[OBSOLETE] Smart Alarm is here

It looks like a race condition, because the “door open” event triggers both the smart alarm and the hello home. Which one wins is anyone’s guess, but most likely, alarm was triggered before the mode was changed. I’d recommend trying to designate the door as “Entrance” zone and enable 15-seconds entry delay.

Okay… I’ll give it a shot. To make matters more complicated, I just got hit with a Alarm on a motion sensor at 4:41… well after the system was supposed to be disarmed. :frowning: I wonder if I’ve got some legacy Alarm running somewhere in the background.

Apparently, sentPush() API is broken.

I’m having trouble with ha my alarm. It keeps changing modes to away while I’m home. Then when I’m home if I open a door
Then alarm goes off in home mode. Can someone help me

I’ll try turning off PUSH notification, and just set it to an SMS Text. I’ll let you know if that fixes it and allows the ARM/DISARM shows up in H,H.

Notifiacations have been fixed in Smart Alarm 2.1.0

What was the issue if you don’t mind me asking :smile:

I had to work around the problem you’ve discovered (that sendPush cannot be called during install/update) using a guard state variable. Have you heard anything back from support?

Works perfectly now! Seeing PUSH notification and H,H line item when arming status changes. AWESOME! Thanks!!!

Negative. Updated them with my findings though.

I did something similar. I just had the “inistialize” variable run 60 seconds after app install.

I’m curious how you’re arming/disarming it. Exit/entry delays are essential for traditional alarm systems because arming/disarming is typically done using wall-mounted panel. With “virtual” alarm panel that can be armed/disarmed from the mobile phone or rules based on presence, proximity, etc. it doesn’t seem to be necessary anymore. Just trying to better understand the use case for this feature.

What if you want to emulate the wall mounted panel by using a dedicated tablet? I would prefer to have an entry and exit delay.

Sure, but that’s a hypothetical scenario at this point, isn’t it?

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Yes, it is.

My wife is old school and considers a security system an appliance.

I have converted a Samsung Galaxy tab 3 lite into a security panel. I have two shield icons on the home screen a green and a red for disarm and arm, as well as a lock icon for using the system lock. The tablet also does text to speech when the garage door is opened in away mode. It says please disarm the alarm. Additionally I’m using ifttt to send mode change through push bullet so you can see the current status. Big WAF on the panel.

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I am using HADashboard and have configured a button for “Arm Away”. The mode changes in HADashboard come with a countdown timer before it’s set, giving you time to either hit “Refresh” which cancels the timer or exit if you are changing to a mode that would arm your system. In my case the “Arm Away” button counts down and then changes mode to “Away”.
It’s a bit involved to setup, but their step-by-step instructions are good.

You convinced me. The exit delay is back in 2.2.0. Enjoy!

LOL I like putting theory to work. Thank you!

Hi Geko, I’m trying to use the Aeon 1 button or “Panic button” to work in your app as a remote:


I only want it to arm with a short press and panic with a long press. Can’t get the long press to work as it looks like you don’t support this yet. Is that something that’s doable?

Thanks much

You’re right, Smart Alarm does not handle button ‘held’ events. It’s certainly doable, but it’d require messing with the UI and I’m tied up with other projects at the moment.