[OBSOLETE] RainMachine

I have a question about how this Smartthing RainMachine Integration works. If I use it to trigger a program, will the program run for the standard run time? Or will it run for the adjusted runtime based on the RainMachine’s Evapotranspiration calculations?

I think it might be part of the solution for dealing with wind storms in my area.

I need to reschedule some zones if there is too much wind during the night that zone is scheduled to run. The zone should try to run the next evening. These zones only run twice a month and wind at night is very rare here. However, just a few times each year we get an extreme storm (with or without rain) that really messes with the Hunter MP350090 Sprinklers that I have set up on 3’ risers at the top of a 40’ slope.

For now, I linked the anemometer at the top of that slope to WeatherUnderground and set up a notification to remind me to manually check the forecasted, wind speed on evenings when my sprinklers are scheduled to run.

I use drip irrigation everywhere else, so I want those stations to continue to operate normally. However, these sprinklers throw water droplets up to 10 feet into the air and, with the drop, the water droplets extend 45-50’ out. Wind will really mess with them.

Do you know of anybody that is working on Edge drivers for the RainMachine? I’ve been happily using the RainMachine SmartApp you and Jason created, but with the Groovy IDE going away, it seems we are about to lose all that functionality. Any recommendations for a path forward?

I’ll probably follow the same pattern as the MyQ Edge driver for this and the Sense integration, but it may take me a bit to get to it.


Yes, please! I just installed your MyQ edge solution and it works great.

I know you’ve been busy with MyQ, but still hoping you’ll have a chance to work on the RainMachine implementation soon. :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s on my list. I’ve been thinking about it for awhile. It should actually be a bit simpler than MyQ since I can have the Edge driver communicate with the RM unit directly via LAN - no need for a separate bridge server.


Sounds great! Looking forward to the updates. I just removed the SmartApp since it no longer works. Don’t need the sprinklers until late spring and mostly use the Rain machine app anyway, but the ST integration is nice to have!

Yep, still planning on doing it but have been tied up on other things. Also am always less motivated to bother with this one in the winter, obviously.

Thats awesome, i cant wait. I used my rainmachine before with alexa but its so annoying and doesnt work half the time. Im hoping that i can automate things way better when its on smartthings. Myq works wonderfully on smartthings thanks to you. Cant wait for rainmachine integration!

Just finished up the Sense Energy integration, so this will be next as soon as I find some time.


I’m sure it will be awesome when you get around to it. Here’s to hoping some time frees up for you soon.

Finally got started on this. Still got a long way to go, but I’ve got a basic driver set up that can connect to the RainMachine device and login for an access token. Progress.


We’ve got programs!

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I’ve got zones now as well. Shouldn’t be too much longer until I can get it shared out.


When you publish your new Edge driver, can you put it in a new “[ST Edge] RainMachine Driver” topic please?


hey, has there been any progress? Just found out now that i cant use native ifttt nor alexa with my rainmachine anymore due to them being removed and used behind a paywall now :(. I was hoping this would be a workaround. I am using direct access currently to use the android rainmachine app and that works great, i just miss using alexa to water my zones.

I didnt realize that you had it on your driver page. I think i added my rainmachine. Only programs were pulled but they dont seem to work if i turn them on or off. Doesnt seem to be reporting info on the rainmachine bridge on smartthings either. When it loads info it just says "there was a problem connecting " but i think its properly connected because it pulled routine info. I cant wait to see when you get the zones. Thatll be awesome. Your hard work is appreciated! You rock… ill be watching this.

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Ah nice - yes, the work I have so far is available on my driver page if you want to mess around with it. Really hopeful to get to the on/off control piece this week. We’ve had a ton of rain the last couple weeks, so motivation for me has still been low. Once I have it ready to test, I’ll put that into a new forum topic.

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This stuff always takes longer than I think it would. I now have on/off control working for both zones and programs, which is huge. The last piece is to add dynamic control for zone runtime and to clean up the giant mess of code.

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This is totally awesome! i got the notifications on my alexa that all the zones were added so i figured you updated the driver. This is amazing! thank you so much for your work! rainmachine totally did a bait and switch by putting their alexa integration behind a monthly subscription, and now this just made it work just the same without them. Now i have my rainmachine working without their cloud and also native like alexa integration. I tested my zones and all works perfect and super responsive.
The only somewhat error i have is when i click on the bridge itself on smartthings.
It shows blank under the bridge server status, bridge server address, and health. I also get a short notice that says : “This device hasnt updated all of its status information yet. Check again later.” But other then that. This is working great now.