[OBSOLETE] Sensibo integration

Which version of SmartThing Hub? V1 or V2? Do your device app is up-to-date?

On which device? IOS or Android?

It should work as it is working for me. All my app is doing is to send call to Sensibo API. It should do the same as the Sensibo app. Do the Sensibo app is working as expected?

Please try to recreate everything using this branch:

Device Type:



It’s actually working great. I just find that there is a short delay in updating the pod status, so it’s not really a big deal. I’m assuming it’s got to talk to servers in Israel to get the status. I have a v2 hub. I’m also curious about battery level, but you can’t see that in the Sensibo app itself, but corresponding with Sensibo, I know they can see that from their side.

My latest version from the branch I told u, you now have a battery voltage indicator. Value under 2800 is low battery and you will start to have issue.

I was pretty sure I had loaded latest branch, but I reloaded everything to be sure. I don’t see battery level in the app or if I click on the device in IDE.

Data No data found for device
Current States
temperature: 55 F
humidity: 43.0
heatingSetpoint: 75 F
coolingSetpoint: 75 F
thermostatMode: heat
thermostatFanMode: auto
Events List Events

I will send the other branch tomorrow. I create a separate branch for the battery since Im still testing it. It should like this

Check this branch:


I have loaded this branch. It is working well, and it confirms one of the pod’s batteries are low. This gives me more information than the Sensibo app itself. Nice.

This is awesome! I want to give a huge thanks for creating this for the community. I installed it and it’s working great!!!

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Hey @Brutalboy. I had a question / request. Any way to get a power cycle option. And when I say power cycle what I mean is that most of the people in my place still use the remote. I have Sensibo to turn off the AC’s when they leave using a presence sensor but since the pods think the AC was already off I actually need to turn the AC’s on then turn them off. Right now I have smartthings turn the AC’s on, then I have IFTTT to turn them off but it would be nice to have it all done from smartthings because sometimes the codes are sent out of order and the AC’s are actually turned on and not off (which defeats the whole purpose).

Let me know what you think.

I’ve had similar sync problems, but live alone so I’m usually OK. For the most part it works great, sometimes you need to hit the update button a couple of times in SmartThings if you just made a change. I think the pod should sense that the remote was used and put itself in the correct state, I wonder if that’s a feature from Sensibo that is not yet implemented? I have three Multisplits tied together to one main unit. One was out of sync on the heat/cool selection, so it wouldn’t even turn on because the other units were in heat mode and it thought it was in cool mode, and you can’t mix them when all the units are tied together like that.

Getting null on one of my pods randomly. Other one is fine. Have deleted the pod device in ST. Re added via sensibo connect. But same null result on that pod. Gonna reinstall sensibo connect completely. Shall report back

Yes you need sensibo hub

Null mean cannot connect to the sensibo server. Confirm that it work from the main app. Sometime, this is the caused by smart hub. Power cycle smart hub and sensibo hub

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I depend on sensibo api and we cannot do it for now. There is no way to resync

Hi, You probably know about sharp tools app, the Sensibo pod status always on even when the device is off, I reached out to the developer and he said that the Sensibo device type appears to implement the on/off commands from the “switch” capability but does not appear to implement the “switch” attribute which is required to determine the on/off status. Personally i don’t know the difference but i thought you would know what he meant.

Hi. Not sure what you mean because my app is asking the status from the api(sensibo server). If this not synced, the prob come from sensibo server or you are using the physical remote and it get unsynced.

First of all yes… you have a point, if smatthings app showing the correct status then Sharp Tools app should do the same, i will try contacting the developer again. And second I have one more problem, temperature and humidity are not showing like you can see in the screenshot, but i can see the changes in the recent tab.

For the text too small. This is a smarrtthing issue since last update. They know it. Im working on a workaround at this moment.

What @wasim_s is saying is that since the Sensibo DTH is implementing the switch capability, SharpTools is trying to use the switch attribute for determining the on/off status of the device (per the standard switch implementation).

FWIW, SharpTools can properly grab the thermostat attributes like temperature, humidity, heatingSetpoint, coolingSetpoint, thermostatMode, and thermostatFanMode as they are implemented as expected.

Per the SmartThings capabilities documentation, since the device is implementing the switch capability, it should implement:


  • switch


  • on()
  • off()

Per the comment from wasim_m, the device should implement a switch attribute with the possible values on or off. Since this is a thermostat DTH, I would suggest mapping the thermostatMode to the switch attribute.

Something like:

if(thermostatMode in ["auto", "heat", "cool", "emergency heat"])
    sendEvent(name: "switch", value: "on")
    sendEvent(name: "switch", value: "off")

Looking at the DTH code, it looks like the issue may be with the generateSwitchEvent method which is using on for the attribute name instead of switch:


I will check this during the week. You can the source code, so you can try it