[OBSOLETE] Tado (Connect)

ok v1.5 has been relased on github. just update the smartapp in the ISE and then rerun through the smartapp setup. once done the users should now be getting refreshed every minute, but the dropped logging is especially bad tonight. so am only 99.99995% certain its working as it should be.

(Update yup its firmware update night…thats the reason :slight_smile: )

can you guys also test and let me know if you are seeing any issues,

Just an update for you.
Followed your instructions and can now see the polling as per your changes.

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It’s working for me now too. The poll wasn’t working at first because it
was failing to match the user presence devices by ID:

userPoll() looks for ids in the form ‘userId + “|” + userName’ but the Tado
(Connect) smartapp setup had created them in the form ‘userId + “|” +
userName + “|” + state.accessToken’.

I trimmed the device ids from the user presence devices and all is good!

I had to do the same as sipuncher, but my auto refresh still isn’t working.

I can see the entry changes in the Log, but that’s not updating the actual device :frowning:

@NOITAIDAR & @sipuncher If you guys have some code that works where mine does not, please create a pull request in github and update the code, i will include in a new version. unfortunately i don’t use SmartThings anymore really so struggle to 100% test properly any code i put out there. so by all means collaborate and i will post up with credits to you for the change.

I’ve managed to get it working now and have updated the smartapp code and
submitted a pull request. @fuzzyligic only minor changes, but have a look
and see what you think.


Thanks, great work, I’m away for the Easter weekend. I will publish the pull request once I am back tomorrow evening

I have merged @sipuncher 's pull request with the fixes for the user presence detection. many thanks for the contribution.

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@Fuzzyligic I got the smartapp installed successfully, however when I go through the setup in order to add the device, when I click ‘Done’ I get 'An unknown error has occurred." This has happened every time I’ve tried to finalize the device config/install. Am I missing something?

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@Jnick PM me a copy of your live log. also you have enabled oAuth in the Smartapp settings?

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@Fuzzyligic, OAuth is enabled. I will attempt to get you the live logs tonight!

Thank you!

@Fuzzyligic Confirmed working, thank you a bunch!!

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@Fuzzyligic I may have spoke too soon! The SmartApp and device installs. However, I cannot control it with smartthings. Well, I should say I can only control parts of it with smartthings.

For example, I cannot turn the unit on via ST. However, if the unit is on, I can turn it off in ST.

The unit is able to turn on and off without issue through the Tado app and Alexa integration with Tado. Any ideas?

Thank you!


when you say you cant turn it on in ST, can i clarify how you are doing that? are you selecting either the heating or cooling option directly in the device screen, or is this when choosing the on command in something like Core?

can you confirm which type of device you are having difficulty with. is it heating, radiator, water or AC?

also get me an excerpt of the log when this fails, i can then most probably help and resolve your issue.

edit if you are having issues with Hot water control, i have just corrected a bug with the on command. try the latest device handler.

@Fuzzyligic, Thanks for the reply!

I am having issues controlling my AC using the Smart AC Control. In side smartthings, I go to Home > Things, select the AC device and from the device view, where you see all the tiles, I hit the On tile. Nothing happens. If I manually turn on the device and follow the same procedure, but hit the Off tile, it works and the AC shuts off.

I will try and get logs for you in a little bit.

ok v1.9 is Live should resolve your issue.

v2.0 is now live which puts a fix in place for and AC’s which have a mandatory swing field in the command.

Hi @all,

please excuse if my this question was answered before (maybe in one of the older threads?).

I’m currently considering getting a pack of Tado Smart Radiator Thermostats which I would of course like to connect to SmartThings. In general, I think it would make sense to use temperature measurements form the center of the room instead of the ones from the TRV itself - correct?

I guess controlling Tado using CoRE should be possible in any case. My question is: does the Tado API allow us to give it external temperature measurements for the different rooms, so we can let Tado’s algorithm make the decisions, based on SmartThings sensor’s (SmartThings and Hue Presence Sensors) measurements?



simple answer is no, however the TRV’s match my other temp devices in the room pretty well, so Tado i think already compensate for the Temp reading dependent on how open the valve is. and they have an offset value if the device reads consistently higher than other devices.

also if you just want to schedule all heating in ST using CoRE then you can use whatever temp device you want. but the API itself does not allow you to feed in external temperature data no

Hi Stuart, thanks for your reply. Makes sense, thanks. I guess I’ll give it
a try.


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