[OBSOLETE] "Pollster" - A SmartThings Polling Daemon

You may want to look at the logs. I’m pretty sure I tested all scenarios.

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Thats exaclty what I did @geko. Without a device in all groups or a zero in the interval, it would stop at the first schedule with a error that it couldn’t parse it. Oh, well it’s working now.

@tslagle13, did you save the error message by any chance?

That was the error message. It could not parse the schedule cron expression

Wow! How did I miss this thread?

Pollster is great. I have two devices that measure energy usage and I had given up on using since they wouldn’t reliably (i.e. ever) update. Now I have them updating every 5 minutes like clockwork. Thanks @geko

Now if we could combine Polster along with loging to (X) something (SMILE). It would be extra cool…

What’s the point of the groups? I have all my devices in one group. Does it perform better. I am seeing issues with some of my zwave switches not reporting right.

One reason is you may want to poll your devices at different rates. The second is that if you have too many devices, you may hit ST execution time limit.

What is this limit? How does one know when they are approaching it?

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I am polling at 1 min since ST status sucks so bad. Is that an issue and what is ST execution time limit?

No. The limit is not about how frequently the polling task is executed, but how long it takes. If the task runs for too long, the app will be terminated. I don’t know exactly how long the allowed execution time is, probably a couple of seconds, which is plenty since polling does not take very long. But the more devices you have, the longer it takes. So theoretically you may hit the limit at some point.

So it is better to use multiple groups vs one group?

I’d say unless you have dozens on devices, placing them in one group should be fine. The main reason for groups is to allow different polling rates, since some devices can benefit from frequent polling and others would not.

Depending on the device you might also want to consider power consumption. Battery driven sensors that have to wake up for a poll will consume power. Waking it up 5x more often will drain their batteries 5x faster.

A sensor for security like behavior you would poll more often than a sensor that links windows to HVAC. Some readings you are perfectly fine getting once every 10 mins others not.

Multiple groups allow you to place devices on different schedules.

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Any way to reduce the amount of logs in the activity feed? Besides reducing the polling time. Perhaps a group logs function by day?


Activity feed is not user-configurable. You can send a feature request to st support.

Great SmartApp, thanks for sharing.

Question: Rather than 4 “Groups” in one App; why not just install multiple instances of the App? Multiple instances work with (most?) other SmartApps and thus keeps the code as simple as possible (no repeated sections).

Multiple instances can get confusing if they are not each named appropriately though.

Just wondering. Haven’t experimented much, yet.

Curious, are Multi devices (ST or AEON) supported or do you have to create a custom device type to define missing options? I have installed this specifically to speed up the AEON multi as it reports so slowly but neither my ST multi or AEON show up as selectable.

I followed the directions but when I hit save the ring turns and never stops. If I click publish it says published, but in the IOS app there are no settings other than name and mode. Any ideas?

Genius, this is solving a lot of problems for me. Thank you so much!

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