[OBSOLETE] SHM Delay Version 2.0

It could be then that my motion sensor is “motion” in armed away mode during my testing. I will have to let it reset to “no motion” tomorrow and do another test.

Sorry, I don’t understand this.

On the Iris as far, as I know, there is a motion sensor aka proximity sensor that controls the builtin hardware lighting on the keypad.
The following link has full documentation about how the keypad functions on an IRIS system hub. Operation may vary on a Smartthings hub.

I also stand corrected the Off button should be lit when the system is disarmed.

The issue is not that the ‘on’ button light stays on, it times out after 5 seconds. The problem is the Iris logo light and green light next to it that stays on indefinitely. However, If you trip the motion sensor with your hand the Iris logo light will go off after 5 seconds.

Seems wrong. Is the green light the network light to the right? If true this is what occurred with my Centralite and required a device hardware reset an re-pairing with ST to get the network light to shut off

edit had wrong light location. Battery light on left, Network on right.

Does your device do this?

Yes the green light is the network light. Both of my Iris keypads are doing this behavior since updating to Version 2.

When ON is selected, the system and keypad enters Exit Delay mode and should beep for “Exit Delay” seconds and stay lit… When the beepng stops the system enters Away mode, the ON light should light, then the keypad should turn off.

I reviewed the current SHDelay logic and cannot find anything that would create this issue. Perhaps it’s time I purchased a V2 Iris Keypad for testing :roll_eyes:

Perhaps this is the issue? “There’s an issue with older firmwares where the lights stick on”.

Yes Current Firmware Version: 0x10025310

I am trying to operate the simulated keypad. I get it set-up, and everything works right. However, after some time goes by, the keypad times out, and is asking for the code again. I enter the code, and it says it’s already in use.

So the question is, how can I set this up so the keypad could be added so something like action tiles, and the simulated keypad would work without having to re-enter the code? Is this possible?

You did not mention if you are using the browser version or the Android app, but it feels like this is a browser issue.

There are two cookies used to store information that have a 1 year expiration. Please set your browser to allow and not erase cookies from https://www.arnb.org (Documentation updated with this information)

Once it loses the cookie you need to delete the keypad profile then create a new one.

@arnb It has now decided to stop working again, I can’t create any new profiles. I was able to create 2. Also, if I want to include a motion sensor in the delay, is that possible? Only seems to allow for contacts. I have motion sensors in areas that would trigger before getting to the alarm. It seems to be pretty intermittent. Works off and on, doesn’t seem to be a reason.

Documentation Section 10 Delay Profiles has complete instructions describing how to create a delay profile.

Delay profiles may have one or multiple associated optional motion sensors. See the global settings “Allow Multiple Motion Sensors”.

Should the motion sensors trigger before the system recognizes the contact is open, there is an option in the delay profile to “delay the motion sensors for a number of seconds”

When a motion sensor is defined in multiple delay profiles, global setting “Check Other Delay Profiles” must be set to On/True preventing false intrusion alerts.

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Minor Update Jul 05, 2018 09:00AM EDT Module SHM Delay Talker Child

Target users

  • Anyone using non Lannouncer TTS devices

Issue Corrected

  • When a non Lannouner TTS device is found, the Chime sound is not issued

Installation: Please Update from the arnbme SHMDelay Version2 repo

  • SHM Delay Talker Child V1.0.1 Save, do not publish
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Hi @Gareth_Kirk @arnb , I have a piezo connected to Konnecteed board. I have changed on line 423 to “thesiren”, “capability.tone”. I can see my piezo device, but it only beep once on entry delay. How I can let it beep on the delay duration? Thank you!

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Unfortunately, the ST Groovy setup does not allow for multiple capability selection criteria, and I realize sometimes the “siren” selection fails to allow some devices.

For custom sounds and options, use the WebCore smartapp.

PS: In webcore you want to trigger the sound/tone based upon a custom location attribute created by SHM Delay. This is the Groovy code
subscribe(location, "shmdelaytalk", TalkerHandler)

After being triggered, the event’s value data must be tested for the following
exitDelay (Exit delay associated with a keypad)
exitDelayNkypd (Exit delay not associated with a keypad)

The length of the respective delay in seconds is found in the event’s data field

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Thanks for your help! I was a little confused by the setup but I think I’ve got it now. Pretty clever actually, having the motion only delay if the physical contact is opened.

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On my system that is line 425. You may want to update. :thinking:

It could very well be the firmware as I don’t have access to an Iris Hub to update it. I might have to roll back to version 1.2 since the keypads did not do this with that setup.

I understand you want your system to function properly. I can’t see any reason for the anomoly by looking at the code.

For the record my IRIS keypad was ordered and arrives this Saturday. My Centralite Keypad works correctly.

I have the beta v2.0.5 app. I see that “thesiren”, “capability.tone” is on line 425 in v2.0.6.

beta and Version2 currently identical. 425 is the correct line number