[OBSOLETE] Lowes Iris and XFinity CentraLite keypad DTH + Apps

I’m looking for a little help with getting the keypad to chime when a door is open.
I’ve got the IRIS 3405-L keypad setup with ULM and SA, and all works well for arming/disarming.
In SA, under Chime devies, the keypad is checked. The Samsung SmartThings multipurpose sensors show open/close correctly, and trigger other Smart apps (like locking the lock after 5 minutes).
I have removed and re-added the keypad a few times with no luck.

Any thoughts for my next steps?

Hey! Just now starting with using smartthings and picked one of these keypads up to make life a bit simpler for my wife (technologically challenged). I have been able to setup the device with no problems and its switching my SMH configuration great. But I ran into one thing, how on earth do you reset the panic button?

I was configuring routines with CoRe and though it starts the piston when the button is hit the panic alarm icon on the device remains solid when I look at it under my home -> device page and for the life of me I can’t figure out how to get the “panic” icon to show “closed”.

So I tried this…
Lock Manager doesn’t talk to SHM, but it will not run routines as routines are triggered by SHM state.
as soon as i remove commenting, it functions properly and executes routines.

Any ideas?

I’m pretty limited in webCore too. It has lock state available, but that doesn’t seem like a working/relevant attribute.

Is there a way to modify the DTH main armed/disarmed tile/attribute to be a lock state that changes with user code+on/off? (locked/unlocked)
I could easily trigger routines that way?

So here’s my use case, as it is currently installed.
I have an access control electronic 12v lock on the door. it is simply wired to power (plug) controlled simply by a GE zwave on/off switch. When the switch turns off (no power) door unlocks. When switch turns on, (powered) the bolt locks. That’s it.
I want this keypad outside (in weatherproof outlet box mounted to wall) where a user enters the code, presses off, and the door unlocks. If the user presses the code and ON, the switch turns on.
The lock will be on a timer with webCore. If switch turns off wait 5 min, turn switch on. so it will turn back on regularly without the code. the code/keypad is mainly to unlock door.

Also, I have SHM mirror the status of my monitored alarm in my house, so I can see the current status. It does not control it, simply monitors it (with relays/door contact sensors). I do not want to change this… I want SHM to monitor my alarm status, not interact with the keypads.

Any help would be appreciated. Whether it’s DTH or SmartApp modification, I need help! pleaseeeee.

@bamarayne how’s that smartapp going? Any way you might be able to add execute commands/routines to the smartapp on arm/disarm, and no SHM interaction? Even if it’s just custom to me? :slight_smile:

The smartapp all is progressing, but slowly… Been tied up with the real job lately but I plan to work on it some more today…

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In my case I just hit the “Panic” tile on the Device (in the ST App ) and it will clear (also Close) the Panic state.

I’m having the same battery issue with my Centralite keypad.
Do you think an iris hub can update it’s firmware?

Odd, the panic tile in the device doesnt seem to do anything for me (on my iphone). When I get home I will see if the tile works on an android device. It’s clearly not in panic mode, the iris keypad’s notification of state buttons flash when the panic button is hit and the panic “mode” is on which is is no longer doing.

How do you have the routines set up? Do you have them set up in ULM, or somewhere else?

I don’t remember the ULM code that well, but I think it should still execute the routines setup under “Keypad Settings”-> “Routines” (You need to expand this section).

As to the panic button:

There’s no way “unpress” the panic button. It’ll execute the pressed status every time, but won’t clear in the status screen for the device.

The “panic mode” lighting on the keypad is controlled by the system, and we don’t have that configured here, so it won’t change the lighting at all when hitting the panic button (I’ve always been a fan of the ‘silent panic’ myself). We could probably add that functionality through some of the smartapps if people are interested.

Installed the DTH and SmartApps shown at the beginning of this thread. After a few tries my device: an Xfinity 3400 displayed as a Xfinity 3400-X and was then able to get the User Lock app working,

However I’m always getting an “Error Saving Page” error when updating User Locks in the Android Smarthing App, but the data is updated. Anyone have any ideas how to fix this issue?

Then tried Smart Alarm. After multiple unexpected trippings of my siren, Smart Alarm was removed until I could figure out what was going wrong. Seems I had both SA and SH active and did not have the routines set in User Lock.

I read in this thread that I should be using Github versions vs those shown at the beginning of this thread. Could someone please provide the Github names and exactly where to enter the data, I can’t seem to find it and want to have the most up to date code running before retrying.

What I currently have:
Device Handler 2015-2016 Mitch Pond, Zach Cornelius (no date or version showing)
User Lock Manager 4.1.5
Smart Alarm 2.4.3 statusbits 7/7/2015

Thank you
Arn B

I cannot find the “send status to keypad” option in ULM

Where is it?



It is under keypad Info (optional) menu

Is not here…

Are you using the code from the top of first post you could also setup the following repo to download everything you need

Owner: miriad
Repository Name: Centralite-Keypad
Branch: master

From what I can see I think you are using a different device handler or the newer version of the ULM

what is this from?

Ok I will set up the repo
anyway… everything works pretty well… with SHM and I used Webcore for the panic button

thanks a lot

Is the exit beep tone supposed to automatically sound during the ArmDelay time using ULM without SmartAlarm? According to documentation on first page of this thread it should:
“Support for Exit delay beeps via User Lock Manager”

Using an Xfinity 3400 Keypad with DTH, ULM, and SmartHome that works well, but there are no beeps during the 30 second Arm Delay set in the ULM. In the DTH “length of beep in seconds” is 1. Touching Beep tile does not create any sound at 1, when set to 30 it beeps, but still no automatic exit beeps. Device page shows “EXITDELAY” during the Arm Delay period.

I wrote a small CoRE DO piston that executes setExitDelay(30) and the exit beeps work as expected, but can’t find a way to catch the EXITDELAY state in CoRE.

I’m using a simple CoRE Piston issuing a setEntryDelay(30) when a door sensor opens. Beeps as expected.

Did some research into the ULM code and it issues a setExitDelay(armdelay) that should give a 30 second beep based upon my settings, and shows in the device’s recent activity log. I now realize the device produces a delay tone, but only for 1 second or so, similar to a Beep with length of beep set to 1.

My gut feel is the armdelay parameter needs to be formatted in some manner. So I temp modified the ULM code, tried setExitDelay (30) and setExitDelay(‘30’), but still just a one second tone. Issuing a setExitDelay (30) in CoRE produces the proper duration tone. At this juncture I gave up and restored the original ULM.

  1. Does the exit tone work for anyone using the ULM without SA? It you are using SA does it generate the proper length exit tone?

  2. Does anyone know how to get this to work, and if so would you please post how to do it.

Thank You

This is the code in the ULM I played with
else if (data == “2”) {
//log.debug "sendNightCommand"
if(armDelay && keypadstatus) {
keypad?.each() { it.setExitDelay(armDelay) }
runIn(armDelay, “sendNightCommand”)
message = “${evt.displayName} was armed to ‘Night’ by ${unlockUserName}”

How does the panic button work, I can’t seem to figure it out.

Thanks to BLebson pointing me to the revised Keypad Handler, it now works and I get exit tones using the DTH, Lock Manager, and Smarthome.