[OBSOLETE..] Monoprice Dual Relay On/Off Device type 11990

Great! Thanks for the quick reply. :slightly_smiling:

I already create de divice and smartapp but I’m not able to make the secondary switch to work. Do I need to setup something special in the virtual switch?

I have a few of the relays in the house and they work great.

My question is whether or not it’s possible to add dimming capability?


They are just on/off relays not dimming module. So it’s not possible.

Do these relays (the Monoprice one) report the status of the switch immediately to the ST app w/o hitting refresh or poll? I have this one brand new and currently have the Enerwave ZWN-RSM2 inside of that switch right now and it does NOT report the status immediately back to ST. Only Pollster saves me with that aspect… so I’m wondering if it’s worth the trouble of opening up again and wiring in the Monoprice relay instead of Enerwave. Thanks!!!

Try this device handler with the Enerwave.

I’ll give it a shot and report back. Thank you!

@erocm1231 thanks again, I’m posting to your linked thread with the few issues/hurdles that I see but overall very cool device and seems to be the only one (I’ve tried 3-4 different ones) that reports the status back to ST w/o having to be polled or refreshed.

how do i get amazon echo to recognize these? Also, I followed your “optional” part to have 2 tiles

I’m having the same issue - I can manually turn on/off the first and second outlet, but using the master switch only toggles the first. Are there any changes I need to make to have it toggle both? Do I need the binder smartapp from earlier in the thread?

Can you share your code to check what you want to do?

Sorry for the delay. The code for the device handler and smartapp I’m using is listed below:

Edit: never mind, got it working. Thanks for the code, people!

Btw it’s on sale now for $22.50 (25% off). Free shipping over $50 too.

Looks like Monoprice hasn’t sold these relays for a while now… anyone know of another place I could buy dual relays for cheap?

Looks like these might be the same manufacturer.

You can save more if you buy 2, 5 or 10 packs.

I have the Vision ZL7432 two relay Z-Wave switch. I got it paired with my ST hub. It’s not presenting me with two on-off switches, though. It’s giving me one switch and a dimmer. Huh? I have no idea where the dimmer slider came from.

Can anyone tell me how to control the second circuit? Do I need a custom integration? The instructions say that controlling the second switch requires a multi channel command. Send Get command to the ZL 7432 to report the switch two status.

Any suggestions?


Try installing the device handler here.

Also, you will need to install the SmartApp and virtual device handlers from:

I see you have it attached to a ceiling fan. I was told by vision that the relays can’t handle that. How did you get it to work?

sorry for the delay, not been on here much lately due to work.

Since my post above in October, I have replaced my Ceiling Fans with GE Fan controllers.

That being said, when I did have the 11990 connected to the Ceiling Fans, it would only handle On/Off, so I used the chain pull to set the fans to desired speed, then used ST to simply control turning the fan on and off.

No problem man. I got it figured out. I was using the wiring diagram that came with it. I found one online that was correct. Can I ask why you change to a fan controller? Was something wrong with the 11990 I should keep an eye out for?

Also on a side note if you don’t mind me bothering you, I hooked one of these up on a switch where one switch is a single pole and the other is a master in a 3 way. The ST only works on the master switch if the dummy of the master switch is in the off position. I wired it the exact same way as the fan/light and left the traveler in the master switch. Should the traveler be going somewhere in the relay? I tried adding the traveler switch in a bundle with the load but it rendered the dummy switch useless. Any thoughts?