[OBSOLETE] Lutron Connected Bulb Remote

Unfortunately that particular method is Not applicable in this case, as the OP was specifically asking about LIFX bulbs, which do not use the ZLL protocol.

One of the great strengths of SmartThings is that it is a multiprotocol platform. That’s why you can push a button on a Z wave device, like a minimote, and have a zigbee lightbulb come on. Or a LIFX bulb or a striimlight Wi-Fi bulb. Or a group containing one of each.

But in order to do that, each device has to be able to communicate with your SmartThings account, either via the SmartThings hub or cloud to cloud.

And a device where you can push a button and have it send a message to the hub rather than trying to communicate directly to another device has to be able to be set up as what SmartThings calls a “button controller.” The minimote can. So can an Osram Lightify Smart Switch Cover, a SmartenIT 3 toggle, a Devolo battery switch, and several other devices.

But unfortunately, so far at least, not the particular device that this thread is about, the Lutron connected bulb remote. Or it least it won’t stay connected.

The method at the link that you gave is for setting up the Lutron to speak directly to other devices of the same protocol, in this case ZLL. That works fine, although SmartThings won’t know what the status of the end devices are until it polls them. But it won’t let pushing a button on this device control a bulb of a different protocol like LIFX.

The following thread includes the current devices that can act as button controllers for SmartThings, plus some that would just act as a parallel means of control: