[OBSOLETE] Smart Alarm is here

Smart Alarm 2.0.0 is now available.

What’s New:

  • Simplified zone management. Each sensor is now treated as a separate zone. The number of zones (sensors) is unlimited.
  • New ‘Entrance’ zone type. Entry delay now only affects Entrance zones.
  • Exit delay is eliminated.
  • Removed buttons (Arm, Disarm, Panic) from the control panel pending UI button implementation on Android platform.
  • Refactored arming/disarming logic to work around event unsubscribtion errors that started after SmartThings backend upgrade.


When upgrading from version 1.x , it’s is strongly recommended to uninstall Smart Alarm before installing the new version. If you chose to upgrade without uninstalling, please make sure that you remove all sensors from the zones. Failure to unbind sensors from Smart Alarm will prevent you from removing them in the future until you uninstall Smart Alarm.