[OBSOLETE] Moes 2 and 3 gang Zigbee wall switch ( cluster EF00)

Thanks @ygerlovin for your efforts with our switches. Looking forward to your edge driver.

Hi, @ygerlovin I heard that edge drivers have been fully deployed in ST. Are we good to apply for a driver for our switches? Anything we could help you to make it work? Please feel free to reach out if we can be of assistance.

Thank you again for helping all of us. Wish you a nice weekend.

Hi @iwry ,

Thanks for reaching out.

I have a development version of Edge driver for multigang switches, but since I don’t have Moes devices, I’m unable to test it for Moes.
I’m looking for volunteers that could test it and provide Edge logs.
Please be noted, to collect Edge logs it is required to install Smartthings CLI, IDE live logging will show nothing from Edge drivers.

Wish you and all community a great weekend

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You can count on me to test it.

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Hi guys,

Could someone please comment whether Child lock is working for Moes switches?
I’d like to understand whether I need a separate device profile for Moes or I can reuse one for other Tuya switch.

Child lock doesn’t work for Moes.

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I have installed the driver.

I have added a 2 gangs Moes switch and it was automatically recognized as “Moes 2 gangs switch”.

I can see there are 3 boxes for this device: Switch1, Switch2, and Main.
Switching on/off the lamps in the app is not possible, it gets loading but nothing happens.
If I manually switch on/off the lamps we get the correct status information on the app.

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Thank you for the update.
Do I understand correctly that none of the switches in the app is not able to control the lights?
Not switch1, not switch2, nor main?

But when using a physical switch the status in the app updated correctly?
Have you tried to first use a physical switch and then after the status is updated in the app to switch it from the app?

Would it be possible to get the logs from the driver?

Hi @ygerlovin, please find the logs here: https://pastecode.io/s/0xsha488

@iwry ,

Thank you for the logs.
So, do I understand correctly that Backlight and PowerOn configuration are correctly applied on the device?

Sorry I didn’t reply to your questions yesterday.

The switches in the app are not able to control the lights. Not switch1, not switch2, neither main.
But when pressing the switch physically, the status in the app is updated correctly.
I have tried first to use the physical switch and then switch it from the app after the status is updated in the app, but it doesn’t work.

Yes, the Backlight and PowerOn work correctly. At least the backlight updates super fast when changing in the app.

Let me know if you need anything else from my side.

Thanks!! :slight_smile:

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Could you please validate that your driver version is already updated and test switches again?

Hi @ygerlovin, Now I have version 2.0 (2022-0511T22:21:36.988981), and seems to be working with minor bugs on the main switch. Please find a video testing here.

Is the main switch behaviour with Edge driver different, compared to what you’ve seen with DTH?
Do you see fast responses from the load (lights) when you press the button and only delayed update in the app? Or lights response slowly as well?
What signal strength values do you see for the device?
MOES switches do not report the main switch, therefore the driver calculates it, based on the current state of all gangs (if all gangs are off it will be off, otherwise it will be on).


Yes, in the DTH I cannot see this behavior. But checking again I couldn’t reproduce the error again for now.
Regarding delays, it is extremely faster compared to DTH.

I’m having some issues with routines. I have 2 Moes with the Edge driver now. 1 module has a switch as “virtual switch” that switches on/off the other module’s switch. Sometimes the routine is triggered and sometimes it isn’t.

Please find below a screenshot of the routine

and here you can see the behavior in a video.

Another thing that I noticed is that since this driver is not creating separate children like the DTH, we cannot use for example Google Home to switch a specific lamp. It switches on/off both of them at the same time.


Unfortunately, this is Edge limitation. However, you can workaround this with virtual things edge driver.

  1. Install virtual things edge driver
  2. Create virtual switch
  3. Create 2 automations
    3a. If virtual switch is on - turn on switch X on multigang switch
    3b If virtual switch is off - turn off switch X on multigang switch
    Do not use toggle option in automation, it might not work
  4. If you need a feedback for the gang status for your virtual switch, create another 2 automations for the same gang

I realise that creating 4 automations manually for each gang is a lot of work, but this is what we currently have.

Below is the link to my virtual things driver, but you can use any virtual switch (DTH or Edge) to achieve this

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Try to define 2 separate routines, one for On and another for Off

Hi, I’ve got a Moes 3 gang dimmer switch and whilst I’ve read through all of these posts and installed the parent and child handlers I’m unable to get the 2nd or 3rd switch to work from the app. Switch 1 works fine but the other 2 when I press the button just spins for ages and then eventually says “A network or server error occurred. Try again later” Any suggestions?