[OBSOLETE] OSRAM Lightify Smart Dimming Switch(Ultra-fast Zigbee Handler)

I had it working with 10 items with no issues.

I scanned through the thread here but didnt see this touched on. Is there any way to speed up the dimming level. I have to hold for an extended time to get it to change in increments of 10%.

I was wondering the same thing. It’s pretty slow when trying to dim/increase levels.

…and for that reason, at least for right now, the device is unusable for dimming. Nobody got time for that. I too hope it can be improved for faster response time.

A few things you could do to speed things up.

def setLevel(Double level) {
setLevel(level, 1000)

Change this static 1000 value to something lower. When this method gets called, it currently takes 1 second (1000ms) to execute.

Within executeBrightnessAdjustmentUntilButtonReleased there is also a setLevel command with a static coded 1000ms. Change that value to something lower. Also, hard coded increments of ±10 are here as well. You could adjust those higher, or make them lower with a shorter duration for smoother dimming.

Changing from 1000ms to 100 still is a delay. Noticed that While increasing/decreasing dimmer the lightbulb is increasing by 1%. On the other hand, the switch displays 10% increments as the button is being held. Anyways, I changed +/- 10 to 20 but it no effect.

my fix to get what I wanted
What this topics device handler is for dimming. you may like it for it. if not, The best approach is to use the stock device handler or the one other custom handler (links below)

I wanted and I was able to do the following:
Button 1 - Soft White @ 90%. | button 1 for off|
Button 1 held - Dim to 50%. (Applies To Whatever Light is turned on already) | button 1 for off|
Button 2 held- Dim to 10% (Applies To Whatever Light is turned on already) | button 1 for off|
Button 2- Datetime 6500K @ 90% | press button 2 again for off|
off may be a bit confusing but depending on which button turned on may be off

I used:
Device Handler: OSRAM Lightify Dimming Switch https://github.com/motley74/SmartThingsPublic/blob/master/devicetypes/motley74/osram-lightify-dimming-switch.src/osram-lightify-dimming-switch.groovy

Smart App: OSRAM Lightify Dimming Switch Binder

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Yeah messing with the setLevel’s did nothing for me.

Just skimmed through this thread. Is the DH no longer supported? I see the original author was handing it off due to time, but now Im not sure where it landed …

I picked up up 3 of these and although they connect and work by default, they seem to disconnect and not work more often. Im hoping that a custom DH would be more reliable. I really just want to use this as a generic switch in WEBCORE …

I guess I could try to peel apart the original DH to just be a dumb switch for use with Webcore, I think someone else started to discuss that option as well.

But in general, Im wondering even with a DH, does this switch dosconnect as much as Im seeing through the default setup?

Hi,. I don’t use these switches anymore. If someone wants to take ownership and maintain it, I will gladly redirect people in the first line of the OP.

I switched to in-wall switches around my house. I don’t have any of these devices anymore to work on this. Sorry.

I have several of these (with v2 hub), most using the stock zigbee button dth (which runs locally) and a couple using custom dth. I haven’t seen any disconnect issues except when the battery was running low.

For people who have these, when using the built-in zigbee button local processing, is it just on/off and not also dimming?

Can I get local processing with the dimming ability?

It is only button1 (up) and button2 (down).

It used to have this, but no longer. It got pushed to cloud with an API change.

Technically the device has many events and 7-8 buttons to press as far as SmartThings is concerned

  1. Up (button)
  2. Down (button)
  3. Button release (button)
  4. Held down (button)
  5. Held up (button)
  6. Stop dimming
  7. Both buttons pressed. (button)
  8. Both buttons held (join + button press)
  9. Battery
  10. Refresh
    11-13. Various network messages

They all register as different buttons.

Dimming works here by telling the lamp to go from 100% to 90% over the course of 2 seconds. It then checks back in 2 seconds to see if the button is still pressed. If it’s pressed, it keeps dimming. It dims in increments.

When using the default config, mine does log a HELD action for both buttons … Although in the classic app I have it set for 1 second to trigger, it seems like it takes longer and because of this doesnt always work as expected.


It used to have this, but no longer. It got pushed to cloud with an API change.

With the default handler, mine is local - but Im a bit naive/new here so I’m not 100% sure what your reference was to …


Last Action held
{ “protocol”: “zigbee”, “scheme”: “untracked” }

I have some running thoughts over here

So to clarify, if I get this dimmer/switch, connect and only use the default local DTH.

In the smart lighting app, can I set it to ONLY on/off, or does it allow for dimming as you hold the switch?

OR does it shows different virtual buttons, and I would assign different smart lighting actions to each button? Like one for held, dim to 50%. but a quick press gives me 100%?

You’re only going to get basic ON/OFF with a default DH.