[OBSOLETE] SmartLife (H801) RGBW LED Strip Wifi Controller & Bulb

I read the entire thing, just when I got the code bit I skipped over because I thought it was the last bit :smiley:

I did it on purpose. Wanted to make sure you are completely committed before you proceed. :wink:


Can also get on Amazon with Prime.

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Does anyone have a picture of one wired up to a white LED strip?

I just received 4 more, three flashed perfect, one seems to have a bad RX pin. The jumper on J13 works, as it goes into flash mode, the gnd and tx work as it flashes the led each time the flasher program tries to connect, but nothing else happens. It boots up fine without the jumper and shows the HCX AP.

Anyone have an idea what I can do to fix this? @erocm1231 have you found a way to flash via the built in firmware other than serial?

Here ya go, controlling two strips with RGB as one, and white separate on the W1 and W2 channels.

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Has anyone found out how much current you can put through them at 12 and 24V?


do you have pins soldered on there for J3?

Well, just ordered 10 of them for just over $94 bucks which is not that much more the what I paid for my one Dresden FLS-PP Ip I got ages ago once you factor in tax.

Plan on replacing a Phillips Lightstrip+ and the Dresden plus a whole load of other places I wanted to run strips.

Do any of you guys get your LED strips from Ali? If so, do you have any links you recommend? Otherwise in the past I’ve just ordered “SuperNight” stuff from Amazon.

Perfect. Thank you.

Yeah, pins soldered with a jumper to bridge.

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I’ve not heard as much good about the SuperNight, I have these in waterproof and non waterproof and I’m pleased with them:

Just ordered some of these to play with as well:

Ten bucks for twice the lights, seems like a deal!

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I combed through the thread last night and found some people linking to Ali with 5M/16.4ft RGB strips for about $8.80, they had the double row stuff as well.

At the end of the day I’m thinking these are probably all reeled off the same are probably consistent with each other in their inconsistencies with quality.

Does anyone know how much current/power these H801’s can pass?

$11.56 for a 5m/16.4ft double row (120led/m) RGB strip:


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Hum, and the waterproof version for around $17, I don’t know though, Amazon Prime is worth it I think for these…all are probably from the same production line like you said, and all the strips I’ve had from three brands have had splice’s that aren’t great, but none have broke. I’m torn between being too cheap and having Amazon backing me on this one. :slight_smile:

Yet I bought the controllers off Ali for less than Amazon and don’t seem to care about that. Wow, I need to go see a shrink…

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I’m having the exact same dilemma…

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Is there a way to default to on when a physical light switch is flipped¿ Like the relay.

I would like the light to default to white if the switch is flipped off than on. Great work btw!

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Yes in the device page of the app, hit settings, there’s a default color option.

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Technically you don’t need to solder anything. You can use a paperclip to jump those two points and hold the jumper wires in place while you flash it the first time. Firmware updates can be done Ota after that.

If you want to use a physical switch, you probably should solder j3 at least.