[OBSOLETE] SmartLife (H801) RGBW LED Strip Wifi Controller & Bulb

That sounds awesome!

Agreed. Thx Eric.

OK I received these H801 connectors today. I understand how I am going to flash it but I would like to know from my 12V power supply where do the positive and negative leads go on the H801 and then what two terminals do I connect the light to?

VCC is + GND is - on the W1 and W2 side. Lights on the other side and if RGBW strip, white goes to W1.

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I’ve got a new release. There are lots of changes here and you must update the firmware, device handler, and SmartApp for everything to function. Remember, updating the firmware is as simple as navigating to ipaddress/update and uploading the bin file. Here are the changes:

  • Web interface. A simple interface to use for basic control and configuration. Configuration isn’t necessary other than connecting it to your home wifi and using the Service Manager SmartApp, but this allows you to check everything and do some tweaking if you want.
  • Static IP. It isn’t necessary to set a static IP, but if you are really into that then go for it.
  • Password protection. Password protect the configuration, control, or both. Next release will have a way to factory reset, so in the meantime do not forget the configuration password if you put one in.
  • New options for programs:
    • Random duration. You can make some cool lighting or fire place effects with this. You choose a minimum and maximum duration. It must be above 100 ms.
    • Random color. Random color is handled by the controller so the color can be generated on the fly.
  • Individual channel control. In addition to setting the color with the color picker, you can now use a slider to control each channel. This is a big step in allowing all the channels to control individual strips. Hopefully next release.
  • Option to have white and rgb mutually exclusive. If white turns on, rgb turns off and vice versa.
  • Default transition effect in device handler. If you don’t like the “fade” effect, you can turn it off.

I am looking at turning GPIO 0 (the pin you ground to go into flashing mode) into an input for the addition of a switch. Unfortunately I can’t use the PWM pins (RGBW1W2) for that purpose. Those of you with some good soldering skills @michaelahess should be able to take advantage of that.

NOTE: After updating everything, go into the SmartLife SmartApp and hit “done”. For some reason, the program information is getting deleted when the SmartApp gets updated.

Program Examples:


SWEET! Thank you sir, now I have (even more) stuff to do this weekend!

Holy crap this is awesome! Response is nearly instantanious, easily the fastest responding device in my network now!

And I don’t have the failed commands like I’ve had with the Sonoff and the old firmware for this device. At least not yet, and I’ve been playing with it for about an hour straight!

Love the sliders and physical toggles for each color, makes non RGBW strips FAR easier to automate with CoRE!

Oh yeah, updates all went great of course. Now if the GPIO pin can get used as a switch…then my wife can get her physical closet switch back! I patiently await that feature.

What sort of timings/events did you use for the lightning effect? I want to do that with my kitchen lights too, but have them sit at dark red, great Halloween affect!

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Where do you find the time :slight_smile:

Awesome job @erocm1231 really appreciated!

@pcgirl65 this is exactly what you need to control separate channels.

We are using just an LED light. So the power goes into VCC and GRND and the one wire from the light will go into W1. Where do we put the other wire from the light?

Does this mean that we can connect up four lights to one controller?

VCC on the B G R side. VCC being positive.

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Yes, each of R G B and W, with positive from all four going to VCC on the left as in my previous message. Each color output is for all intents it’s own dimmer switch, as long as you don’t overload the device, you can wire whatever you want into each. The primary on function seems to only turn on white so you need to use each individual channels on/off function for its respective light. I only do this through CoRE where they show up as a delta symbol followed by color (R, G, B, W1,W2) then on or off.

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OK, thanks for the help. I will be working on these today. However, where do I get the updated code? If I go to the github that is at the top of this post it is the old code I think.

Wonderful! We got one of the controllers working now to do the rest of them. I was trying to change the name but it wouldn’t take. Any ideas how I could change the name of the device?

You can change the name of the device in the smart app. You need to change the name first and then hit the link underneath it. Or, you can just find the device in the “Things” tab and change the name there.

The latest code is in the github, it just has the initial publication date in the code. If you look at the github details it will say “Uploaded 12 hrs ago” or something like that.

I did try to change the name and than I hit the link underneath but it would just revert back. Tried it about three times.

I did figure that the updates were in the original github but the dates in the code threw me off. Thanks!

Strange, it has always worked for me. Do you hit “next” on the next screen and not back? Also, you can change the name in the Things list.

Has anyone else had problems changing a device name in the smart app?

@michaelahess Here is the lightning effect program that you can see in one of those YouTube videos. I think you were asking about it.

Thanks for all the work you have put in here, I have a couple of these up and working. I am having a slight issue, I am using homebridge to control my light with siri. Whenever I ask siri to change the colour it just increases the white fader to 100 and doesnt adjust the colour. I have tried in both mutually exclusive mode and allow one or the other. Am I doing something wrong or is this just not possible? (I am on the latest firmware and device/smartapps)