[OBSOLETE] RemindR ~ don’t miss an important event!

@SBDOBRESCU @bamarayne this is looking/reading fantastic - any thoughts about building an equivalent companion app for Google Home.

I ditched Madame A for GH a while back for a number of reasons, some of which are now finally playing out with voice recognition and free calling to regular phones etc. They’ve now opened up SDKs and their version of skills building so perhaps it’s now possible??

Would love to see these fab capabilities for GH but I might just dust down the Alexa to give it a try-out.

Cheers and truly great work.


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Thanks Martin! While we don’t have the capability to push messages to GH, at the moment, it was part of our decision to make RemindR an independent app, so that when the time comes, the “Send to Echo Mailbox” would cover both voice assistants.


Possible you guys can add water valve to the list? I know you could select “switch” but valve will give you a selection for open/closed instead of on/off. A little less confusing. Thanks guys.


Sure, I would like to know when my Rachio is running :smile: I’ll add valves and a new variable for the ad-hoc reports to tell you if the &valve is running or not. Good idea!


Not sure if it’s the same but Google announced push capabilities at Google I/O.

I’m going to give Alexa another spin regardless just to try your cool solution.


Google’s messaging capability is pretty much the same as Amazon. Neither one can be used to directly wake up the voice assistant and start playing messages. Both require user input to retrieve the message from the ‘inbox’.

Quick update of the child app. Release R.0.0.5 - Some minor fixes and a few enhancements:

  • Per request from @Navat604 and @jasonrwise77 - we now can check if switches, contacts, locks, garage doors remain on/off/open/closed after x minutes…
  • Per request from @bamarayne we now have doors and windows separate from the “generic” contact sensors
  • Also based on @Navat604 's request water valve capability has been added…

Any other ideas/enhancements? We would like to get your feedback…


May I have another contact sensors for refrigerator door?

Is it possible to choose speaking language?
I remember some media renderer app I could choose language (Ivona TTS) norwegian.
Is this possible? Or is it only english?

There are 3 contact sensors now (generic, door and window). Do you need a fourth? What is your use case?

I am not aware of a different language for tts, unless you use a 3rd party service. I remember too someone had mentioned before using a different service. I’ll look into it, but for now, it’s only English…

Just a reminder, we need your feedback for the next major feature implementation… Should it be canceling ongoing reminders or notification prior to a timed reminders. The choice is yours to set the priority :smile:

Speech settings from media renderer:

Its a very good and natural sounding for a bunch of languages, It would be really nice if you could consider implementing it… :grinning:

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They are all contact sensors but they each get different variables &contact, &doors and & windows for ad-hoc reports. The ‘generic’ group has the counter. The ‘continues to be…’ activates the counter.

The same counter is available for switches, locks, garage doors. The counter is in minutes.

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Build complex status reports and trigger them when it matters most to you, all within the same app in TWO simple steps…

1.Building the report:

  • select Notification Type = Ad-hoc.
  • create the content of your report in the “Custom Text” section using &variables
  • select devices that will be used to populate the &variables
  • click DONE!

2.Triggering the report:

  • select Notification Type = Triggered Report
  • select the “Trigger” (event that will fire the Ad-hoc report)
  • select an “Output Method”
  • select your newly created “Ad-Hoc Report” (under “Run actions for this Ad-hoc Report”)
  • click DONE!

And that’s it, enjoy!

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Most of my ad-hoc variables are showing ‘null’.

Two conditions must be met.

a. the Notification Type must be Ad-Hoc
b. devices must be selected for each variable


  • for &lights… select switches…expected result X switches are ON
  • for &open … select contacts… expected result X sensors are OPEN
  • for &garage …select EITHER a garage door opener OR a relay with a contact sensor used to monitor the state …expected result …garage door state (OPEN or CLOSED)

NOTE. the values of &variables are a snapshot of actual states at the time the report triggers.

WARNING selecting a lot of devices may run up against the smart app running time out when generating the report preview…

Thanks for pointing out this. I found the concept to be confusing, so I restricted the different contact sensors to be available ONLY for Ad-hoc reporting. Release R.0.0.6 will have better labelling.

Is there a FAQ or a Wiki page? Something to assist with setup and problem solving? After getting the app installed and running, I can’t get notifications to work.

Sorry to hear that :slight_smile: No wiki at this time. But I’d be glad to assist here or in the PM… Can you tell me more about what is not working for you?