[OBSOLETE] MyQ Lite Door and Lamp Control (for Liftmaster/Chamberlain)

At last, it is finally ready. New thread of the future is here: [ST Edge] SmartThings MyQ Edge. For anyone brave enough to give this first round a shot, have at it. I’m sure there are issues I have not anticipated, but at this point, I feel very confident we can get this working for anyone willing to host the bridge server piece - I have done my very best to make that as simple as possible. If you’ve got any kind of machine on your LAN that is always on and can run an executable (raspberry pi is a good option), this should be doable for you.

As a sidenote, it is hard to believe I first wrote this SmartApp version over 6 years ago. It seems silly in some ways to think of all the hours I have poured into this just so we can all have our garage doors open and close automatically in tune with SmartThings automations, but for whatever reason, it brings me a lot of joy to have been able to share this with so many others. It has certainly had ups and downs with many sudden MyQ changes requiring quick pivoting and reverse-engineering, but overall, this has been a solid integration.

For that reason, it was an easy decision for me to do a rewrite and keep this going. Doing this integration on the Edge platform is more complex in some ways but as a whole is a huge improvement over the Groovy SmartApp. I hope you all will have a similar experience with it - looking forward to seeing how it goes.