from Marketplace or the modified app that allows you to change temperatures and set away modes, etc?

If you restrict the director app to a certain mode that’s what’s happening. This works of events, so if you restrict the app while you’re away it can’t do its job. Then it has to wait for another event from the outside temp sensor. So just let the director app run in every mode. And use routines to set the thermostat setpoints and you’ll be good to go

Ahh right. Thought something like that was happening but wasn’t sure. I can remove the modes

What do you mean by use routines to set the thermostat setpoints? if i use it to turn them on - there is no logic? (sorry I’m obviously missing something obvious here).

EDIT: Ah you mean under routines - there is a “set the thermostat” set point. SO If i set that up… the air con/heating won’t actually turn on until director turns it on right? won’t that mean that because i don’t restrict what mode director runs in - it will turn the aircons on when i’m away?

EDIT 2: well using routine setpoints doesn’t work - it just turns the air con on… don’t want that…only want director do turn it on. .

Odd I can’t limit its use to modes…i want the thermostat only on when i’m home…

I’m looking to make my thermostat smart like a NEST by turning off when there is no motion or when everyone leaves, and then on again when motion is detected or someone arrives. And I want it to monitor the temperature that gets set manually and use that as the automatic set point. And at night if the TV is off Would this app be a good starting point? Anyone know if something like this has been written already?

Would it be possible to have this app change the temperature setting on my baseboard heater thermostat? They do not have a on/off mode

Why this app’s code is not accessible any longer ? Any idea ? I really need it. I’m missing some syntax to define section for modes heat, cool etc. Help ! :slight_smile:

I think this is what you need?


Thanks a lot! I should have deleted my question though for I found it little after :blush:

I created a more complex app that allows really a lot of functions and I’m trying to publish it but I receive an error message each time I try to submitt the application. Any idea on the reasons to why I may be receiving this message at submission?

The app appears then in the submitted apps page but it shows it as “closed”…

“There was an error submitting your request”

I get a 404 page when clicking on this link: https://github.com/tslagle13/SmartThingsPersonal/blob/master/smartapps/tslagle13/thermostat-mode-director.groovy

Is this type of app really only for those central basic systems heating cooling? i.e the ones that have nest?

I ask as I have this setup to use with my split system (via sensibo).

My setting is at say 40 degrees, turn on heat. And my split system heating turns on and is set to 70 degrees. But as soon as the temp hits above 40 degrees, it turns it off.

It is available in the App Marketplace under SmartApps - ClimateControl. I think this is the source…

@flickhuck this is available in its original form in the Marketplace, no need to copy/paste code.

Can this also control the fan to recirculate air if temp over X? I know there is another SmartApp, just though would be nice to have it all in one.

My modified app has a lot of additional features to change set points and control fan, what t-stat do you have?

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