[Obsolete] Lowes $10 off $50 and other Promo Codes Discussion

Can someone PM me a 15 off 50 please?

Hi Guys

Any chance someone would have a 15 off 50 they could PM me please.


Can someone please please please send me a $15 off 50 coupon???

Thanks thanks thanks thanks (:slight_smile:

Can someone pm me a 15 off 50 code? Thanks!

Check your PM

Check your PM.

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Thanks! Worked great!

Thanks it worked.

Can I please get a code too? Looking for $15 off $50. Please PM me. Thanks!

This week’s valid code keys

Check digit generator


Looking for $15 off $50 to buy a couple wall switches. Thanks.

check your PM

Hi Darwin64,
Could you please send me two 15 off 50 coupon? I am trying to catch the GE light switch deal today. Thanks!

A 15 of 50 would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

If I could bum one more code that would be awesome. I could finish my home theater!

Edit, I’m actually going another route and only using the one code given to me earlier, please share your coupons with someone else.

Can anyone spare another 15 off 50? Pm please. Thank you very much.

Anyone have a code that they can spare? Want to get some switches.

Learn to be self-sufficient. It takes longer to come in here asking for codes than it does to just look up this week’s key & generate one ( or 5 ) for yourself


Can someone please PM me a15 off 50 Lowe’s coupon

Have at is guys. I made some up the other day, then ended up going to HD instead of Lowe’s
Exp 4/18