[OBSOLETE] Tado (Connect)

I can read the status with NodeRed, but honestly I think I’ll switch to Sensibo or Switchbot.

Now Google can trigger routines by devices (including virtual switches) I have gone that route. Not so comprehensive but I get by.

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So over the past few months, I’ve been casually experimenting with various things to try and get some integration since the end of Groovy.

One of the approaches I’ve been exploring involves using a combination of IFTTT and Alexa routines to gain control by implementing this into a virtual thermostat and buttons. By leveraging the Tado API and edge rules, I’ve been able to extract data such as temperature and humidity, which I’ve incorporated into the virtual thermostat via HTTP requests. Thanks @TAustin for all your help and great work with ST Edge.

To further streamline the process, I’ve also deployed a python script that automates geolocation and window detection triggers .

Well this isnt perfect, so far everything seems to be working well.

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