[OBSOLETE] OSRAM Lightify Smart Dimmer Switch (button controller device handler and smart app)

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Well, I had a chance to finish my switches. The intent of this project is to replicate the functionality of the Osram Lightify System, in it’s entirety.


Replicated Lightify Device Features:

  • Tap up for on
  • Tap down for off
  • Always goes back to last brightness - on and off do not change brightness
  • Hold up for brightness level up
  • Hold down for brightness level down
  • Operates with Zigbee commands, so it’s fast and local, no server involvement!

Additional Features:

  • Tap on, when light is on, for full brightness
  • Tap off, when light is off, for minimum brightness
  • Supports SmartThings Low Battery warning
  • Switches are automatically detected as Lightify Dimming Switches in SmartThings App

SmartThings console features:

  • Current Battery Level
  • Commanded brightness level
  • Current button state
  • more

SmartThings app features:

  • Tap on/Tap off
  • Level adjustment slider
  • On/Off indicator
  • Brightness indicator
  • battery level indicator
  • Refresh button causes all statuses to update including Zigbee battery command


  1. add a new device from the SmartThings app
  2. place the device into pairing mode
    2a. If this is a new switch, pull the tab.
    2b. if this is an existing switch, remove the battery, wait 10 seconds, then replace
  3. go through in-app configuration and hit done.
    In the Web User Interface, under Device Preferences for your new device, enter the “Device Network ID” and “Data-endpointid” (found within the light/device to be controlled settings)
  4. done

Device States:

In-App image:

Coming soon.
I haven’t figured out the best implementations yet. Any tips are appreciated.

  • Can be used with non-Zigbee/Lightify devices
  • Press both buttons for selected SmartThings “Routine”
  • press up, then down within 2 seconds to cause a smart action with the light on (up for suggestions)
  • press down, then up within 2 seconds to cause a smart action with the light off (up for suggestions)

I guess I should make a new thread for this.


Yep. :sunglasses:

put the Github link in the first post of the new thread so it’s easy for people to always find the most current version.

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First of thanks for your great work on this, I will have to give it a try at some point. I originally intended to do something similar but was told by community members that they would prefer a button device type that they can use with other devices (other than lights). You also implemented some features I had not thought of so thanks for that.

Sorry I have not been very active lately but I have had some other higher priority projects I have been working on. I have been lightly following this thread so have seen the progress/comments but just have not had a lot of time to respond. I have also been very disappointed in the ST system since they still have not solved the scheduling issues completely (still have routines that do not fire on occasion) nor have they solved the issues with SHM and the arming/disarming issues. I also still see devices that randomly stop communicating and need to be reconnected and this is mainly with the ST multi sensors so it is likely an issue with those devices.

Again, thanks for your hard work on this!

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New topic created

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Thanks @Motley. Since most of my work was based on yours and some from @jkrischt , it means a lot to hear positive things from you. I’m new around here and it’s nice to see this is a supportive community.

Your thread is the first one that comes up when you Google “Lightify Switch SmartThings”, so it’s very easy to find and I have done so repeatedly to come back here. Any chance of a “zigbee version link” in the first post?

Absolutely, I will add a link soon, I am mobile right now so it will probably be later today.

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Just thought I’d check in. I switched over to a SmartThings recommended configuration routine as such:

fireCommands(zigbee.onOffConfig() + zigbee.levelConfig() + zigbee.onOffRefresh() + zigbee.levelRefresh() + zigbee.readAttribute(0x0001, 0x0020))

which translates to a set of commands as such:

commands:[zdo bind 0x4839 1 0x01 6 {8418260000E8CEF0} {}, delay 500, zcl global send-me-a-report 6 0 16 0 600 {}, delay 200, send 0x4839 0x01 1, delay 500, zdo bind 0x4839 1 0x01 8 {8418260000E8CEF0} {}, delay 500, zcl global send-me-a-report 8 0 32 1 3600 {01}, delay 200, send 0x4839 0x01 1, delay 500, st rattr 0x4839 1 6 0, delay 500, st rattr 0x4839 1 8 0, delay 500, st rattr 0x4839 1 1 32, delay 500]

I checked and all of the commands are present here which are present in the intialization section as per @Motley’s, and then a few more. This opened up several new things.

  1. network bind response cluster: 8021
  2. network leave response cluster: 8034
  3. on/off bind response cluster: 6 cmd:7
  4. dimmer bind response: cluster 8 cmd: 7 and 8

Which allowed me to handle those with states… state.networkBind=true, state.onOffBind=true, and state.dimmerBind=true. These states allowed me to set up a daemon with runIn(5, configure), which will run repeatedly until the configuration of all the states are detected as bound.

@adamoutler, sorry for the delay but I updated the first post with a link to your device type.

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Hey, I just found icon: "st.Home.home30"

Look at that!

It’s odd though because it shows it as either down or up, depending on how you look at it, in-app. The app isn’t the same as the amazon image.

Does the Osram hub integrate with Smartthings?
I can get the Osram hub for $30 and eliminate copying and pasting code and hoping that it works. I really do not have time for that. I am a technical person, but not a programmer. Kudos to those who enjoy that. Seriously, I may try the device handler code. I’m sure it can be done. I have the Osram switch and it is paired to Smartthings and does turn a smart bulb on or off. No dimming functions.
If I may rant, This device has been out nearly a year and is only minimally supported by Smartthings. This switch could be the item that could draw renters, apartment dwellers, non-technically inclined and people like myself with no neutral wiring in my old house into home automation. My home automation implementation has been stalled by lack of neutral wiring. I’m sure there are hundreds of devices being tested by Smartthings, but how can they sit on this one for so long?

unfortunately it doesn’t but its still worth getting the hub to update the bulbs

Thanks for the info.

First, apologies. This is a long thread and I’m still onboarding as an ST user so I’m struggling to take it all in. Hopefully this post improves the conversation by providing a touchpoint for newer users like me.

I’m just trying to figure out if this switch and the accompanying device handler will solve my simpl…ish use case. I’m essentially looking for a button controller to toggle all of the various lights in my living room. This includes zigbee bulbs (GE Link) and zwave outlets (TP), all of which are registered Things in ST.

I don’t currently require dimming, just a simple “turn on/off these three bulbs and two plugs,” but I do want it to work through the ST platform rather than doing an end-run around it to activate the devices directly.

Will this switch serve that function with/without the accompanying device handler? If so I’m happy to purchase and then wade through this excellent thread to try to get it working.

Yes try installing the device handler then pair the device to your ST hub. If all you want to do is turn on/off a group of zwave and zigbee bulbs/switches, then try using smart lighting, you shouldn’t need any other smartapps.

This is literally exactly what I was looking for. I was messing around with another handler and smartapp and this morning I said to myself, I just want something that will let me use on and off, and then hold each one for dimming levels. Bam I found this. You are amazing. Thanks for your work.

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Thanks so much.

Do I just need the DTH and no smartapp if I simply want to use this to trigger an existing ST element (a smart switch or smart outlet) to come on or off?

Look at what I wrote three posts up :point_up_2:

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Thanks…my bad. :slight_smile: