[OBSOLETE] Tado (Connect)

@emiautomation agreed, but that detection is made by detecting quick temperature drops. and it will disable for a configurable time only. If the window is still open after the timeout, then the heating will still come back on and not detect the window as open again due to the normalised temperature. where as with a multisensor, you can turn off the heating for the exact duration that the window is open

Is this meant to be used with the Smart AC control product? It is what I am trying to use this for. I can see all my devices in ST but none of the buttons work in changing temp, turning on/off ect. Did I miss a step?

if you see your devices then no you should not have missed a step, what devices to you have connected to the Smart AC control, is it a AC only, or can it also heat? also the path to troubleshoot is to press the button whilst you have the IDE logging window open, you will see log lines along with any errors should one be encountered, send the log to me in a private message and i can assist.

but i have just checked and all my devices still work, so unless Tado are in the process of changing their API again to v3 for some users then this should work fine for you also


try the latest code, should fix your issues.

Oh nice, Ill check it out! Thanks for the heads up.

Check webcore, easy to solve with something like this:

IF heatingsetpoint is above for example 21 degrees for x minutes, THEN endmanualmode.

You can also set a local variable to store the prefered heatingsetpoint each time the piston changes temperature, and refer to that value if you want something more dynamic that covers all moments of the day:

IF heatingsetpoint is above {variable} for x minutes, THEN set heatingsetpoint to {variable}

I used ‘while’ before, but this works better in my experience.

Thanks for your reply.

I just have the tado thermastat so i was a bit confused about what ‘heating’ and 'cooling options in the device type did or how i set what they represented, that’s what I was refering to when I said button - sorry for not explaining properly


V2.7 update with below 2 definition will stop me to turn in AC and Heat
unless I comment these 2 definition . I try search all the code and put the comments of these 2.
I wonder Why it have such problem with V2.7 update

line 1840
//def capabilitySupportsHeatFanSpeed = parseCapabilityData(childDevice.getCapabilitySupportsHeatFanSpeed())

line 1768
//def capabilitySupportsCoolFanSpeed = parseCapabilityData(childDevice.getCapabilitySupportsCoolFanSpeed())


Found tado cooling thermonate need update too , After update the DTH, Everything is working now ?

So it’s working now?


 Update DTH and App, now It work..

Im very new here and trying to connect my Tado with Smartthings. I read the documentation and I managed te create my first smartapp !!!
At this place : https://graph.api.smartthings.com/ide/apps I can see ’ fuzzysb : Tado (Connect) ’ So I guess i’m pretty succefull. Almost :wink:
Because in the Smartthings App I can’t find it under MyHome of under Automation/Smartapps
What is the last stap. What am I doing wrong?

The address you have used, is that your server.
Try using https://account.smartthings.com/login.
When you login, have a look at the url in the address bar.
I’m in the UK and use this shard/server.
Use this in future for smartapps and device handlers.

@videologic as @bobbles has said you need to check you are using the correct shard. But if you are you can see the app to be setup in marketplace -> Smart apps -> my apps inside the Smartthings app. If you don’t see the my apps section there is a good chance you have set up the app in the wrong shard. Where are you located?

@Fuzzyligic and @bobbles thanks. I’m in the Netherlands. So I guess I have to use https://graph-eu01-euwest1.api.smartthings.com/


It’s working!!! Thanks for the clear explantion

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Hey guys, so I have this bad boy up and running… How do I go about adjusting the temperature inside my home based on the temperature it is outside as well as inside? My Mitsubishi Electric unit has a few nice cooling, humidity removing modes that would be amazing to take full control of.

Also, I would like to do the same for humidity. I have smart plugs already to assist with that.

Is there a smart app for this or something I can do in Core? I’ve got a few smart apps and things figured out but by no means a pro. I also have NST manager working so guessing I can get weather info from there to help with this. I’d also like to use the temp/humidity from my Aeotec muli6 sensors vs tado but not a huge deal if not.


You just need a rules engine like core or something like @yvesracine ecobee app etc…

Hey got a question wondering if anyone can help,

If I add this app can I use it mostly just for monitoring my tado and using manual mode like with action tiles but leave the home and away and schedules to the tado app or will they conflict?

Edit: Got the app working seems great think my tado schedule is still setting the temps and tado presence is working google home seems to work when asking what temperature and setting manual control along with turning heating off but cant seem to find a voice command to turn heating back to auto is there one?

Unfortunately you’ll probably have to use CORE for that. Create a virtual switch that triggers the “revert to Tado mode” action.