[OBSOLETE] Smart Weather Station Tile Device

How do you get the outlet to report temperature? I can’t see anything obvious in CoRE


@Toy4Rick, Can you please detail your Piston for the refresh? I took a look, but nothing jumped out at me.


If Trigger happens every 5 minutes (this is done through Time Happens at every number of minutes)
Using "weather"


Thank you so much.

pardon me if I’m late to the party on this one.

Is there a way to have this Device.station tile app display info from a local station from WU?

I don’t have a WX station of any kind but a neighbor up the road shows up on weather underground map and I can see his station info. I’d love to be able to have a weather tile(s) that show all local data just not my own (station).

Anyone know if this is possible to point the smartapp to an online source rather than a (personal) local device?

@RBoy - I would like to use this tile/data to drive webCoRE functions for my Hue lights. Basically, if the weather is “overcast” or “cloudy” then I want the lights to be different versus if it is sunny.

Do you know what the actual field is, and what the different options are (actual field data) that I can use in my piston to make this work?

If you’re using the stock ST Weather Station you have a couple of options:

  1. You can use the attribute weather and check for values like sunny, clear, cloud, fog, rain tstorms etc (the list goes on)
  2. Better way would be to the attribute illuminance

10000 = clear/sunny
7500 = party cloudy
2500 = mostly cloudy
1000 = cloudy
200 = thunder

The actual values will probably reduce around sun rise and sunset because of the way it’s calculated but during the day it’ should work fine.

I’ve got this app installed and I like it but I’d really like to disable the ‘weather alert’ sms messages I get. Is there an easy way to do this and if so, how?

I’m okay with commenting out the lines of code that might be required to do so if someone could help me show which lines to look at.

Thanks in advance!

I’ve got on my Hadashboard Smartweather Tile added as device under smarthings. Should I need any controller to get the API KEY I need to input in my code? If yes can you suggest me which device controller I can use? Type, model? great appreciate any advice.

@dckirker, when is this going to be active in the new app?

***Scrap that I reloaded from the templates and it works again, V2 doesn’t seem to work anymore though ***

It looks like the api has been shutdown, I’m getting this issue?

Hm… I’ve still got a weather tile and it’s definitely showing the current conditions on a neighbor’s station via Weather Underground.

Unprecedented weather in south central Texas!

Thanks, all working now. I also have installed the updater smartapp so it refreshes every 10 minutes now.

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Can anyone smarter than me figure out how to output in metric? It takes your local temp scale and will display the units accordingly (in my case, imperial), but I want an alternate DTH that shows the opposite.

i’d be fine with hardcoding metric values, or just showing the opposite of what the local hub uses.

i took a stab at it. seems to mostly work, and i’m able to add the temperature tile to ActionTiles which is all I really wanted. It takes values originally in imperial units and converts to metric. Not the other way around at the moment.

if you want AT to show their primary weather combo tile the name of the DH needs to have the Metric part removed. But their tile statically displays mph, even though this has converted to kph. does not touch the forecast long text

Has anyone had issues with weather tile no longer updating. I have gone into the app setting and changing refresh and it works for a few days and goes back to not working. The app is almost unusable at this point. Anyone else having this issue? Any other ideas on getting weather info on ST?

I have a SharpTools rule that refreshes my weather tiles every 15 min.

Keep in mind that Smart Weather tiles are Groovy devices and will like cease to work by the end of the year.

I actually didnt realize that. Need to double check all my DTHs now. Thank you!

After closing the IDE the weather tile stopped working. Is there any way to get it working again? It shows the driver
“LAN thing”. What’s going on?

The weather tile was a legacy groovy smartapp. ST has discontinued groovy smartapps and device handlers.

There is an Edge driver you can look at: https://community.smartthings.com/t/yet-another-weather-driver-but-for-edge/245576