[OBSOLETE] Nest Protect Device Type

Hi @jgm1937, with this code, you wouldn’t change your login credentials in the code. Where you put in your email address is actually the code item that creates the username variable in the script. You need to follow the installation steps and just copy/paste the code. The steps weren’t super obvious to me when I started, so here’s a clearer explanation:

  1. Click “My Device Types” in the top navigation menu, and click on the green “New SmartDevice” button to the right of the page. Click the “From Code” tab and copy/paste the code into the box. Click “Create.”

  2. Click “My Devices” in the top nav and click “New Device” button. Name the device whatever you want, create whatever network ID you want, and then choose “Nest Protect” as the device type. Set “Location” and “Hub” based on your SmartThings setup. Click “Create.”

  3. Choose your new NP Device, and under the “Preferences” attribute, you should see (edit) as a link. Click on that, and enter in your Nest username, password, and the 802.15.4 MAC address from your Nest account settings.

You should then see the Nest in your SmartThings. Don’t get discouraged if it says “inactive,” because it appears that the Nest only pushes updates periodically, so it won’t display as “active” all the time, even if it’s connected. You can see the updates in the log.


Thanks! I was able to play around a bit on the Groove designer and eventually found out the values for the username/password. Thanks for the info, as I was a bit worried until I saw active from the Nest Protect.

Tried @jcbannon code and got the icons to show up now :slight_smile:

One thing for others who want to try. I kept getting error when creating the Device Type when I copy the code from the thread and paste code section (complains about ^1) I ended up just copying it to notepad and then redo copy/paste from there.

I then swapped the device type on my existing Nest Protects and Icons are updated.

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Glad you got it to work, too!

@jcbannon I was having intermittent issues with the older code, but this one works better! Many thanks!


Does the Nest Protect show more battery info When using it with ActiON Dashboard 4.6.3 is here! (Now SmartTiles.click) it only displays NULL.

Does this code work with the AC powered version of Nest Protect ?


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Wanted to make sure before I buy 4

Is there a way to poll the AC power status - ie lost AC or power failure ?

Monitoring a remote location and I can’t tell whether the Nest is running on the backup batteries


This solved the tile display issues on my Android devices, thank you very much.

Has anyone tested this to see if you receive the alarm event? I can’t test it right now without waking up the family.

@hondohudson I don’t know what the variable is for the Nest’s “power out” message, so I don’t know how to add it in. Would be very useful though!

@korban_hadley If that dashboard is expecting a % battery level, than it will always show NULL. That’s a problem with the dashboard, not with the Nest Protect or with this code. Nest Protect doesn’t deliver a specific battery %, so if the tile is set as a valueTile instead of a standardTile, it will show NULL.

Im talking about when the unit (mine is the AC powered unit) correctly shows OK or Low for the backup battery. I trying to get it to show if the AC power is lost. There is not a “tile” for AC power currently.

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@jcbannon - used your code and now have my 3 Nest Protects displaying in ST.

I just tested (lit a newspaper under one of the NPs) - it went into alarm mode but nothing was sent to smartthings. The icon says “Smoke Clear”, and the activity log is blank. Any ideas?

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@jcbannon first I wanted to say great job. I just installed this and everything looks good.

Question… I have 2 NEST Protects! Will entering the code 1 time work for both? Or do I need to add another device? I only see 1 in my things and I don’t know which one it is. My goal is to have both showing if possible.


Hi @antman2 - You’ll need to add a new device for each Nest Protect in your home. I would suggest naming them for the room they’re in.

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@antman2 - have you been able to get alters from your nest protect? Also using @jcbannon code (thank you!), but it doesn’t seem to alert on a smoke event.

@hondohudson I don’t know what message the Nest Protect pushes for AC power status. I know it’s there, but I have no idea how to integrate it into SmartThings. I tried to look at other products that have AC power to see if I could find one that had a code string I could use, but I didn’t find one. SmartThings doesn’t officially support any smoke detectors with AC power.

And really, if you think about it, if your AC power is out, so is your SmartThings, unless you have it on a battery backup.

@tuffcalc I haven’t tested my Nest Protects but I will try to see if I can look at the alarm tile at some point this week. It’s possible that SmartThings isn’t updating fast enough, if the alarm only goes off for a minute. I’ve seen SmartThings have a pretty long delay on updating. Does the tile display Test status?

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@tuffcalc Did you log into Nest Protect’s dashboard to see if it’s reporting the alert? SmartThings will only get the alert if Nest pushes it.