[OBSOLETE] Netatmo Weather Station

thx cscheiene i noticed that through the custom menu but it doesn’t allow me to set a threshold for the sound level and it never triggered the actions . anything that I might have put wrong ?

Thx for the hint OrangeScuba
getting into webcore is now on my to do list at one point in time soon … i was hoping a simple existing smartapp can do for now

You set the level in the Netatmo Connect settings


thanks. got it !

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I am not sure where to post this one so here it is.

I would like to send pushover notifications when rain is detected or the temperature is too low or the CO2 level too high. I have tried fooling around with Webcore but it’s quite complex for the noob I am.

Any one of you guys has some code or tips they would be ready to share?


Just wanted to say that I’ve installed this and it works great.

Just like to say that when I first installed it I only saw the outdoor module, the base station did not appear until I went on to the Netatmo web site and gave it a name.

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Thanks for this integration - working great for me!

If anyone is interested in integrating their Netatmo data with a station on Weather Underground, I wrote a small node project to do just that. Code is here if you’re curious: https://github.com/brbeaird/netatmo-wunderground-agent

On top of that, if you use the SmartWeather Station Tile, you can point its location to a specific Weather Underground station instead of just a zip code by updating the “zipCode” preference to pws:XXXXX where XXXX is your station ID.

The end result is a weather tile you can use in ActionTiles that reports weather from your own station.

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I have managed to get the Netatmo smartapp installed on my Galaxy s8. When i try to Autorize Smartthings acess inside the app i get a message “WebView is missing on device”.

I can click “Next” and on the other page choose preferences like Rain Units, Time format etc but nothing else. I cant choose devices on the same page.

I have a Netatmo Connect account and have followed the guide to create the smarthapp via developers.smartthings.com.

What seems to be wrong is that i have not the right URL for my hub? The guide says i can get the errormessage if that is the case. How can i see what adress my hub is on? Now i use:

Can anyone guide me what could be wrong?

I believe I ended up using someone’s iPhone to get it setup, couldn’t do it on my android even tho some can

You can just use the Iphone/IOS_device for the initial setup and it will later work on my android phone?

Will try. thanks.

Just do the smartthings app part on iOS and will work anywhere you sign into your smartthings. Had to do it a couple times now

I’m having issues saving my devices on smartthings after the integration.
It’s found my indoor and outdoor weather modules but when I select them both it says “Error Saving Page”.

Help me please

Can you have livelog open when you do this and send me the logs?

Is there a fix for the “missing webview” on an Android device?

For those with webview errors in android…

This has to do with the callback functoon that does not accept blank or incorrect formatted data.

Just ensure that when you copy the client and secret from netatmo dev into the app settings that you do not add any spaces. Lastly on the same screen you need to insert the ServerUrl, for this use your the shard address of your hub. It also should be properly formatted for example mine is: https://graph-eu01-euwest1.api.smartthings.com/

Hope this helps.

I do get a strange behaviour that i have not yet able to figure out.

In Smarthings classic everything works wrll and as expected in Smarthings Connect (the new app) i cant access the details of the things. Says it cant connect…

Any clues,!

It seems that the DH not work in the new app might be related to the vid atribute on the DTH.
Can you confirm?

For reference:

Is this thread dead?

Sorry for the late reply.

I have not started to use the new app. Custom devicehandlers do not work in the new Smartthings app yet.
However it might be possible to get some of the basic parameters to work in the new app.
I have not looked into this myself. But if anyone have some changes that will work, please let me know and I will incorporate them.