[OBSOLETE] SHM Delay Version 2.0

You’re correct it will not function when the internet connection is out. This applies to all smart apps with the exception of smart lighting, and all device handlers that are not local.

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Well it worked when I wrote this but I can’t even find the semicolon character on the numeric keypad using Android 9 so I was not able to test it.
I plan adding the # and , characters as delimiters.

I too have just started using SHM Delay Version 2.0 and have an issue where the delay on the real sensor seems to be working, but my Konnected piezo buzzers (two of them) don’t seem to be beeping upon entry delay after opening the real sensor. The rest seems to be working so far. Happy to donate if we can overcome this little issue. Thanks!

Perhaps add on module SHM Delay Buzzer Switch will do what you want. See Section 31 of the documentation.

I’m having trouble with the entry delay when the alarm is set by the app.

I followed section 15 of the documentation. It’s step where I test the Entry Delay that nothing happens. No alarm, no delay.

If I arm the alarm from the keypad the entry delay works perfectly. If I arm from the app it does nothing. I’ve confirmed that the virtual contact sensor works properly. Ive deleted and re-created the entry profiles.

A side note, unsure if related. My keypad does not chime when the contact is opened although I have that option selected. Not a big deal, but I’m mentioning it incase it’s related.

Any suggestions? I also deleted and recreated the Active Mode Fix Settings

Have you seen issue when trying to setup new profile it will try but eventually timeout?

This may be an indication that:

  • the ModeFix profile is not working correctly
  • perhaps you are not waiting for the builtin non-keypad exit delay to expire prior to opening the door?

Please try the following:

  1. in the modfix settings verify “create entry delay for armed away” is set on
  2. Arm system from non keypad source in away mode
  3. Wait the “when arming in away mode without a keypad…” seconds in the delay profile plus 5 or so. At this point the keypad should show Armed Away/On depending on the keypad, the as should the phone app dashboard.
  4. open the monitored door. The system enters Entry Delay and the Keypad should be sounding tones.

That works only when the system is disarmed.

Should additional assistance be needed please post the keypad name, keypad version/model, and DTH that is in use with the keypad

I don’t understand. Please explain what is timing out and when does it occur?

[Beta Release ] Mar 12, 2019 13:00 EDT

Corrections and Updates

  • Semi Colon character no longer available on (my) Android 9 number screen, and reported as not being saved on phone numbers. Added phone number delimiters pound sign(#) and period(.) Modules SHM Delay and SHM Delay Child.
    Tagging: @Showard

  • Supports optional filtering for how a Delay Profile reacts or not to the real contact sensor opening when SHM arm state is away or stay.
    For example: when set to “away”, and system is arm state is “stay”, then real contact opens, system ignores the open. Default: always react.
    Module SHM Delay Child Tagging @illumatti @Pantheon

  • Added ability to log, or not log, debugging messages. Default is no logging. This change reduces system overhead. Modules SHM Delay and SHM Delay Child

Installation module changes
Update module SHM Delay (v2.2.8) from github arnbme / SHMDelay / beta Save, Publish, For Me

Update module SHM Delay Child (v2.1.4) from github arnbme / SHMDelay / beta
Save do not publish.

See documentation section 28 at top of this thread for instructions on how to change the module’s source repo

Post Installation Testing

  • Optionally set “When system is armed, react to the real contact sensor opening only when: away or stay.” only if you want to override normal operation, then test.

  • Optionally set multiple phone numbers on various phone number fields

  • Test, then please post your results

Set “Log debugging messages?” to true. Rerun the test, then forward the debug messages in a private message to me.

Thank you! That did the trick! Look for my PayPal donation. Thanks again!

Thanks for the beta update. I was able to enter multiple phone numbers for text messages using the pound sign (#). However a period (.) did not work. For what it’s worth I am using the ST app on my iOS devices.

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Thank you for testing and posting your results.

By not working do you mean it didn’t save the the period, or it did not properly delimit when processing the phone numbers?

Using Android 9, both characters are properly saved and delimit on the split.

Thanks @wtip this should help some folks, especially with Iris and Centralite Keypads becoming rare as hens teeth.

It did not save the period.

To save everyone’s sanity the period delimiter was removed from the beta modules, leaving the semi-colon for anyone already using it, and the pound sign


Thank you for your help and support. I was able to get the alarm working when enabling from the app. (I was not waiting long enough for the builtin non-keypad exit delay)

The door chime doesn’t work. (Even when system is disarmed). I have an Iris keypad (v2 I believe? Has motion sensor built in, ON, OFF, PARTIAL at the bottom. , using * Current Firmware Version: 0x140B5310, Type: Centralite Keypad, Version: Published

The other issue that I’m running into is that there doesn’t seem to be an entry delay when the SHM is set to “Stay”. When the contact opens it immediately alerts, there is no delay. The REAL contact is not included in the Armed (Stay) Intrusion Sensors, but the Simulated Contact Sensor is.
When the sensor opens and it immediately triggers the alarm, I get a push notification from SMH Delay indicating that that contact “Garage” intrusion detected SHM Delay App. I’m sure its something silly I’m missing but I can’t figure it out. For Arm (away) it works fine, it’s just Arm (Stay) that I’m having trouble with.

The default for Stay is no exit delay, no entry delay. Go into (or add) the ModeFix profile, scroll down, you should find settings allowing you to change the default behavior.

As for the keypad door chime: I have no idea.

Having an issue with entry delay. Siren doesn’t sound immediately and delay logic seems to be working, but piezo buzzers don’t seem to start beeping warning to disarm the alarm until after about 30 seconds, which is when the alarm alerts too (I am also using SHM Delay BuzzerSwitch). Also, the motion detector that should be ignored during entry delay seems to send SHM into an alarm rather than get ignored until after the delay has passed. Any help is appreciated.

Sometimes I also experience delayed siren chirps and other anomalies. The cause is a slow ST Cloud server, or a delayed internet connection, and there is no user solution other than migrating to the Hubitat platform, which is local processing.

There are delay profile settings that attempt to resolve the motion sensor issue. However, slow cloud processing defeats all the coding. Be sure the motion sensor is removed from them Smart Home Monitor device settings. Also if the motion sensor is defined in multiple profiles, you must turn on the overhead creating global setting “I have the same motion sensor in multiple profiles”.

Thanks. I set that global setting you recommend. We’ll see how it goes.