[OBSOLETE] Lutron Connected Bulb Remote

Don’t worry about any of the other stuff if it’s working for you and your GE Links. The other topics about GroupId and such are for trying to get it to work with bulbs that can’t complete the pair process because they use a difference zigbee profile.

Yes, it would have to be paired to the Philips hub, but it can’t be paired to both Hue and ST at the same time. Even though the Philips hub is connected to ST, they each have their own zigbee network. They connect to each over hub-to-hub with ST sending commands to the Hue bridge, which then sends zigbee commands out to Hue bulbs. The Lutron can’t be on two zigbee networks at once, so you can’t have mixed control like that. I wouldn’t pair the Lutron to the Hue bridge. Look at the Hue Dimmer Switch if you want a similar device specifically designed for Hue. Again, you will not have cross-hub control though. Your best bet to control all your bulbs is to move them all to one hub. You should be able to pair GE Links to Hue and have them all there.


I believe Lutron makes several mounting options, but I don’t know how well they work in multi-switch gangboxes.

Another option may be the Osram Dimming Switch. It’s designed to fit over a traditional toggle switch, essentially locking the switch in the on position.

A community user has it working with ST, although it still has a couple bugs to work out.

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