[OBSOLETE] Remotec ZRC-90 Scene Master - Button Device Supporting 24 Unique Button Commands (see post 177 for 2021 app version)

Remotec ZRC-90 Scene Master - Button Device Supporting 24 Unique Button Commands

This is a very small button device that has a contemporary look and is wall mountable. With the included mounting bracket you can pull it off of the wall and use it like a remote.

Button Commands:

Buttons on this device support 3 modes. Pressed, held, and double pressed. When using the device in SmartApps such as Rule Machine, you would use the functionality of button 1 - 8 like normal. Configure triggers on Button 1 pushed, and Button 1 held, etc. But then you can also configure buttons 9 - 16 in Rule Machine as follows:

Physical Button Double Pressed & Resulting Button Number

1 = 9
2 = 10
3 = 11
4 = 12
5 = 13
6 = 14
7 = 15
8 = 16


Multiple “held” events on botton hold? With this option, the controller will send a “held” event about every second while holding down a button. This allows you to set things up such as “dimming” in apps like Rule Machine.

This is really only if you want to create some advanced functionality in Rule Machine. For example, if I want button 1 to toggle a light when pressed, change to green when double pressed, and dim the light up OR down when held, I could do so with this option enabled and the following rules. If you want the controller to act more like a traditional button device, then just leave this option as no.


Thanks for your work on this! First time I’ve seen this device and it looks pretty cool. Great job!

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I’ve never seen this remote before. Can it be wall powered while its in the cradle, or is it always battery powered? Does it work like the Aeon Labs mini-motes, where you recharge them via USB? How is the build quality, can you take more pictures of the device for me?

@DinnerYeti It is powered by two AAA batteries. I actually prefer batteries over waiting for the minimotes to charge. Battery life is reporting 96% after serious testing, so I will have to see how long they last. I would say that its build quality is slightly better than the minimotes.

The devices functionality is extremely consistent. Button presses register exactly how expected. I have not mounted it yet, but will in the future. Here are just a couple pictures that I took a couple days ago. I will try to take more this weekend.

Wow smaller than I expected from the marketing photos. That would be great on the wall behind my headboard…

Now, if they were nearly as cheap as the $15 minimote!

These look like one of the best options right now for a wall-mounted scene controller. Anyone know of a UK distributor?

Vesternet carries it for £42. They are a very reliable distributor, they’re the ones listed on the official compatibility list for a number of devices. They have a wide zwave selection.

This does look very useful, I will need to get one now. :slight_smile:

I can’t find these anywhere in the US. Anyone know anything about their availability? Thx.

I bought mine from here:


This may be a dumb question, but in Smart Lighting and CoRE I only see buttons One, Two, Three, and Four when using a button pressed condition. How do I take advantage of buttons 5-8 (and 9-16 in CoRE)?

Geez, tell those CoRE developers to get on top of it! :slight_smile:

Seriously though, I believe it needs to be changed in CoRE.


Ah, thanks. I thought I was staring right through the obvious. :slight_smile:

Read elsewhere (after my post above) about the Smart Lighting 4-button limit origins, but though CoRE would let me tap into the events themselves somehow. I’m still quite new to the underpinnings of the SmartThings infrastructure.

I think Rule Machine had support for 24 buttons. I’m sure the guys working on CoRE will add it soon. I would think it would be a pretty minor code change. Perhaps go ask someone on one of their threads?

Tagging @ady624. This is in reference to a button controller device which has eight buttons each with three options (click, double-click, and hold). So like a mini mote but with 24 possible “buttons.”

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The DTH needs to be updated to follow new documentation additions, namely - if I remember correctly - a numberOfButtons attribute exposing the number of buttons. CoRE will respect that and show as many buttons as declared, or four if that info does not exist.

@erocm1231 would you be able to add the required attribute and initialize it to what looks like 16? 8 pushed/held plus another 8 pushed for the double click. I could add double click to CoRE but it would break its compliance with documentation…


Yep, I sure can. Give me a couple minutes.

Edit: Sorry for the delay, my baby woke up. :slight_smile: I have added the attribute. Update the device handler and then press a button on the remote. It should then show all 16 buttons in CoRE.


Wow, amazing turnaround guys. Worked like a charm. Thanks!


Thank you Eric, much appreciated.

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