[OBSOLETE] OSRAM Lightify Smart Dimming Switch(Ultra-fast Zigbee Handler)

Changing from 1000ms to 100 still is a delay. Noticed that While increasing/decreasing dimmer the lightbulb is increasing by 1%. On the other hand, the switch displays 10% increments as the button is being held. Anyways, I changed +/- 10 to 20 but it no effect.

my fix to get what I wanted
What this topics device handler is for dimming. you may like it for it. if not, The best approach is to use the stock device handler or the one other custom handler (links below)

I wanted and I was able to do the following:
Button 1 - Soft White @ 90%. | button 1 for off|
Button 1 held - Dim to 50%. (Applies To Whatever Light is turned on already) | button 1 for off|
Button 2 held- Dim to 10% (Applies To Whatever Light is turned on already) | button 1 for off|
Button 2- Datetime 6500K @ 90% | press button 2 again for off|
off may be a bit confusing but depending on which button turned on may be off

I used:
Device Handler: OSRAM Lightify Dimming Switch https://github.com/motley74/SmartThingsPublic/blob/master/devicetypes/motley74/osram-lightify-dimming-switch.src/osram-lightify-dimming-switch.groovy

Smart App: OSRAM Lightify Dimming Switch Binder

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