[(OBSOLETE See 1.1.10 or later) 1.1.8 10/11/16] Big Talker - Talk when events occur

When instructed by BigTalker, SmartThings converts the text to audio in the cloud and generates a URL to the mp3 audio file, then it sends the url to your musicPlayer device, your musicPlayer device then loads the MP3 from the URL provided and plays it. The delay could lie anywhere along this process.

I am not familiar with the Samsung R6 (nor the SmartThings Device Handler for it). You could turn on Debug Logging within BigTalker, then launch the Live Logging page and see if you can spot the delay either within the BigTalker logs or those for your Samsung R6 device. I would also be curious if there are logs that you can access within the Samsung R6 itself and do those match up with the time it received the URL to play and did it introduce a delay while retrieving the audio file from SmartThings servers?

Hi Brian

I did check the ST logs but cannot really make sense of them:


I also had a quick look wether I could find logs on the R6 itself, but unfortunately to no avail.

These look like logs from your R6 device handler in SmartThings.
When looking in Live Logging, navigate into the menu pages of Big Talker (Automations > SmartApps > Big Talker) and it will appear on the list of logs, once that is done, try to open a door that is monitored by BigTalker, wait 10-15 seconds and then close it. Capture those logs and send to me in a private message if you would like for me to check on it and see if I can find the issue.

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I’m struggling to get resume to work on Sonos. It looks like that isn’t an issue with anyone else from what I saw I’m the previous thread. I don’t see an option to turn resume on so I’m wondering if I’ve missed something?

BT works amazing. Is there a way to get BT to speak sooner after an event triggers? Right now it can take somewhere around five seconds to report an event.

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Unfortunately the delay is caused by the cloud architecture/processing of SmartThings.

Thats what I figured. In any event it works really well.

has anyone managed to get the weather tags to work in the UK? Our Hubs display 00000 for zip code as we dont use them.

EDIT: i entered my long lat which seems to be working with the tags.

(00000) can also be replaced by any supported location of the WeatherUnderground API such as (France/Paris), (latitude,longitude), (AirportCode), (State/City)

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thanks @rayzurbock all working now. i had to use my long lat as i live in the middle of nowhere.

currently have the weather info setup to a simulated switch so i can manually hear the weather info. might do something with CoRE and a motion sensor for when i get up in the morning. not sure yet.

Also my sound is outputting to VLC Thing, do we only have the option of the one voice? or can it be changed?

I have a virtual switch that does this.
I have a schedule in CoRE that resets things at midnight each night. Once of those resets is making sure this virtual switch is off. I then have in my GoodMorning routine to turn this switch on if the time is between 6:30am and 12:00pm. My GoodMorning routine monitors for motion on a specific motion sensor. BigTalker then monitors for this switch to turn on and then tells me Good Morning along with the weather report for the day.

VLC Thing is a mediaPlayer device, so you are stuck with the voice that SmartThings uses when it translates the text to speech. If you were in speechSynthesis mode and using LANNouncer the text to speech occurs on the device and in the case of LANNouncer that is an Android device. You can change the text to speech engine in Android which have different sounds.

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I have just installed you app and it works extremely well with my Sonos. One issue though caused me to remove it. Intermittently after closing a door, (it would start to play music on its own). its almost as if it is sending a resume or play

Any assistance would be appreciated

This has been reported multiple times regarding Sonos devices. The issue seems to stem from events occurring too quickly back to back causing a playTextAndResume function to be called which apparently starts playing your last known audio playlist in the Sonos.

You can try version 1.1.9a2 to see if it helps resolve the issue if you like:

Im seeing Big Talker showing up in notifications twice every minute. It’s not announcing anything (it does when it’s supposed to.) Is this normal?

You’re seeing the 60sec poll requests asking music player devices to send their current status to SmartThings for more accurate playback resume or restore detection. You likely have BigTalker installed in 2 instances which is why you would see the poll twice.

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Thanks, Yes I have it running once as speech synthesis for Echo Dot alerts, The other is music player for WiFi speakers

No response for Big talker today on any device. Wifi, BT, IP, all seem to be OK.
ST activity feed shows Landroid and the message but not a thing from any speaker.

Seems to be working fine with Wifi speakers

What else can I check?

reported issue to sonos (I am currently in their beta) I cleared queue in sonos bu was still having restart issue. this was what they said :smile:Hello Robert,

Once the queue has been cleared, we do not keep a list of what the last played song was. You can confirm this by trying it in the Sonos app. Try clearing the queue, and then pressing play…nothing will happen. I suspect that SmartThings is keeping the last played song in it’s memory, and they should be notified of this in case it’s impacting other customers.

after checking logs from sonos this is what I see after most polls, even though sonos queue is empty
5:35:53 PM: trace Skipping event generation for sound file x-file-cifs://MCNEILL-PC/My%20Music/iTunes/iTunes%20Media/Music/Christophe%20Beck/Frozen/1-10%20Let%20It%20Go.mp3
5d68146d-6d6c-4dd2-9fc6-45c41995d324 5:35:53 PM: trace Updated saved status to 'stopped’
5d68146d-6d6c-4dd2-9fc6-45c41995d324 5:35:53 PM: trace Current status: ‘stopped’, coordinator: ''
5d68146d-6d6c-4dd2-9fc6-45c41995d324 5:35:53 PM: trace has XML body
5d68146d-6d6c-4dd2-9fc6-45c41995d324 5:35:53 PM: trace NOTIFY /notify HTTP/1.1 6971 bytes, body = 4981 bytes, sid = RINCON_5CAAFD2FFFAE01400_sub0000006432
5d68146d-6d6c-4dd2-9fc6-45c41995d324 5:35:53 PM: trace uuid; RINCON_5CAAFD2FFFAE01400
5d68146d-6d6c-4dd2-9fc6-45c41995d324 5:35:53 PM: trace sonosAction(GetVolume, RenderingControl, /MediaRenderer/RenderingControl/Control, [InstanceID:0, Channel:Master])

it looks like smartthings is remembering and triggering

Mine is working fine today, but yesterday I had the problem. The VLC-Thing said playing but no sound. I had to go into config and click done to get it to start. I have tried the Talk Now option in the Big Talker and haven’t once got it to work.

Unfortunately, I have no control over what SmartThings is returning when querying the devices status. They’ll need to answer this. You could try to submit a support ticket but BigTalker is a community app and the Sonos integration is a SmartThings Labs integration. I suspect that they’ll support neither and only give basic canned responses.