[OBSOLETE] SHM Delay Version 2.0

Also the status lights “Off” “Partial” and “ON” used to light up according to the status when motion was sensed. Now they all three cycle regardless of the mode.
And the top right light no longer is lit up.

I would guess the “network” icon light is now off, meaning the keypad is no longer connected to the hub.

Assuming the battery is good: try removing then reinserting the battery, usually this reconnects the device to the network. If this does not work, try it closer to the hub.

Edit: The keypad image just displayed here. Looks like you have the “light show” that occurs when the ST response is slow, and the keypad disconnects from the network. Do the battery pull.

Ok, thanks.

I pulled the battery last night, and the “light show” stopped. When motion is sensed the “off” light lights up and the “network” icon blinks 2-3 times and then goes off. Still no communication with ST. Any ideas? The keypad it on the other side of a wall from the hub that is in a closest. It has been working in this location for some time until now.

Move the keypad close to the hub, and attempt to arm from the keypad.

Should that not work, do the battery pull one more time or replace it if you have spare, then retry arming from the keypad.

Should it still not work and you are certain the battery is good, you are faced with the unenviable task of excluding and re-pairing the keypad. :scream:

Thank you for your work on this app. I just got the ADT smarthings hub and just set it all up last night. I installed the smart app SHM Delay 2.0. and have a few questions. They may be dumb, I read all forums i could find before posting this question. I have a motion sensor that is pointing to toward the kitchen door. The kitchen door is the main entrance that we use. I am wanting a delay of 20-30 sconds when coming in that door before the motion sensor sets off the alarm (when in away mode) I setup a delay profile, selected the kitchen door as the real contact sensor. The simulated door sensor selected under simulated contact. in optional ignore these motion sensors i selected my real motion sensor.
When it says remove from Smart Home Monitors I am assuming i delete the real sensor from Smart Things Classic, is this correct. When i go to the delete screen it says it is removing this from the Smart App Profile Delay Kitchen Door as well. Is this correct or the right thing to do?

If this app wont work with the ADT branded motion sensor, let me know. I have not tested anything yet. currently when i open the smartthings app, the real door sensor and the simulated door sensor are in the list.

Thank you for any help.

The ADT hub has built in entry and exit delays and does not require SHM Delay.

I suggest posting questions about the ADT hub on the ADT Hub forum. You may also want to review the ADT tools smartapp

Ok thank you. I see the exit delay, but on a quick test last night, after arming , I moved and to a motion sensor, it immediately armed. Thank you I will investigate further…

Iris user / Now SmartThings user here,

  1. Is this SHM Delay compatible with the “new app”? When using the keypad I can get the classic app to change the alarm (Arm) but when I log in to the “new app” it says disarmed. It’s almost like they aren’t communicating with each other…

No, Classic only.

I’m using Classic and I’m rather happy with it, especially since I’m using Homebridge on a Raspberry Pi to connect the entire system to Homekit. I’m curious, if Samsung were to force us to move to the new app, will you migrate SHM Delay as well or would that be the end of this pretty great period of relative safety in my home?

I really don’t know. It’s no secret that I’ve moved most of my system except the keypads to Hubitat, and use Other Hub Event Pusher so I can continue using ActionTiles.

Hi I believe I have installed this code per the instructions. I can not get the simulated contact sensor to trigger the alarm. I must be missing something, can you point me in the right direction?

arnb thank you so much for all your hard work. This is pretty amazing.
Couple of questions for you

Currently, I can get the alarm set, keypad to display properly (IRIS ON) everything seems to work properly. However when I open the contact sensor the first time (the REAL contact sensor) it does not trigger the delay to start. I have to OPEN/CLOSE this sensor 2 or 3 times before it starts the delay sequence. Any ideas?

I’m having a hard time getting the chime keypad when sensor opens to work. In profile: Delay for my contact sensor I have “Beep/Chime” these devices when a real contact sensor opens and Alarm state is off (Iris Keypad)

Again, thank you for all your hard work, and thank you again for your continued support to us knew users (especially those coming over from Iris right now…)

ok I figured this out, I needed to disable the real contact sensor in SHM. :slight_smile: will continue testing

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This seems like one issue, the contact sensor not showing as open. This could be any number of issues, however the most likely culprits assuming a battery powered sensor are:

  1. Weak contact sensor battery
  2. Faulty contact sensor device, or misaligned contacts
  3. Bad network mesh, network not receiving message
  4. Slow processing in the Smarthings Cloud, or internet delays

With the system disarmed and door closed, go to the ST PhoneApp, My Home, Things, scroll to contact sensor it should show as closed, open the door with the sensor, it should show as open in the app within a second or two. If not, it is likely a sensor issue.

Regarding the Chime tone on the Keypad and after verifying the contact sensor is operating normally, perhaps the volume needs to be increased by holding the 2 key to raise it, 5 key to lower volume.

Thanks for your quick reply. The shows as “closed” when SHM is armed. I open the sensor, app registers it as “open” however the alarm is not triggered nor is the SHM Delay started… almost as if the “simulated sensor” isn’t picking it up? If that makes any sense…

A bit later I got a notification stating “sensor is open system armed”

I wonder if i’m doing this testing too soon after the alarm is armed? Maybe i should wait 2 minutes after “armed”?

Regarding the door chime, I’ve adjusted the volume (using number 2) still no sounds…

It almost sounds as if you don’t have a delay profile for that contact sensor. Without a delay profile nothing will occur.

I do have the delay profile set because after a minute or so it behaves properly and gives me the delay. Even the notification states “simulated sensor” detected intrusion or something like that. Maybe I can delete the delay profile and add it again?

Please go to section 15 of the documentation, Initial Testing, execute the tests, then post your results.