[OBSOLETE] SHM Delay Version 2.0

not the ideal way, however I was able to create a exit delay triggering a virtual switch. Virtual switch triggers Away mode with a delay of 60 seconds setup.

Thanks for your hard work on updating this.

I must have done something wrong. Everything works fine when using the keypad but when setting away with the new ST app it doesn’t seem to affect anything. Maybe not a problem of SHM Delay but I am not sure. Thanks,

Did you set up your automations to make ST “do something”? SHM delay won’t do much of anything in the new app without you creating the needed Automations.

I have it set up, using the beta version without routines, and it’s working flawlessly. Getting the automations “just right” was a real PIA. It took me a bit to get it working without having any race conditions.

In order for this to work right, you’re going to need a minimum of 6 Automations.

Post copies of your automations so I can take a look at them.

I’m going to assume that the Automations are correct since you have them created.

What is it you want Smartthings to do when you go into away mode and have you verified that Smartthings is indeed going into away mode.

After re-read your post, are you saying that when you enter away mode using the keypad that it all works correct and if you select armed away from the STHM dashboard nothing happens?

When I select armed away on the new app nothing happens. It doesn’t seem to change the status on my action tiles display nor does the entry delay kick in. I open the door and nothing occurs. However, if I trip the motion sensor then I get intrusion. I have a Konnected board with their new app on all of the door sensors, don’t know if that has any relevance.

First, did you make ANY CHANGES AT ALL to SHM Delay using the new app. Did you change globals, any profiles, etc.?

If you did, that can be a problem.

I stated out by doing that a while ago. But I saw your post so I deleted smh delay then reinstalled it in the Classic app.

I apologise I’m doing a couple things here so I just noticed the above reference too. I don’t think action tiles is going to be able to display STHM status. Only SHM status. They are completely different.

As for what should happen when you select Armed(away) from the dashboard. Smartthings will change the alarm status to away. From here, you will need an automation to change your location mode to away. I.E. If STHM = armed away then set location mode to away. Now as long as you have globals and the modefix profile in SHM Delay set right, then SHM Delay will see that the mode is now away and in turn change the keypad to reflect the alarm status. I can’t remember if the exit delay happens when you change the alarm state from the dashboard and I’m not home to check it. I’m thinking that I either didn’t get the delay or, the keypad didn’t beep during the delay.

If globals are right (post s screenshot and I’ll look at them) then you need to look at your Automations.

You need to add the modefix profile and turn it on in globals. I sent you a message with my modefix profile for reference

It also looks like your using routines. Did you set them up in the classic app. It might be better if you ditched the routines and used location mode directly.

You may want to go back and reference each step in the directions for setting up ShM delay one at time and check your settings against the instructions. It looks like you missed a few steps and sHm delay is rather complex and you have to follow the directions to get it working correctly.

The mode fix was what I missed. Everything appears to be working now. I shouldn’t be messing with something this complex this early in the AM.

Thanks for your help. Saved me a lot of headaches.

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Glad you got it running and that I could help.

You should look at dumping the routines and using modes directly since ST is eventually getting rid of routines. I have been running without routines for awhile now and it works well.

Hopefully, ST will fix the “incomplete” issue with child apps and we won’t need the classic app to make changes in the future.

If you need anything else feel free to send me a PM.

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A few tips for those looking to use SHM Delay with STHM in the new V3 app.

If you follow the directions at the beginning of this thread, basically the only difference between the classic app and the new app is going to be the addition of the automation rules and that you will be using location mode instead of routines. The differences are spelled out in paragraph 8 of the documentation. Everything else will be set up just as at would for the classic app.

If you are using a keypad, you WILL NEED TO USE the modefix profile. If you don’t, the keypad will not follow STHM if you change alarm state from the dashboard.

IMPORTANT: At this time, you MUST USE THE CLASSIC APP to create and/or edit any profiles. If you use the new app for profiles, the profile will not save correctly and SHM Delay will become unstable with unpredictable results.

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Hi. I am having trouble with getting the simulted app to change based on the real app . I have double read everything but the sim app just doesnt change. I am using beta as have STHM with v3 hub. I have added all the profiles (home away etc). I have turned on logs but not sure hw to retrive them. Looks like it is working for everyone else so not sure how to troubleshoot.

Thanks again for the hard work on the app

I’m guessing you mean the “simulated contact sensor” not the “sim app”.

Please verify all your profiles (child apps) were created using the Classic phone app, otherwise nothing works. See previous post in this thead. If not delete all the profiles in the new app, install the Classic app redo all the profiles in Classic, test.

The log must be open to view any logged infomation.

  1. go to Samsung account
  2. login with samsung account
  3. click “live logging” on top menu (leave window open)
  4. run tests in another window or on another device

[Release STHM Support] Feb 06, 2020, 11:30EST

Module SHM Delay with support for STHM was moved from beta into the production github repo

Corrections and Updates

  • Adds support for STHM in new phone app.
    Install only if you want to move to the new phone app and STHM, othewise this is an optional update

Installation module changes

  • Update SHM Delay (v2.4.1) from github arnbme / SHMDelay / Version2
  • Save, Publish, For Me

Post Installation Setup And Usage with STHM

Issues or Errors?

  • Post questions on this thread.