[OBSOLETE] SHM Delay Version 2.0

I’m having problems getting SHM Delay 2.0 installed and configured correctly. I have followed the instructions (publish & install SHM Delay; save but don’t publish Chlid, ModeFix and User). I’ve installed SHM Delay on my iPhone using classic Smart Things. When I go into the app to configure settings, and tap SAVE, I get UNEXPECTED ERROR messages. I don’t see anything like the screenshots above–no options for modefix profiles or delay profiles.

I’ve uninstalled and deleted the apps and have re-run the setup instructions. Still same “Unexpected Error” message. Any suggestions, please??

I understand, it is infrequently reported, and I have occasionally encountered that exact problem on this and other apps. What it seems to be is some sort of cpu processing loop on a bad or missing setting, but the error log does not provide any information.

My only suggestion is to setup and save Global Settings first, before any profile settings. Should that not work, you will have to contact support, hope they don’t say they don’t support user provided apps, then if they try hope they can catch the issue as it occurs.

Edit: please post which profile or information you are attempting create and confirm you are using the Classic (old) phone app

I developed this app on Android and experience has provided some rude lessons that the iOS app fails on something that works on Android.

Hey arnb,

Hope you didn’t take anything I said negatively, I find your posts on this subject pretty informative, I’m taking a peek at the browser etc now. Sounds like it may be a lot more versatile than lannouncer alone, thanks for the heads up!

I can honestly say I was not in any way negatively impacted by anything you wrote. I hope you feel likewise.

I appreciate your positive feed back. I attempt to provide my honest opinion and share my personal experiences with home automation.

It been an interesting and challenging path for me. I’m also aware of how difficult it can be for people new to home automation to set up the SmartThings platform, then jumping into smartapps, Groovy, WebCore, Speech and more. It’s a huge learning challenge.

Agreed, it’s daunting. I’m barely fiddling through myself. I think I picked up that you were in some way mildly offended by something I’d said (wouldn’t be the first time!), but glad to hear I’d simply misread, good good!

I’ve installed the apps and done a quick test, but it was getting late and didn’t want to wake up the love goblin so I’ll have a proper crack tomorrow. On first look it’s easy to essentially swap out lannouncer for kiosk/etc, which I’ve done. Can’t see how to use smartthings events to trigger a sound.mp3, but haven’t had much to play with tonight, I’ll have a proper read later on

WebCore is the answer. Use the FKSB device’s beep, chime or playSound command

Hi arnb,

I have everything setup but running into a couple of problems. I am using ActionTiles to arm and disarm my alarm. The issue I am running into is that when I enter my house while its on away mode the alarm goes off because of my motion sensors. I also set it where it ignores those sensors but it still goes off. Am I doing something wrong?

Hello. I’ve spent hours trying to understand and follow these instructions to install my IRIS Keypad and it still isn’t working. I’m using the newer smartthings app on my phone. I’m not a developer. I know very little about writing code, and following these instructions is making me feel like a toddler. I’m usually really good at fixing things, following along, and getting things to function. I really want my keypads to work. I loved being able to press in a code and turn my system on and off. I liked that it beeps when my door sensors are triggered, acting as a deterrent prior to the siren turning on. Is there an easy button somewhere or maybe a set up IRIS keypad for dummies? I’d really appreciate it. Thanks. :blush:

Assuming the motion sensor is defined in a delay profile, it must be removed from Smart Home Monitor. Please confirm the settings.

SHM Delay works only in the Classic (old) phone app.

Hang in there, ask your questions. Everyone on these forums, including me will do our best to help getting your system up and working.

Ok. I think I’ve made it to #10 create delay profiles. When I paired my IRIS keypad to the smartthings app it never beeped. It was continuously blinking. I read somewhere to type 1234 on, and it stopped. Is that ok? I think I set up the delay profile correctly, but I’m still royally confused. I’ve set up all my door sensors, but it only randomly triggers the alarm when I open a door. I am getting the keypad to beep when it reads a triggered alarm, and I’m able to disable it by pressing off on the keypad. Why is it only randomly working, and how do I set up a pin? :thinking:

Oh, and how do I remove the sensor from smart home monitoring? If it’s the smart home monitor under smart apps, when I click on that I get an error saying something went wrong. I’m sorry for asking so many questions. Do I need to uninstall the new app of smartthings? Right now I have both.

Prior to using the keypad, at least one user pin profile and a delay profile must be created, along with setting and saving the global settings, and Smart Home Monitor devices must be correctly set.

I get to Smart Home Monitor by going to Dashboard, then tapping Smart Home Monitor under Home Solutions.

I understand you want to get this SmartApp working ASAP and the instructions are tedious. However, it’s a complicated smartapp, so please take your time and get it right.

As for running both Smarthings phone apps, I can only repeat what I’ve read and that is to pick one and remove the other phoneapp.

Keypads are notoriously problematic to pair with the hub. From what you describe it seems to have fully connected. However, you will know when you try using it. If all lights are off when the keypad is sitting idle, then it lights when you move your hand over it, it’s probably OK.

Thank you for messaging me back. I seem to have figured out the keypad chime to go off on all door sensors. You mentioned setting up a user pin profile prior to using the keypad. Is that the SHM delay user? I did do that earlier when following the instructions. I think I’m on #11 now, create a new user profile. Is this done in the phone app? I can’t seem to find that in my smart apps section. Maybe I was supposed to publish it?

Yes pins are defined in User Profiles.

The settings for this SmartApp are all done in the ST Classic phone app. Go to the SHM Delay smartapp, tap it, then (scroll if necessary) tap where it says Create a new User Profile. It requires module SHM Delay User be installed, save but do not publish.

If Create User Profile does not show, please insure that global setting “A real or simulated Keypad is used…” is set to On/True.

I think that’s my issue. I’m not seeing create user profile. I checked the global settings, and I’m also not seeing a real or simulated keypad. There is “the upgraded keypad is installed”. I tried putting that to on, and it didn’t change anything that I could see. Hmm. You are talking about the global settings in SHM Delay, correct?

That’s not part of SHM Delay

That’s correct. You may need to scroll to see global settings

This is what I see.

That is the deprecated, outdated version of SHM Delay 1.0 which used Ethayer’s Lock Manager.

Please remove it and start over with SHM Delay V2.0

Does that mean I need to start completely over?