[OBSOLETE] MyQ Lite Door and Lamp Control (for Liftmaster/Chamberlain)

Thanks for your thoughts. Yes, they are z-wave. I ordered a range extender/repeater. I’m thinking these little battery powered sensors just don’t have enough power. I’ll try that first. If it doesn’t work I’ll go with the no-sensor version.

Can you explain what you mean by losing the ability to set up automatons via native routines? I’m still new to all of this… It seems losing the ability to automate would render the SA useless, so I feel I’m missing something. I just don’t know what… LOL

Thanks again for your support and patience :grin:

Without a sensor, the status of the door will not reliably switch to open and closed - it gets stuck on one or the other or else just stores an “unknown” value. This is a problem in routines because SmartThings will not actually try to open a door it thinks is already open (or vice versa with closed).

The workaround there is you have to do your automations with something like WebCoRE that will send the command regardless of whether ST knows if the door is open or closed.

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Most, if not all tilt/open close sensors DO NOT have repeaters in them.

Problem solved. I installed a plug (repeating device) in the garage and ran the Z-Wave Repair Tool. No more sporadic issues.


I’ll post here when I update it. I’ll also flag it as a version change, so if you click through the SmartApp setup process, it should warn you at the end that there’s a new code version available.

I successfully added the Device Handler and SmartApp, but when I go to add the SmartApp in the SmartThings Classic app I receive, "Error! The username or password you entered is incorrect. Try again.

I checked and double-checked my credentials, and I even changed them just to be sure, but to no avail.

I searched the thread for “username or password” and only found one post that applied.

I find it unlikely I’ve typed my credentials in numerous times, so I’m confused as to what else I am missing?

I assume you’re able to use those same credentials to log into the native MyQ app?

What type of door do you have? Have you tried switching the door type between Liftmaster/Chamberlain/etc?

The credentials were good for the native MyQ app… I have a Craftsman door, but switched it to Chamberlain, and it worked.

I NEVER would have thought of that.

Thank you.

OMGoodness… new debit card, activated today. Works at retail stores, won’t work online. Tried to donate to your app… I’ll try again tomorrow… bank is looking into it.

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Can someone confirm whether this SmartApp will work with the MyQ Smart Garage Hub (model: MYQ-G0301-D)? Thanks.

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@brbeaird - I’ve been using this for a long time and it’s been working great … but over the last couple days it suddenly stopped working. I’ve had that happen before and then updated to the latest version from GitHub and voila, problem solved.

But today I updated to the latest versions of the smart app and the device handler but I’m still having problems. When I try to open the door I see an event for “Sent opening command.” Then a little over 30 seconds later I see “Garage Door is closed” … door never opens.

I can open and close with the MyQ app with no problems. Any thoughts on what I should look at?

Does this work with the MyQ Home Bridge? My MyQ Lite stopped working when I switched from the MyQ Gateway to the Home Bridge. I didn’t know if there was something I could do or if it would still work.

I think so? I’m not sure what happens on their back-end when you switch, though. Have you tried reinstalling the SmartApp? You could also try renaming the door in the native MyQ app and then walking through the SmartApp setup to see if it picks the door up then.

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Yes, it works. :slight_smile: you need to remove the current MyQ lite in Automation and go to marketplace: Smartapps: my apps and set up it again with your MyQ credentials and select the GArage door opener for the home bridge. The reason you need to remove the current settings for MyQ is the old garage door is replaced in the MyQ app with the new garage opener created by home bridge. The WiFi settings are cleared in the old GD and a connection is established to the home bridge which then handles everything.


Not to “kick a gift horse in the mouth”, I love what you’ve done for us! Any chance you’ve had time to incorporate the fifth door? I would really like to include it in my SHM and apps.

Thanks again,


Not yet, but hopefully soon! Did some traveling last week (Blizzcon), so I wasn’t able to take a look at it. We’ll see if I can carve out some time this week.

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I recently just got my smartthings hub and multipurpose sensor. My intension is to get this into action tiles too. My question is in set up should the multi purpose be selected for both options and do I need to install both parts of the sensor or just the main part?

I am using a Samsung multipurpose sensor as an accelerometer. After I select it from MyQ Lite, the app still wants me to install the no-sensor handler. I thought either I use a contact sensor or an accelerometer, both don’t need the no-sensor handler so the app can act like a toggle switch. Am I wrong? Thank you.

Okay, I found out I just need to set the contact sensor as the multipurpose sensor(Without using the contact. Set it as garage) and remove accelerometer then everything works expected. Thanks

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#1) Yes, that’s what I am using
#2) I mounted an open/close sensor on a hinge and it works perfectly but I only get open/close. I don’t know what result a multi sensor will yield.

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What works better with the MyQ Lite SmartApp, the Samsung Multipurpose sensor (configured as an accelerometer), or a tilt sensor such as ones from Monoprice or Ecolink? Which one of those would give action status updates to the app (e.g. Garage door opening…; Garage door closing, instead of just opened or closed status).