[OBSOLETE] Lowes Iris and XFinity CentraLite keypad DTH + Apps

Awesome, and to expand on this…

Using this great device handler and…

With @ethayer cooperation we have integrated the lock manager app with EchoSistant, and the key pads work great there as well!

[DEPRECATED] EchoSistant Version 4.0 ~ Evolved

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Is there any ay to change the code to have it control a switch or plug? So that then you put in code and set to on it turns the plug/switch on and then put in code and set to to it turns it off? Good uses would be garage door opener or drop box lock.

Would love this as well.

I got it to work with the new code update in echosistant. Don’t need to fully setup echosistant. If you go to the echosistant thread I just posted there how I set it up.

Thank you! Any progress on the merging of the dashboard and hue features into the smartapp?

Anyone else having problems with this version of SA not alarming in either STAY or AWAY when devices trip? Whenever I trigger a zone I get no notifications whatsoever or no devices turn on, not even a push notifications that there has been an alarm

All other versions I have no problems. (The original geko version, the @Natecj version that allows SHM and SA to update each other’s arm status, and I’ve even used @lgkahn’s latest version with the notification device DTH (lgkapps/notdev.src) and it works. I just can’t get this version to trigger an alarm ever and I would love to use this version for its advanced Iris keypad features. BTW, I have had no issues using my Iris keypad with the other SA versions along with User Lock Manager to arm and disarm. It would be nice if I could get this version working so I can take advantage of the chimes and countdown beeping features.

FWIW, here is how I get SA and SHM to work seamlessly with each other in AWAY mode

I create a virtual switch using @Mike_Maxwell’s “uDTH” device handler and label it something like “ZZ Trip Alarm” Available here:

When I configure the universal DTH labeled “ZZ Trip Alarm” I use a switch as an input device and a contact sensor as an output device and with the (Delayed device turn off" option set to 5 seconds, so the switch always resets back to off.) I configure SHM to only monitor this virtual contact “ZZ Trip Alarm” in away and stay mode. Then in SA in “Alarm Options” under switches I select “ZZ Trip Alarm” along with other various switches and lights, etc.

In essence, this only allows SHM to alarm whenever SA goes to an alarm state. This allows me to use the SHM dashboard and use SHM with an entry / exit delay. I turn off all notifications in SHM and just use the ones in SA so I don’t have duplicates and SA can report what zone tripped where SHM will always only report a “ZZ alarm intrusion” Why do I use both SA and SHM? Because SHM allows me to use cameras and has the ability to change colors of HUE lights, etc. Sounds crazy but I have to use both apps together to take advantages of the features in each and this is how I have managed to do it, but I am always open to better ideas. Once I figure out how to get this version of SA working, I think I will finally be satisfied!


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Good idea! The other modified version of SA that I linked above incorporates the features you are looking for from SHM. Hopefully we will get all the features in one SA smartapp in the future but this is a great workaround in the meantime to use the SHM dashboard.

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I updated the code with the latest release and that broke the ability to change modes using partial or on buttons. I unpaired and repaired and still can’t arm with the keypad. I am able to disarm through the keypad. I don’t use smartalarm I only use Shm. Da heck did I do lol? Did I not read the change log and this only works with smart alarm now?

Also the temperature and motion tiles are missing now too. I think I need to go read the change logs lol.

Edit - nevermind, I’m an idiot! Don’t want to talk about it lol. It works fine.

I use @lgkahn version of SA but would love to have the Keypad chimes in that version.

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I managed to get everything working despite the myriad version of SA at the top of this thread not sending out alarms. I actually now have 3 instances of SA installed. I have the myriad version installed to take advantage of the keypad. Then I installed two instances of the stock SA found in the market place. I had to install two versions of the marketplace app because even that one isn’t working completely for me. When in stay mode, and the “Disable delays in stay mode” option in the Arming/Disarming options page is ENABLE, I will never get an alarm. Only way I could get it to work in stay mode was to turn this off, but then that makes stay and away modes work the same as far as delays. I don’t want to wait 30 seconds for my alarm to trigger when I am in stay mode and asleep in bed. (I don’t want to give a bad guy a 30 second head start). So, as a work around I installed two instances, naming one “Smart Alarm AWAY” and one “Smart Alarm STAY”. I configured each one differently. In the SA (AWAY) app I selected all my contact sensors that I want to work with a delay and turned on the delay option for each zone. Then in the arming/disarming options page I left “Arm Stay in these modes” with no options selected. So now SA (AWAY) app only arms in away mode and disarms in home mode. It ignores Night mode since it is not selected to arm.

Next I configured the 2nd instance of the stock marketplace app (Smart Alarm STAY) mode with all zones (exterior and interior) but with all the Entry/Exit delay options off for all zones. Then in the arming/disarming options page I left “Arm Away in these modes” with no modes selected and “Arm Stay in these modes” with Night selected. “Disarm in these modes” with Home selected. Then at the bottom I have “Disable delays in stay mode” set to off. This allows for only this instance to be used in away mode and ignores the delay because the disable delays in stay mode is off.

I have the Alarm options in each app configured the same, and the notifications configured configured the same. You wont get duplicate notifications because only one version of the app is running at a time based on whether you are in Home or Away mode.

Finally I installed miriads version of SA and named it “Smart Alarm Keypad” I added all my zones that I wanted to use the chime option with. In Arming/Disarming page I configured Away, Stay in and Disarm modes as you would normally do. I didn’t bother turning on any alarm options since the app never executes an alarm. This is simply to use the keypad functions. In the Notifications Options page, I selected my keypad as the Chime Device, but turned off Notify on Alarm and Notify on Status change options to prevent getting duplicate notifications since I am already getting the notification from each of the stock SA apps.

Believe it or not it all works. Keypad is working, chiming, getting countdown beeps. SHM status is updating, and I am getting alarms when I should with delays in away mode and no delays in stay mode.

Whew, finally!!!

@dennybono maybe you could install the myriad version and the lgkahn version in the same manner to use functions from both apps like I had to do

thank you for the suggestion. I will give it a shot. The thing that stinks is that the keypads and everything work with lgkhns version Except theres no chime support.

Update - it didn’t work reliably for me so I just made a Piston that says if any of the doors are open then beep the keypads then wait 1 second then beep the keypads again. That seems to work. I was just hoping I could get it all “built in” to one app is all.


I’ve merged in the notification device changes from lgkhns version, it should now be on master. This doesn’t include the Hue color changes (although that will be coming soon, I hope), since I don’t have any color bulbs to test it with.

To use the notification dashboard device, you’ll need to add the notdev.groovy device type handler (Also in github), manually add a notification device (I need to figure out how to have the smartapp do this automatically), and select it from the Notification options in SmartAlarm.

I’ll update the first post in a bit (Sometime in the next 2-3 days) as I get time.


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Thanks! I will update and see if I still have problems with your version setting off alarms. Hopefully it will work so I can uninstall the other 2 concurrent versions of SA

Unfortunately I still cant get your version to set off an alarm in either stay or away mode. Guess I will have to continue to run 3 version of Smart Alarm for now

Thanks @zcorneli! Is chime on door open working for anyone else? I have my keypads listed for chime but can’t seem to get them to chime for any of my contact sensors.

@bdimsdale I had the same issue until I completely uninstalled the smartapp and set it up from scratch. Now it seems to actually be triggering my siren but still not tripping my uDTH switch that I connected to SHM as you detailed previously.

Sorry I forgot that I had the same problem with the uDTH switch. My only work around was to create a routine called “Panic!” and have the routine turn on the uDTH switch. Then in SA under Alarm Options page, select Panic in the Hello Home actions. I don’t know why SA will not turn on the uDTH, but routines will. Hope that helps.

Mine are still working with about a 5 second delay after tripping the contacts.


Can you view the logs, and see if it says anything when you try and trip the uDTH switch?

I don’t have the time today, but should have the time soon to try this with uDTH, if the logging isn’t obvious.


@zcorneli I just tried. I got nothing in the logs when SA tries to turn the uDTH switch on. I tried it with my “Panic” routine and I do see the uDTH in the logs. Seems SA does not like that device handler, for whatever reason.