[OBSOLETE] Original Xiaomi Aqara Smart Wireless Switch (Aqara Button)

Can someone please help tell me why my button is not responding with a push?

Are you using my DH?

And you have an aqara button?

In the Web IDE look at the logs, you will probably see that the button ok only reports a state of on/off:0

So in my DH, I send an event for press, and immediately an event for release. I figure if your using corrupt something to trigger a light you would get the state change to toggle a light on or off.

I’m using this DH

and I have the Aqara Button.

So it appears that V1.2 does the trick, my button is now reporting “Button Push” in the Recent Events.

My next problem is, the device is not supported by Stringify :frowning:


I have an Xiaomi Smart Wireless Switch and I tried to pair 'it with the Smartthings HUB firmware 19.20.
I didn’t succeed in being recognized by the hub.
Can someone help with the pairing procedure? Or how to fix the issue.
Thank you.

Is it the switch above? If so I have always just pressed the button when it is not already paired and waited about 30 seconds and it pairs, otherwise I think you can hold the button for 10 seconds or so to reset it first. Also make sure it didn’t pair as unkown or thing which will happen if the DTH wasn’t published before pairing or if it wasn’t detected by the DTH as the same fingerprint.

I haven’t tried pairing with the newest firmware on the hub yet so I’m not sure if that may have something to do with it, hopefully not.

Hi, thanks for sharing this DTH.

A couple of notes:

  1. The method for reading the battery value will result in an incorrect value. Although all Xioami devices provide battery data in a non-standard way that does not follow ZigBee HA 1.2, their method is consistent. It is always provided as two bytes, which are equal to a 4-digit integer. Divide the integer by 1000 to get the voltage value reported by the device. For examples, please see the code of any of the Xiaomi device handlers of the bspranger/Xiaomi GitHub repository.

  2. There is a new upgraded version of the Aqara Smart Wireless Switch now available. The model is WXKG12LM, and shows up in SmartThings as model name lumi.sensor_switch.aq3. This new model has four functions: click, double-click, hold, and shake.

Where did you find the WXKG12LM Gearbest shows the WXKG11LM


Then select the “color” that corresponds to the Aqara Button.

I can’t guarantee it will definitely be the WXKG12LM model. All I know is someone else ordered from this link at AliExpress and received that new model. I’m crossing my fingers that I will receive the new model also.

I am using the DH from bspranger (https://github.com/bspranger/Xiaomi/tree/master/devicetypes/bspranger). I have the wireless aqara dual switch and the “xiaomi-aqara-button.src” DH actually works very well for this switch but will only see the switch as a single button. What needs to be changed in the code to make both switches/buttons work?

Thanks in advance!

Nothing can be done to make it work.

For the WXKG02LM model, SmartThings filters out the different messages for left, right, and both buttons pressed, so for any of those the DH code only sees one type of button press message and there’s no way at all to know if it was left, right, or both pressed.

On the other hand, I now have three of these dual wall switches, and they work great with my new Hubitat hub, with all three types of button presses.

I’m sorry for the bad news. :frowning_face:

Thanks for the quick reply! Thats kind of what I had gathered from other research as well. Oh well. Would you suggest switching to Hubitat?

That’s a loaded question. It depends on a lot of things, different for every user. I’m not the best person to ask.

I’d recommend doing research and reading posts about it both here on the SmartThings Community Forum and on Hubitat’s Forum as well.

Did it work…? :slight_smile:

Yes, I received two of the new WXKG12LM model.

I have updated Aqara Button DTH to work with the new model, and it’s currently being tested. I expect it will be okay to release in the next few days.

Great news…!
Did you use the link in post 69?

Yes, I used this link: New Aqara Smart Home Kit Gateway Hub Human Body Sensor Wireless Switch Temperature Humidity Water Leakage alarm set|set alarm|set switchset body - AliExpress

Order placed - Thanks Keith…!

Direct link to the WXKG12LM from “Mijia Homes Store”:

Does the button supports hold events? But hold in a way that an event is send after x configured seconds before releasing the button.

The newer Aqara Button model WXG12LM does indeed support hold in its hardware. But the time cannot be changed. The hold event is always sent after the button has been held for 400 milliseconds.

In the device handler, that is sent as button 1 held. Then, when the button is released after being held, another custom event is sent: lastReleasedCoRE, which can be used for a WebCoRE piston.