[OBSOLETE] Remotec ZXT-310 Z-Wave-to-AV IR Extender

Thank you for the pointers @krlaframboise. I have fully implemented this feature and it’s working well. The way I implemented it, the feature can be enabled and disabled for each button. I also made sure it wasn’t enabled by default so the existing behavior would be preserved during an update. Finally, I incremented the version number and release notes and submitted it as a pull request here.

Kevin, great DTH. How do I program the On/Off button for each EP? Or what is that tile supposed to do?

I figured out what the On/Off buttons in the DTH do. If you set one of the learned button’s trigger to “Switch On/Off”, the On/Off button will toggle states with the press of the learned button.

The first post has detailed instructions with screenshots, but to create a separate device for each endpoint you need to install the helper SmartApp.

I do have everything installed correctly including the helper SmartApp. Buttons 1-3 in each EP have been successfully programmed.

My question is specifically about the On/Off buttons. The Learn doesn’t seem seem to apply to them. What are they supposed to do if you can’t program them with an IR code?

I figured out what the On/Off buttons in the DTH do. If you set one of the learned button’s trigger to “Switch On/Off”, the On/Off button will toggle states with the press of the learned button.

Hi @jbienz, I’d be interested to get a copy of you altered DTH code.


I’m confused as to which device handler to use, do I use the required one to learn the codes, then switch to the DH for the app when I want to use the app ?

Use the required handler for the device.

The SmartApp creates a virtual device for each EP and those virtual devices use the other handler.

I kinda think these differences may seem obvious but what effect does picking each of these have.

Is “on” type like I guess the word is discrete. So if already set to on pressing again would be ignored.

While on/off pressing again would keep sending the signal? Momentary seems pretty obvious.

Reread all posts and am even more confused. :slight_smile:

How do I get webcore to send an ir code once an if becomes true?

Can’t find anything under “action”.

I am using the smart app.

Sorry I’m getting old/slow. Guess it helps to tell webcore they exsist. Such shame. :slight_smile:

But I’ll be back… no doubt!!!

It depends on the app, some ignore duplicate commands and others don’t. Another reason for having separate on and off actions is that not all electronics use the same button on the remote to turn the device on and off.

The device has the custom commands “pushButton1”, “pushButton2”, etc. which can be used with custom SmartApps like WebCoRE.

The built-in SmartApps don’t support custom commands so I also mapped the button numbers to dimmer levels. (button 1 = 10%, button 2 = 20%, etc.) If you want to push button 6 using Smart Lighting you can select the device as the light and set the dimmer level to 60%.

I’m pretty sure WebCore lists all the device’s custom commands as actions so if you select the device you should see options pushButton1, pushButton2, etc. It doesn’t matter how you select the device in the action so I’d probably just use the switch option.

Setting the dimmer level like I explained above should also work with WebCoRE.

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I’m back!!! :slight_smile:
Things are working great. Except…
If I set a routine through Alexa and set the power level to the right button (say 30%) it always responds with 10% (or maybe 100%) button 1.

Any chance you’d be working on a Handler for the ZXT-600? I can’t find one anywhere. Thanks!

No, my AC’s are old so I have no way of testing it…

I got this from their website not long ago.

I am using this to control my ZXT-310 and it works very well with the legacy app. In the new app, it does not work. I can see the device but it does not have any buttons. I just received an email from Smartthings is phasing our the legacy App. Do you plan on revising this so it works with the new App?

The device should be functional using SmartApps in the new mobile app as-is, but you won’t be able to program it or push the buttons from the device details screen.

They just released the documentation for custom capabilities and the new mobile app which would allow me to support that functionality, but that feature isn’t fully supported by the new mobile app yet so it will probably be a couple of months before I start implementing it.

Unfortunately this isn’t a popular device, I’m no longer using it in production, and I didn’t write it as an official handler for Remotec so I probably won’t get to it for a while…

Thanks Kevin! Anything you could do would be wonderful.
In the mean time I am hoping I can use virtual switches and WebCore to push the buttons and keep my system alive when they kill the legacy app.

They haven’t announced a date yet and the new mobile app needs to fully support the custom capability feature before they can get rid of classic.

The documentation for that feature was posted less than 2 weeks ago and it still says “NOTE: This CLI is currently considered an alpha release. It has currently has only a few specific features implemented and is a work in progress.” so I doubt the new mobile app will be ready until at least 1st quarter of 2021.

I’m hoping they’ll wait until it’s ready, but if they want to get rid of the classic before holiday shopping begins then I’m thinking they’ll do it around the beginning of November.

That’s pure speculation so for all I know it could happen a lot sooner.

There might be some tweaks I can provide you that would provide the basic functionality you need, but it depends on your answers to these questions:

  1. How many buttons do you have programmed?

  2. Are you using more than one endpoint? If so, are you using the companion app that creates a child device for each endpoint?

  3. Are you just trying to push the buttons with the automations feature or do you also need to program them and/or push them from the device details screen?

  1. I have 9 buttons programmed to control one marine thermostat on our boat.
  2. I believe I only have one endpoint that is the 0 port on the ZXT-310. I did use the companion App to create the endpoint.
  3. I just need to push the buttons. I use WebCore to detect button pushes and push buttons based on input from a muli-sensor on the boat.

Are you referring to opening the device in the mobile app and pushing the corresponding button numbers?