[OBSOLETE] Sensibo integration

Sorry. I was just coming back to edit my post. The problem I had was that the a/c wasn’t shutting down when it reached the set temp. Turns out that was not an issue with your software. Mea culpa. The problem was fixed by repairing the remote with the Sensibo app.

However, I still have a small problem. I can change the set temp in the Sensibo app but it doesn’t change in the Smartthings App. Hope that makes sense.

In other words, When I am in the Smartthings App, I cannot change the set point of the temp.

There is a issue right now with the latest version. I’m working on it

Thanks. I’ll keep a look out. Is it a big deal to remove the “heater” functions?

I have made a correction for the error in getCapabilities (posted on 635-1 branch),.

Can you guys update and test it?

For any donation for the my dedicate work on the Sensibo integration in smartthing: here the link to donate:

Can I remove the “battery” tile. I am assuming that is what the big green “3000” button is.

Yes this is right

Sorry, which lines?

You have to modify the tiles to display, the order and which tiles to display is on this line of code:

details ([“thermostatMulti”,“switch”,“fanLevel”,“mode”,“swing”,“voltage”,“refresh”,“coolmode”,“heatmode”,“fanmode”,“drymode”,“fullfan”,“autofan”,“fullswing”,“powerSource”,“firmwareVersion”,“productModel”])

So remove voltage and heatmode(to remove the heater mode as separate tile) from the list

@st0ra @cscheiene @nat_ycmd Can you test the latest version?

Not at home, but it seems to be working OK now

Looks like it is working now. Will test it out a little bit more. Thank you very much.

It is working now:) thanx

Thank you for your patience and assistance.

Hello @Brutalboy for when could the app be used in the new smartthings application? Thanks

No idea. I’m still on the old one. Didn’t get the invite to migrate yet.

I’m not sure if custom DHs and custom SmartApp are possible in the new app anyway.


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THANK YOU so much for this work!!!

I accept donation :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

@willsurg Thank man !

You should check the [RELEASE] NST Manager v5.0. Both the SmartApp (including automations) and the DTH work in the new smartthings app.

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