[OBSOLETE] Simple Device Viewer

Thank you… I can access via Switches which is fine… just didn’t expect a bulb under switches. Much appreciated.

I don’t think I’ll be able to do background colors, but I’ve figured out how to display different icons. The next version will allow you to set thresholds for notifications, but the thresholds will also be used for the icons.

For example, on the Temperature Measurements screen, each row will have a thermometer icon and it will either be blue, green, or red depending on the specified low and high thresholds. On the Batteries screen, a low battery icon will be displayed for the items with a battery level less than the specified threshold. On the Last Events screen, a warning icon will be displayed for the items that haven’t had an event within the specified last event time threshold.

The icons take up a lot of space because ST adds a lot of space to the right of them so I’m going to add a setting that allows you to turn them off. If the icons don’t cause any problems in the next version, I’ll add icons for the contact, presence, and motion sensors in the following version.

Since the items listed on the Switches screen are links that toggle the switches, I don’t believe I’ll be able to display icons for them. I’m also pretty sure I won’t be able to add icons to the All Devices screen either.

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Thanks for creating this super helpful tool.
It works on the Android and iPhone but is just a blank screen on my primary Windows Phone.

I just released version 1.3 which has some new features, but not the notifications that I know some people are waiting for.

I hope to release another version late tomorrow that will be able to monitor the devices and send notifications.

These are the new features in version 1.3:

The Temperature Measurement, Batteries, and Last Events screens can be sorted by value instead of device name. Those screens also display icons based on the Threshold settings, but if you don’t like that feature, you can disable it from the “other settings” section.

Other Settings section

  • Change app instance name
  • Enable/Disable new icon feature
  • Enable/Disable Sort by Last Event Time
  • Enable/Disable Sort by Temperature
  • Enable/Disable Sort by Battery %

Setup Thresholds

  • Battery
  • Temperature Low/High
  • Last Event

The new Thresholds section is currently used to determine the icons, but it will also be the notification trigger in the next version.

See the first post in this topic for the latest version

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No error on the Live Logging in the IDE. Just a blank screen on the Windows phone and I need to tap back button to get out of the app.
Is ok. I understand without the device is no way for you to test it out. Still, I appreciate your time and effort to develop this useful tool.

I like having all these features in one SmartApp, but could you make the display denser, possibly starting with removing the horizontal lines? I’m currently using Device Monitor and BatteryMonitor, and opening those SmartApps goes directly to this sort of display:

(hmmm, I surely need to better name many of my devices)

I will add the setting “Condensed View Enabled?” to the “Other Settings”. When the option is enabled, I’ll display all the items in a single paragraph which will eliminate the lines. This setting will not affect the look of the “Swtiches” screen. When this feature is enabled, the icon feature will be disabled.

This is a simple change so I’ll include it in the next version. I hope to release that version later today, but it allows you to receive notifications based on Temperature, Battery, and/or Last Event Time so it requires extensive testing first.

Since this SmartApp is meant to display more than just Battery and Last Event times, I won’t be changing the look of the Main screen.

Enabling the Sort By Value features allow you to view all the items outside the threshold together so I don’t plan on creating separate views for them like the other applications have.

The SmartThings related issues previously mentioned appear to be gone so new and existing users shouldn’t run into any problems with the latest version.

Version 1.4 is now available and has the following new features:

  • Created a new icon for the SmartApp, it’s not pretty, but it’s better than the house icon it previously had.

  • Condensed View can be enabled from the “Other Settings” screen. When it’s enabled, the screens will not display the icons, padding, and dividing lines. Condensed View does not change the appearnce of the switches screen.

  • Send notifications based on Temperature, Battery, Level and/or Time Since Last Event. (Mbhforum)

  • Optionally send additional reminders for each type of notifications after a specified amount of time. (Use 0 to turn off reminders)

  • The app checks for notifications that need to be sent every 5 minutes. To avoid getting a bunch of notifications all at once you can specify the maximum number of notifications to send within a 5 minute period.

The latest version can be found in the first post of this Topic.


Thanks, just updated via GitHub IDE. One issue I have noticed is I have the app polling my Water sensor for battery. However, this water sensor doesn’t report any events unless there is a leak which is obviously rare. The smartapp pushes a notification to me that no events have been received from this device which I really don’t care about. How do I monitor this device for battery life but not get alerts about no events? It seems we should be able to distinguish between the two. Thoughts?

I have things like an outdoor outlet that I would like to exclude from alerts as well… spare cree bulbs in a drawer too…

[quote=“Mbhforum, post:26, topic:42481”]
The smartapp pushes a notification to me that no events have been received from this device which I really don’t care about. How do I monitor this device for battery life but not get alerts about no events? It seems we should be able to distinguish between the two. Thoughts?
[/quote] The original purpose of this application is to provide an easy way to view the devices and the notifications feature is just an added benefit.

If you want the view screens to use one set of devices, the battery notifications to use another set, and the last event notifications to use another, you’re better off using 3 different applications. Trying to do it all from one application makes it overly complex to configure which is probably one of the reasons why there aren’t other apps that do it.

Others have created SmartApps dedicated to monitoring last events and batteries so if you want more flexibility you’re better off using them instead.

To achieve the functionality you’re looking for using only this SmartApp you have two options:

  1. Turn off repeat notifications for Last Events. You’ll initially receive an alert for the devices you don’t care about, but you won’t receive another last event alert for that device until it has a new event that falls outside the specified threshold.

  2. Use multiple instances of the application with different names. Have one instance named something like “Battery Notifications” and only choose the devices you want to receive battery notifications for, choose “battery” for the capability to view, and don’t enable the last event or temperature notifications. Create another instance for just the last event notifications and a 3rd instance that allows you to view all your devices and doesn’t send any notifications.

If the spare bulbs are in a drawer, there’s really no need to have them included in the SmartApp at all so you should just unselect them from the Choose Devices screen.

True… good point about the bulbs… thx.

I’ve thought about it and adding an exclusion field for each notification type that lists the already selected devices wouldn’t make the configuration any more complex so I’ll add those fields to the next version.

Thanks! How do you turn off repeat notifications? Change it to zero?

Clearing the field or setting it to 0 will prevent repeat notifications.

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I like the new condensed view. Thanks!

When going to “All Devices - States” I’m getting an error (it displays “you are not authorized to perform the requested operation”) and the live logger shows:
error java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "59.5" @ line 525
That’s from an item.value.toInteger() I think.

Sorry about that, none of my devices report values with decimal places so I didn’t catch the bug during testing.

I just released another version (1.4.3) that should fix the problem, but let me know if it doesn’t.

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That fixed it!

I think I found a bug…my nest protects cannot repeat battery status so they show up as N/A but I still get low battery notifications for them. Thoughts?