[OBSOLETE] P1 Monitor client

A simple DTH that acts as a client for the P1 Monitor client found here: P1-monitor – ZTATZ (site is in Dutch). Typically a raspberry pi is setup using the image from the site, after connecting the pi with a P1 cable to the smart meter, log into the server. In the monitor settings go to the api settings and activate the “/json/apiV3basic.php” api. Then install this DTH and point it to the ip of the monitor server.


Does this show electricity/gas/solar panels?

I use a Youless device to count pulses on my solar panel kph meter, and this P1 setup for the regular power in/out of the house. The smart meter pi image is very nice for measuring all of it, including gas if your smart meter is setup for it.

I’ve just installed your DTH, works great for now!
But on my iphone the watts are not aligned(see picture)

can you fix this?
And can you make another DTH for gas or maybe add it too the existing one.

Willing to make a donation if needed.

Grtz Pedro

I’ve added gas measurement (enable in preferences) and reworked the tiles. The multiattribute tile does not handle text well so I went back to basic ones. The gas value is shown separately with the other totals, if you want to trigger anything by it I can make a separate DTH with gas only for you.

Does it matter what firmware is installed in the YouLess adapter, eg Enelogic or PVoutput?

I would like to use your DTH with my Enelogic subscription.


Now I have the previous P1 adapter from Enelogic, thinking of buying the YouLess LS120 €79.

This DTH is not for a youless :slight_smile: but either way I think the api is always the same and if it’s not I’ll build you a specific DTH :slight_smile:

That’s why I thought it is for the YouLess! :slight_smile:

The new LS120 has a P1 port.

My old P1 adapter:


Can I use your DTH for this one?

Tile looks way better now tnx! ive enabled the gas function but i think the decimals are wrong if i say it correct.
See it shows 3388703.

Is it possible to show the gas total used today and resets every day with a counter of total gas used.

Can you explain what “energy used” & “energy returned” exactly means.

Hi there,

where can i find a how to install?

i have put de code in mine Smartthings as a Device handler

I really like this release! Given smarrthing is not officially in the Netherlands and this is quite a Dutch DTH. So thanks for that Nick!

Just received a smart meter in my home and have the Ztatz running. Unfortunately I am not able to get it up and running with the latest version.

Anyone who got this running with version 0.9.10?

Anybody an update for the new 0.9.10 version ?

Mine also doesn’t work anymore :frowning:

Anybody might have an updated version, since the new API the DTH does not work anymore…

Anybody got a new version for the new api? I am using version 0.9.10

Hi, it would be great if someone could make it compatible with new API