[OBSOLETE] Remotec ZRC-90 Scene Master - Button Device Supporting 24 Unique Button Commands (see post 177 for 2021 app version)

You can use the default SmartThings app “Smart Lighting” to assign a wall plug to each button.

Also, you can use CoRE for some enhanced functionality, but Smart Lighting should be able to do what you want.


Thanks a lot for your reply and help, works well!


I installed the device handler from the first post but only can see 16 buttons in core.
Should I see 24 buttons? How do I handle the held function: button 17 through 24 then?



You would choose the button number and that it is “held” instead of “pushed”. Because there isn’t a standard for double press in the SmartThings universe, I mapped them to 9-16 “pushed”.

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Super! Tnx!

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Will this fit in a standard wall box and uase a standard plate?

It is probably too big for this, but it does come with a really nice mounting plate. The plate lets you easily remove and reattach the remote as well as leave it on the wall.

Battery operated devices, unless specifically designed for the purpose, should always be placed on top of the wall, not inside it, including not inside a switchbox. This will probably also be required by code in your area.

Batteries can outgas and that creates a fire hazard when they’re inside a wall.

That’s why, for example, the Phillips hue dimmer switch was not designed to fit inside a switchbox.

Yes it must be designed for in wall placement but many are. Not a big deal. Well 90% of the fan controls from big companies like Hunter have batteries and they are inside wall mounted. I have two here. There are also other Z-Wave devices with batteries mounted in the wall.

It’s not impossible if they’re specifically designed for that purpose, there will be venting. But it’s not common.

Most of the fan controllers that I’m aware of are mains-wired, not battery-operated.

For example, here is a typical hunter fan installation manual. The piece that goes inside the fan canopy is Mains wired. The battery-operated transmitter which goes on the wall is literally on the wall, not inside it.

And here’s another hunter model, same thing. It comes with a wall plate that goes under the wallmount device, so that the battery operated piece is on top of the wall, not inside it.

I’m not aware of any zwave battery operated devices that go inside of a wall. Which ones were you referring to specifically?

Again it is possible to design a battery operated device for this purpose , it’s just not the way it’s typically done.

Here is what I have in my home Don’t wory about it saying Robot Check, I just copied it from Amazon.

Yes, that’s what’s called a combo device. It’s specifically designed for that purpose. It’s wired from the back and that’s what is inside the wall.

There’s a battery compartment accessible from the front of the device which contains a single coin size battery and is vented. So the battery section is completely isolated from the wiring and the battery out gases through the front of the plate.


It can be done, but the device has to be designed to do it.

I paired the ZRC-90 with the hub, and installed the device handler. I can’t figure out how to configure it. I open the device in My Home… It says no SmartApps installed. The “Configure” button does nothing. When I go to the “Gear” (upper right) it asks if I want multiple “held” events. If I select yes or no, and then Done, it takes me back to the My Home screen. I dont see where to configure it as a button controller.

Ok… I found the “Button Controller” page, and selected the ZRC. I was able to configure buttons 1-4… but can’t figure out how to get to the 5-8. Understand that “Hold” or “Double tap” should access additional possibilities, but right now I just want the 1-8 single press to work.

Button Controller is a very old SmartApp I believe that only supports 4 button devices. SmartLighting (built into SmartThings), Core, Button Controller - Enhanced Lighting, etc. are apps that support more buttons.

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@erocm1231, my ZRC-90 button controller is only showing having 8 buttons in Smart Lights and CoRE. When I check the events and doule click a button I see the corresponding ‘mapped’ button press get thrown (button 9, 10, 11, etc.) I read through the latest version of the device handler and it says number of buttons = 8 in the config section - could this be the cause? I read somewhere in the thread that you had to set the number of buttons attribute for CoRE to detect the buttons correctly. Help?

Hmmm, I must have reverted that somehow in an update. You can change that sendEvent in the configure method to 16, go into preferences for the device and hit “done”.

I’ll fix it in github when I get a chance.


Yep, that did the trick…

Great, it is fixed in Github now as well.


This as been working out great for me. I just wanted to know if there is something I am doing wrong because I cannot get the held option to work. I the pres and double press working fine but if i try to use held on say button 1 or 9 for example it will not work. I am using WebCoRE if that matters. Thanks for any help you can provide.