[OBSOLETE] OSRAM Lightify Smart Dimming Switch(Ultra-fast Zigbee Handler)

has anyone gotten the lightify dimmer button to work right? been working on this for a bit now and I can’t get anything to work. If so can you share please?

I have 3 of them. 2 of them I use as buttons to trigger ON/OFF for nearby switches (mounted low on the walls so my kids can use them. The 3rd, I use to control a pair of Cree connected bulbs. They all work well for me.

What’s your setup, and how are you using them?

I have 6 of them but can’t use them like a traditional dimmer. ST is just interpreting them as button presses/holds.

Press up - turn on various lights in a room to 100% (several different brands used which I can comment on later if desired)
Press down - turn off various lights in a room.
Hold down - turn various lights in a room to 10%
Hold up - turn off all lights but 1 in a room and set the 1 to 1% (thinking of it as a nightlight) or in some cases it togges other appliances like a/c, xmas lights, …

I am using the default device handler that ST assigns.

Hold down and it lowers the brightness slowly. But there is delay in ST, so hold it down for 1 second to get about 20% dimmer.

This is what I have been looking for but for the Philip Hue Dimmer Switch. It has four buttons, i.e. #1 is ON, #2 is increase brightness, #3 is decrease brightness, #4 is OFF. Will try to workout a DH using the same approach. Any suggestion?

Thank you. I am currently using the ZHA DH with Smart Lighting smartapp. The result is not ideal. The two middle buttons can only be set to a preset level of brightness levels. I am looking for DH or smartapp that can make the middle two buttons to work as what is described here, i.e. increase or decrease incrementally when either of the two middle buttons are pressed.

@adamoutler Sorry if I missed it in this thread, I noticed you mentioned under ST system locally, if I understand correctly this doesn’t mean this DTH is working locally (local processing) right?

As far as I know it’l only work locally as long as it’s not a pulished (git hub integrated) DTH.

No. It uses direct commands to control the lights rather than messages that go through the cloud.

Thanks for the clarification Adam. Didn’t go through the code, so the last step in your installation guide is to associate the lights you want to control correct?

Yes. You need the address to set this up.

Thank you Adam, so this is only capable of controlling single light then I suppose? Is it possible to control more light one light i.e. group of lights? I have trend setter group setup, but that is recognized as cloud device so I guess putting that group’s network id in would not be local any more



So I’m having a bit of an issue.
I strictly want to use this switch as an on/off for 4 bulbs in a ceiling fan.
It will work correctly SOMETIMES.
When they’re off, tapping up always turns them on just fine. Full brightness, no issues.
But I’d say 50% of the time, when I tap down, which should turn them all 100% off, they will dim to 50% or so. I can tap again and they’ll go completely off, but now if I tap up again, it only turns them on to 50%, and another tap makes them full brightness. The only way to get them out of this mode is for me to say “Alexa turn off/on the kitchen lights”. Using commands thru Alexa or manually turning each bulb on/off the the smartthings app always works flawless so that kind of rules out an issue with the bulbs.

It’s almost as if the switch thinks I am doing double taps or holding the button down or something. I’ve pulled it off the wall and held it in my hands to make sure mechanically nothing odd is happening.

I wanted to maybe try and edit the code (which is out if my skill level) to delete any other control options besides up=on/down=off… Completely eliminating the option for dim, or hold a button to do this, push both buttons to do that. I have no need for any of that.
I just want on and off… Nothing more :frowning:

if the switch is off pressing down will cause it to turn on at 10% brightness. The switch turns off automatically after a little while. This is a feature so you can turn the lights on to a low level instead of previous level.

Is there an easy way to disable that?
I’m sure it’s a case of deleting part of the code, but that is not something I’m familiar with.

I was going to make an attempt at middling the code so that it only included on and off and got rid of all the other “buttons” and combo presses and such.
I just need it to function as if it were a normal paddle switch

Hello, I am seeing what I think is different behavior and am hoping I can get some help/advice. I am using this device handler to control Osram Lightify BR30 bulbs. When changing the dim level from within the Smartthings app or the Dimming Switch (holding button up/down) the changes are smooth as expected, but when turning On/Off the changes are sporadic (non-coordinated). Is this expected behavior? If not, any advice on how to correct?

Can this be used to control non dimming lights and a switched outlet?

It can be used as buttons with SmartLighting to trigger any action.

I’m using them as a secondary switch mounted low for my kids to reach. They trigger light switches (dimmers) in their room and the bathroom.

I’m learning about all of this for the first time.
Here’s an article on adding new Device Handlers: