[OBSOLETE] OSRAM Lightify Smart Dimmer Switch (button controller device handler and smart app)

Maybe both? I’ve only seen event data come back like that in very limited scenarios… the button case being one of them. I’m not sure if the DT needs to be updated, or the platform has to handle something differently, or what. Without investigating more it’s hard to say unfortunately.

Ok, @Jim thanks for the suggestion on using parseJson. Should I submit issues like this as some sort of ticket somewhere to be investigated?

I seem to be running into a couple of other issues with the SmartApp code I am working on. It seems that the “range” parameter on the input does not really work or I am doing something wrong. I specified a number input with a range of “10…90” and I was still able to enter a 5 and 95 for values.

For others following this thread I have the SmartApp currently published and it allows 2 inputs to set the brightness level for the 2 button holds. I have not been able to figure out how to send the start/stop dimming commands since the only command I can find is setLevel and that seems to only accept a single number and sets to that level, even though the docs show the usage as “setLevel(number, number)” the second one doesn’t seem to be documented or do anything.

I am also running into an issue with the switch where once you press either button (not hold) the switch stops sending commands until you hold a button and then it will accept a single press command before requiring another hold. I am assuming that the switch is expecting some kind of response when sending the single press message (0x0006 cluster) but not when sending a button held message (0x0008 cluster) so it acts strange since the response is never received and a button hold seems to reset that bad state. I will do more troubleshooting and try to figure that out but not sure if there is a way for me to find what response the switch is expecting and then how I would send that response to the switch (if that is really what is happening).

Submitting a ticket with support@smartthings.com is you’re best bet. The more information you can include, the better.

If you have a full source code example you can pass on with your ticket, that really helps our engineers to reproduce and debug. It’s also helpful if you let us know the client (iOS/Android/Windows) you’re seeing the issues on, if it’s related to UX things like tiles, preferences appearance, interaction, etc. Multi-attribute tiles have been especially prone to inconsistency across platforms, unfortunately. We have internal tickets for some of these discrepancies, but is always good to make sure we’re collecting all the reported issues.


Can this device handler work with a button controller smartapp to control a group of connected bulbs?

I have not attempted to use the button controller app with this device handler since I am still trying to troubleshoot the issue with a single button press causing the device to no longer send commands until a button hold is done. I plan to contact OSRAM to see if I can get some info on what the switch might be expecting when a quick press is done but due to a kitchen re-modeling project this is not my top priority. I will update here when I get that issue resolved and also when I have time to look and see if the button controller SmartApp will work, until then I created a SmartApp (see post #36 above) that should work to control a group of bulbs (you can select multiple bulbs to control during configuration), just keep in mind that each time you quick press a button you will need to perform a long press of any button to get the switch to start sending commands again until I can resolve that issue.

OK, thanks for your work on this. I’m also very motivated to integrate these into my ST setup since I have no neutral bundles in my switch boxes and have resorted to using connected bulbs in a few fixtures. I might have to hold off for now, since the WAF will go way down until each button press works to turn the connected bulbs on/off.

I wonder if this device is actually this one made by centralite: http://www.centralite.com/downloads/DataSheet-3SeriesSmartSwitch.pdf

They announced it over a year ago I think, but I haven’t seen them available anywhere. @JDRoberts any opinion?

I think it’s likely the same switch. Centralite doesn’t sell directly to retail, they sell to other companies who rebrand the devices. For example, several of the SmartThings branded devices are made by Centralite.

You should always be able to tell for a US device from the FCC license number. This is usually on the back, but might be inside the battery compartment. It’s the original manufacturer who holds the FCC license.

It is indeed the same switch. I just got off the phone with Centralite wanting to buy these switches. They directed me to the OSRAM Lightify and stated they are OEM.

BTW, It sounds like many of us are anxiously awaiting for the github code to complete for this ST integration.

@Motley - I’d be more than happy to make a PayPal cash donation for your hard work on this once you have it completed.

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While I appreciate the offer I would not really be interested in collecting any donations for my work, I am happy to provide the code free in hopes that someone else can use it. I am also interested in getting this working since I have several of them sitting around waiting to be put to use.

The issue for me is not so much working on the code, it is spending the time hunting down the info I need to fix the issue that still exists. If anyone has the time to reach out to OSRAM support and see if they can find out what would be needed to fix the issue I would be more than happy to translate that into the device type code. My issue is right now I don’t have the time during OSRAM’s business hours 9-5 EST to try and get the information I need and I cannot find an email contact to send a request to, the number I have for US support is 1-800-544-4828.

The issue we need to solve is what the switch needs to get back after a single press to allow it to continue working without needing a long press. The issue with not being able to hold down the button and have a light dim/brighten until button is released is I think going to be a limitation in the coding of the device type to be compatible with z-wave and zigbee devices, I may be able to fix that by having separate inputs for zigbee devices vs z-wave devices in the SmartApp and then send the appropriate commands to each device type but I would need to look into that more to see if it is possible.

Keep in mind that I am fairly new to the SmartThings platform so I am also learning as I go.

For everyone following progress on this I did get a hold of OSRAM support today and was told pretty much what I expected to hear, “our support team does not have any documentation on the technical workings due to it being proprietary and it is designed to work only with the OSRAM Lightify Hub”. I tried to explain that zigbee is an open protocol and I have the device mostly working with ST but having the single press issue and finally got the support person to take my name/number which he said he would forward to an Engineer and have them contact me. I will be surprised if I actually get a call back but if I do I will do my best to get any information I can that may help me fix this issue.


I have no coding/programming experience at all, but surely there are others in the community that could help troubleshoot? Unless there’s something so unusual/unique about this device.

It’s not so much that it’s unusual as that we have encountered similar problems with other zigbee devices in the past. And that not all of them are fixed yet. See, for example, the forum threads on the Phillips dimmer switch and the Lutron connected remote.

The market reality right now is that most zigbee devices, even those using the home automation profile, assume that they’re going to be used with a specific Gateway. The specs are neither standardized nor published in the same way they are for most Zwave devices. ( and even with Z wave advanced features are sometimes proprietary to one manufactureR.)

Add to that the fact that the smartthings Zigbee Coordinator in the smart things hub has not implemented all zigbee features, and it can get pretty tricky.

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I will also note that this is why I created this thread, to gather as much information and help as I could to get this working. If there is anyone in the community that has a resolution to this problem I would hope they would share that tip and while I have received great tips from those that have commented it seems that there is just something missing that nobody here (or at least reading this thread) can put their finger on.

I assure you that I do investigate any tips I get that would help me finish this device type.

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I see, thanks for clarifying. Frustrating that these “standards” only standardize things part of the way.

I wonder if someone at centralite might be more willing to help, since it’s their device.

I believe the OP has already talked to Centralite. They generally don’t work directly with individual consumers, because they don’t sell it at retail. They are a manufacturer that sells to other companies to use their products under the other company’s brand. They expect those companies to handle the customer service. And quite often the other company adds a software layer, meaning Centralite couldn’t answer the questions anyway.

In this case, it appears that the device works fine with the Osram lightify Gateway, and that’s how it’s labeled to work. We’ve been trying to get it to work with SmartThings, but since SmartThings doesn’t have it on the official compatibility list, their support likely won’t be able to help, either.

It’s quite possible that eventually SmartThings will want to add it officially, at which point their engineers will talk to the Osram engineers and they’ll work out whatever they need to work out while keeping The information under NDA if required. We’re just trying to jump the gun for now. Sometimes the community succeeds In that, sometimes it doesn’t. :sunglasses:

It would be great if ST would add this centralite device as one of their own, like they have with other ST-branded Zigbee devices. The fact that this thing fits over a wall switch has a huge advantage as the WAF goes. I have a fixture with several GE link bulbs and use a minimote but that wall switch is just too tempting for some in the family to ignore.


I believe @tslagle13, @Slagle mentioned in another post that they intend to support Osram later this year - at least for Europe that is but I cant find his post anymore … I am struggling with the switches as well … but dont have the time to torubleshoot at the moment - so will have to wait … but I didnt even get the button press messages but some others I cant remember due to jet lag …

For those following this thread I wanted to let you know that I got an email from OSRAM today and the engineer said that he cannot provide “official” support for the device handler for ST but he was willing to take a look and see if he had any ideas as to what the issue could be. I will keep you all posted as I get more information and hopefully make further progress on this device handler.


Still no reply from the OSRAM engineer that contacted me but I plan to ping him/her again this coming week.

That said I wanted to mention that I have purchased a different switch that has a similar form facter (covers an existing switch) and @ajpri has written a device handler to work with that switch. It does not have the issue I am having with this switch right now so until I can get the OSRAM dimming switch working properly I will be using the other one and wanted to let everyone know about the alternative. The other device handler does not currently support dimming functions but I am hopeful that @ajpri along with the rest of the community will be able to resolve that. For those that are interested I am posting a few pics below of the 2 switches installed so that everyone can compare them.

One of the things I will mention is that the OSRAM switch has 3 pieces, one that is attached to the faceplate, the actual switch/radio assembly that fits into the base, and the cover that snaps over the assembly. It is designed to fit over an existing faceplate (even looks good and fits on slim faceplates) but also has a desktop base with rubber pads that you can put the switch assembly in and put the cover on for a mobile switch. Below are picks of the switch installed on an existing switch as well as one showing it in the mobile base.

The Linear (GoControl) WA00Z1 switch at the thread below is slightly different and better in some ways but in the end I like the look of the OSRAM switch better. Two things I will note about the Linear (GoControl) switch; first is that it has dual batteries (not sure if that means they will last longer or not), second is that it comes with a larger cover that can be used to completely cover a single gang faceplate as well as the slim cover pictured to use on dual/triple gang faceplates. Below are pics of that switch installed over the same switch as above.


Fantastic find!! I’ll have to try this out now!